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Pl frostcliff.png
Basic Information
Map type: Payload
File name: pl_frostcliff
Released: December 5, 2022 Patch
(Smissmas 2022)
Developer(s): Tomi "ICS" Uurainen
Map Info
Environment: Smissmas, alpine, snowy
Setting: Night time
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Frostcliff overview.png
Map Stamp
Item icon Map Stamp - Frostcliff.png
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Frostcliff is a community-created Payload map added in the Smissmas 2022 update. It is a winter-themed version of the custom map Nocturne.

Frostcliff was contributed to the Steam Workshop.



Checkpoint A - White Frost

  • Captain Dan's Wood Pulp: To the right of BLU's first spawn is a path that leads to the side of the Payload track to checkpoint A, as well as the bridge in front of the spawn.
  • Pinkerpaw Packaging: A small flank route just to the right of checkpoint A, leading around to the checkpoint B area.
  • Checkpoint A: The first checkpoint, positioned at the entrance of a short underpass.

Checkpoint B - Underpass

  • Valley: A low path that the Payload track follows to checkpoint B. Many buildings overlook the valley.
  • Husky Acres: A side room accessible from a platform to the left of checkpoint A that leads to the checkpoint B area.
  • Jenkin Passage: A passage through the Jenkin building that goes over checkpoint and exits slightly ahead of it, into checkpoint C's area.
  • Checkpoint B: The second checkpoint, again positioned at the entrance of a short underpass
  • BLU's Second Spawn: An area just to the right of checkpoint B that houses BLU team's second spawn and exits beside the Jenkin Passage exit.

Checkpoint C - RED Barn

  • Snow Field: An open area that the Payload travels through, with mainly boulders as cover. RED's first spawn can be found here right after checkpoint B.
  • RED Barn: The large barn building that houses the third checkpoint, checkpoint C. Two entrances that can be accessed from the snow field exist on either side of the narrow path.

Checkpoint D - Cold Route

  • Shack Path: The central shack which the Payload winds around through checkpoint D. BLU's third spawn is found next to it.
  • Corridors: A series of corridors and rooms that lead behind checkpoint D and into the Coldbreeze building.
  • Mine Flank: A small mine to the right of the shack path that leads to checkpoint D.
  • Checkpoint D: The fourth checkpoint, which passes under the corridors. Past it and underneath the Coldbreeze entrance is RED's second spawn room.

Checkpoint E - Frosted Pit

  • RED Bread Hill: The last hill before reaching checkpoint E, which passes by RED Bread.
  • Coldbreeze: A pathway that leads around the outside of the Payload path, through the RED Bread building, and directly to the bomb pit.
  • Loading Dock: A dropdown accessible by the left room of the corridors that exits at the top of the hill.
  • RED's Last Spawn: The last spawn room for RED team which has numerous exits. To the far left is the Lower Spawn Exit which leads behind the Payload track, next to the track and bomb pit are the Middle Spawn Exits, and far to the back overlooking the bomb pit are the Upper Spawn Exits.
  • Checkpoint E: The fifth and final checkpoint; a large open mining pit that sits in front of RED spawn.


Main article: Community Frostcliff strategy

Update history

December 5, 2022 Patch (Smissmas 2022)
  • Added Frostcliff to the game.

December 7, 2022 Patch

  • Fixed sticky bombs from getting attached to the front of the Payload cart
  • Fixed some window props from hovering
  • Fixed displacement crack in uphill near A
  • Fixed few misaligned textures
  • Fixed players from staying stuck few seconds in old respawn after spawns change
  • Fixed players from getting stuck between cart and geometry near last pit
  • Increased RED team spawn time slightly after BLU captures 2nd point
  • Decreased doorway size near BLU 2nd spawn area
  • Improved lighting in doorway near capture point D
  • Improved clipping within map