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Pl rumford event.png
Basic information
Map type Payload
File name: pl_rumford_event
Released: December 5, 2022 Patch
(Smissmas 2022)
Developer(s): Aeon 'Void' Bollig
Louie 'bakscratch' Turner
Alex 'FGD5' Stewart
Patrick 'Zeus' Hennessy
Neil 'Nesman' Stottler
Eric 'Erk' Browning
Map Info
Environment: Smissmas, Alpine
Setting: Day time
Map Photos
Menu photos pl rumford event.png
Map Overview
Rumford overview.png
Map Stamp
Item icon Map Stamp - Rumford.png
Supporters Leaderboard
The town of Rumford, Maine. Red team owns a papermill and Blu team wants in to find the hidden australium.(sic) Deliver the payload cart!
Rumford publicity blurb

Rumford is a community-created Payload map added in the Smissmas 2022 update. It is set in a paper mill in a snowy region that manufactures wrapping paper.

Rumford was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Checkpoint A

  • BLU's First Spawn: This is the BLU team's first spawn point at the beginning of the round. It has 3 exits, one facing the small building, one facing the flank, and another in the middle where the cart is.
  • Flank: A flank route.
  • Small Building: The small building located in front of the first exit of BLU Spawn, containing health kits and ammo packs.

Checkpoint B

  • BLU's Second Spawn: The second spawn room that BLU spawns in once Checkpoint A is captured. It has 2 exits, the main exit facing the Rumford Paper Co. building, and the other on the side facing the flank, leading to a more open area of the map that leads to Checkpoint A.
  • The Halfway Point: The halfway point from BLU's first spawn to Checkpoint B.
  • Rumford Paper Co.: The inside of the Rumford Paper Co. building. It contains the RED team's first spawn room and two branching paths that lead further inside the building complex.


Main article: Community Rumford strategy

Update history

December 5, 2022 Patch (Smissmas 2022)
  • Added Rumford to the game.

December 6, 2022 Patch

December 7, 2022 Patch

  • Updated pl_rumford_event to fix missing materials/models.

December 14, 2022 Patch

  • Fixed missing materials/models.
  • Fixed duplicate lights on the rope entities.

December 21, 2022 Patch


  • Rumford is inspired by a paper mill located in the town of Rumford, Maine, USA. In keeping with the setting, Rumford includes signs in both French and English, reflecting the close proximity of Maine to the French-speaking part of Canada. Additionally, the map features an active rail line, the Rumford Rail Company, which is based on real-life rail companies from that area.[1]
  • A secret room near Checkpoint A can be revealed by shooting four deer cutouts in the out-of-bounds areas of the map.
  • The numbers on the buildings represent the phone area code for Maine, which is 207.[1]
  • Some of the "Employees of the Year" posters represent the map's contributors.[1]



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