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Ctf frosty.png
Basic Information
Map type: Capture the Flag
File name: ctf_frosty
Released: December 5, 2022 Patch
(Smissmas 2022)
Developer(s): Valentin "ElectroSheep" Levillain
Simon "Em" Aublet
Map Info
Environment: Snowy, alpine
Setting: Day time
Hazards: Pitfall
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Frosty overview.png
Map Stamp
Item icon Map Stamp - Frosty.png
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Frosty is a community-created Capture the Flag map added in the Smissmas 2022 update. It takes place in a snow-capped mountainside base used by both BLU and RED, connected by tunnels.

Frosty was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Central Area

  • Tower: The center of the map is marked by a tall tower that rests upon a large rock formation, overlooking a deep valley at the end of the cliff. In front of it is a short bridge that crosses a drainage pipe, and platform with a small health kit on it. Below that, there is a large health kit in the drainage ditch.
  • Pipeline: The back side of the tower has a pipeline leading out it, crossing through this small area that acts as a back route. This area is only accessible by the high grounds of either team.
  • Underground Tunnel: A short tunnel that can be accessed from two doorways underneath the tower, and leads to the outer yards of both teams.


  • Outer Courtyard: The outer courtyard is the yard closest to the center of the map. It is an open area with high ground leading behind the tower, a route to mid opposite of the team's battlements, and multiple paths leading to the inner yard. This is also where the underground tunnel exits and where the spawn rooms are centralized.
  • Inner Courtyard: The furthest inside each base, the inner courtyard is the last area before the Intelligence room. On the high ground, the Intelligence room can be accessed via an open dropdown on the upper floor of the intelligence building, or from a stairway behind said dropdown. On the low ground, there is a broken wall in the middle as well as a system of vents off to the side that can be used to access the intelligence.
  • Intelligence Room: The Intelligence is set on a table inside of a small room with numerous entrances. On either side of the room are entrances from the stairway and the hole reachable from the inner courtyard, as well as the wide open drop directly above the Intelligence. There is also a back room that is accessible through the vents, and wraps around behind the Intelligence room.


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Update history

December 5, 2022 Patch (Smissmas 2022)

  • Added Frosty to the game.

December 7, 2022 Patch

  • Updated ctf_frosty to fix various exploits.


  • In various places across the map, there are hidden frogs that can be found out-of-bounds or tucked away in corners.