Hassle Castle

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Hassle Castle
Pl hasslecastle.png
Basic information
Map type Payload
File name: pl_hasslecastle
Release date: October 1, 2020
Last updated: October 15, 2020
Developer(s): Smiley The Smile
Map Info
Environment: Halloween
Setting: Night
Hazards: Skeletons, Pitfalls
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Healthbar.png ×5   •   Healthpie.png ×7   •   Health Cauldron.png ×1
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×1   •   Mediumammo.png ×15   •   Largeammo.png ×1
TF2 crosshair.png Special: Pumpkin.png
Map Photos
Menu photos pl hasslecastle.png
Map Overview
Hassle Castle overview.png
Map Stamp
Item icon Map Stamp - Hassle Castle.png
Supporters Leaderboard
RED found out about Frankenstein's shenanigans and had a brilliant idea to resurrect Redmond Mann and get their jobs back. ...Little did they know, that the BLU team found out about this whole thing too, albeit a few days later, and had exactly the same idea. ...Will they bring their leader back to life, or will RED prevent them from doing that?
You decide!
Hassle Castle publicity blurb

Hassle Castle is a Payload map included with the Scream Fortress 2020 update. It is a community-made Halloween-themed version of Upward.

Hassle Castle, like its unhaunted version, is a single-stage map, similar in design and layout to Badwater Basin, with multiple control points in one round, unlike Gold Rush and Thunder Mountain, which are each made up of three short stages with 2-3 control points.

Hassle Castle was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Magic Spells

While this map has no Rare magic spells, it does have many regular magic spell pickup locations that respawn every 10 seconds, and even more that spawn with the skeletons, making this map a spell-slinging spectacle. Three of these are located within the first BLU Spawn.


Groups of Skeletons spawn at every point capture. Additional groups of Skeletons spawn as the Cart passed two other locations; the coffin under the tracks in the Mine and the end of the Wooden Bridge.


  • Payload Track: The Payload track loops around the entire map, starting at the BLU base and ending at the RED base, close to but inaccessible from the start of the map.
  • Path to the Mine: The start of the cart's journey begins with a small incline up a hill and wooden paths built to carry the cart to the first control point. This area focuses on open combat focused down from the hills and balcony's on RED's defensive line.
  • Mine: After the first control point, the cart track drops into a shallow mine below the balconies defending A. RED must focus their attention on the mine and ground level, otherwise BLU players will be able to flank RED by either route. This area offers perfect flanking opportunities for Spies as the area has the mine entrances, the ground level route and a thin side route.
  • Wooden Bridge: After the second control point, there is a thin wooden bridge which hangs over a small sewer door leading into the RED base. It offers a good flanking route for BLU before B is captured as well as offering areas for Scouts and Spies to recover and hide. Like the pathway along the cliffside this wooden bridge is mostly void of battle.
  • Spiral Bridge: After the Payload moves across the Wooden Bridge and up a small incline, it arrives at a spiral wooden bridge leading up to the final level of the map. It features automatic cart rollbacks which make the cart roll backwards if it is not being pushed by BLU team. After the struggle up the ramps, BLU are able to capture Point C and move on to the final sections of the map.
  • Roadway: At the top of the spiral bridge is a small, open track that the cart must be pushed along. The area is surrounded by a few flank routes. This area is usually rather easy for BLU to push the cart along as RED will normally not put up much resistance; this is because this zone gives RED time to build up their defenses on the final point. RED team's Scouts and Soldiers however will usually appear to try and slow the carts progress along the track by getting a few kills, slowing the BLU team's cap speed.
  • Final Control Point: Around the corner from the third control point lies the heart of RED base. A group of large buildings surrounding a wide hole in the ground. Once the cart arrives in the area, it must be pushed up a small wooden incline before it can be pushed into the reanimator machine. Once the cart enters the machine, BLU team wins the round and Blutarch Mann's corpse will be electrified. This area features balconies and underground areas which RED can use to their defensive advantage. It also features windows and balconies connecting to buildings captured by BLU when the third control point is taken, these can be used to BLU's offensive advantage. Something new to this map from Upward is the addition of a center platform (the top of the reanimator machine) that can be stood on, and Engineer buildings can be placed.


Main article: Community Hassle Castle strategy

Update history

October 1, 2020 Patch (Scream Fortress XII)
  • Added Hassle Castle to the game.

October 8, 2020 Patch

  • Added occluders to improve optimization
  • Added a spell book near the first RED spawn and the first BLU spawn
  • Brightened up some areas
  • Fixed some texture misalignments
  • Reduced the saturation of purple spell book patches
  • Changed the ending when BLU wins
  • Fixed the arrow signs not changing near the first RED spawn
  • Fixed an out-of-bounds exploit near the first point
  • Fixed an out-of-bounds exploit in the second BLU spawn
  • Fixed an out-of-bounds exploit near the cliff at the second-to-last point
  • Changed the doors in the second BLU and the first RED spawn rooms to standard ones
  • Fixed a displacement error near the entrance to the last point
  • Moved the resupply cabinet from the second BLU spawn out of the wall
  • Updated the "Kill with a pumpkin bomb" bonus objective to be "Win a round"
  • Fixed some texture errors
  • Brightened up the map
  • General improvements

October 9, 2020 Patch

  • Fixed BLU players spawning in the wrong spawn room
  • Fixed Engineers building Teleporters the first BLU spawn room
  • General improvements

October 15, 2020 Patch

  • Fixed more out-of-bounds exploits
  • Improved clipping
  • General improvements


  • There is a green signage in several places written in alchemical symbols that reads "frankenstein crypt" if deciphered.