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Pd watergate 1.jpg
ゲームモード Player Destruction
ファイル名: pd_watergate_rc4a
バージョン: Release Candidate 4A
公開日 October 5, 2014
最終更新日 September 9th, 2015
製作者 Michael "::Egan::" Egan
Louie "bakscratch" Turner
Ian "Wgooch" Gooch
Nassim "NassimO" Sadoun
Miguel "BANG!" Melara
Thijs "Evil_Knevil" Van Gerreway
Jennifer "NeoDement" Burnett
Aeon "Void" Bollig
The Ronin
リンク Steamワークショップ
環境 海辺の町
時間帯・天気: 夕暮
水中 Yes
Healthico.png ヘルス Smallhealth.png ×7   •   Mediumhealth.png ×3   •   Largehealth.png ×1
Ammoico.png 弾薬 Smallammo.png ×6   •   Mediumammo.png ×2
Watergate overview.png
The map is set in a beer factory and its neighbouring buildings under the siege of an alien invasion. With aliens attacking our merc teams sink back to their bars during the worldwide apocalypse, but with science they find aliens don't enjoy drinking beer! They concoct a plan of action and put it to use..
— Steam Workshop description


両チームの目標は、倒した敵が落とすビールを集めてマップ中央のUFOへと運び、エイリアンを酔わせることで加算されるポイントを集めることです。死亡したプレイヤーはビール1つと、運んでいる最中のビール(頭上およびHUDに表示されます)全てをその場に落とし、どちらのチームのプレイヤーも拾えるようになります。各チームの中で最もビールを多く運んでおり、かつスパイではないプレイヤーが「チームリーダー」となります。リーダーは周囲の味方にレベル1ディスペンサーと同じレートでヘルスと弾薬を補給しますが、他のプレイヤーから壁越しでも見られるようになってしまいます。ビールを補給エリアに持ち込むことはできず、持ち込もうとすると地面に落ちてしまいます。また、ドロップキー(初期設定: L)を押して地面に落とすこともできます。



Watergateは2014年に行われたTF2Maps.netの Major Mapping Contest #11, "Mercs vs. Aliens"において2位に入賞したマップです。


rc4 (september 8th, 2015):
  • Clouds around mothership
  • Remade assorted map models
  • Raised sand in sewer and added small healthpack
  • Optimised collision mesh of the boat to be less arbitrary
  • Put teleporter-nobuilds on previously trappable surfaces

rc3 (august 27th, 2015):

  • New mothership model with associated particle effects!
  • Optimised areaportal locations (portal rendering)
  • Optimised occluder locations (prop rendering)
  • Added LODs & fades to props (poly rendering)
  • Made the UFO timer more obvious of its purpose
  • Fixed crash relating to low model quality
  • Fixed players getting stuck at the top of the UFO beam

rc2 (july 17th, 2015):

  • A barricade has been added to the dropdown inbetween the crane and window buildings.
  • The UFO has been given a neutral outline when it appears in the area which helps with goal recognition.
  • We've spruced up the spawn with some juice.. and beer taps, and better chalkboard textures.
  • Bright light added to attract attention to the tower route.
  • A small fence has been added onto the raised spawn battlements to block a potentially powerful sightline to the spawn room door.
  • The middle bridge has been widened a bit.
  • The crane building upper floor has been given more light so you can see the silhouettes of Snipers easier.
  • Patch added under healthpack.
  • Patch added under healthpack, critical changes these.

b10 (july 3rd, 2015):

  • We've changed the UFO beam water trigger from the halloween Jarate condition to a plugin-based "you're now in water" mechanic, which allows Pyro flames and sounds to be played in the beam uninterrupted while still allowing good player movement.
  • We've spruced up the bottom sewer to mid connectors with better detail.
  • More detail to the insides of the crane buildings also.
  • Cool new map image and text for the chalkboard and the loading screen!
  • We've given some more light contrast around important locations on Red side to make it easier to notice these places and to make the area less boring to look at.
  • We've fixed a bug that allowed players to contest beer deposits while being below the tower platform. We've also re-added the gentle-fall trigger_push from the UFO beam arriving at the tower.
  • The speed of the UFO flying past the map has been reduced from 100 hu/s to 70 hu/s, making it last about 11 extra seconds in the map. This makes it easier to hop into the beam if you notice its entry late, or to catch up to it as it scrolls past the map.
  • Steps have been added to these middle side platforms.
  • Getting onto the boat has become easier: it's been lowered into the sand, the animation has become static (it used to sway), and there are boxes with ladders (all clipped nicely) leading onto the platform.
  • There's a new bottle pickup model and collision mesh (old collision mesh was butts so it sometimes didn't work when it should have).
  • And we've added some more details to spawn!

b9c (june 21st, 2015):

  • added new dropdown route from tower to sewer area near spawn - can be used as rollout
  • added dx80 versions of the ufo & nuke particles
  • added sign in front of front door to direct flow better just in case
  • added ability to contest beer deposits by jumping into beam while an enemy attempts to score
  • improved clipping all around the boat and ledges next to it
  • improved clipping on prop pillars around the map
  • improved clipping on windows and ledges around spawn area
  • improved clipping & displacements in mid sewer section
  • improved readability of the arrow signs near crane building
  • improved maneuverability up the garbage bag route near crane building
  • changed around some prop fade distances
  • opened up the mid sewer section and lit the bottom for smoother gameplay
  • made the saucer incoming and outgoing sounds quieter
  • made watergate brush metal darker
  • made default beer deposit speed 1 beer every 1.2 seconds, decreasing by 0.033 per player
  • made tractor beam lift trigger the swim-in-air condition trigger to improve maneuverability
  • fixed the Mann Beer sign edges showing up

b7a (may 14th, 2015):

  • changed some detail to improve flow
  • made LODs for a few existing models
  • fixed a lot of perch spots on the pillars with clips
  • added skybox animations for the ufo entering/leaving the map
  • added finale animation and sounds
  • added animations for differing amounts of ufo-drunkness

b6p (march 27th, 2015):

  • changed the gamemode
  • added a new route from the bottom exit of spawn that leads to bottom of tower sewer
  • changed some of the connectors to be more open and dynamic
  • cleaned up detail
  • improved fps all over the map

b5 (november 17th, 2014):

  • added more detail
  • optimised map more
  • fixed some broken things with the cores from the ufo
  • fixed the ufo going through the building at mid
  • fixed some clips around the map
  • added just a lot more clipping around the map
  • added some more signs
  • added some more background noise
  • added scorch marks from lasers / some particles / broken stuff
  • added paint cans near the graffiti

b4 (november 12th, 2014) (Internal):

  • optimising stuff

b3 (november 10th, 2014):

  • actually fixed the broken things
  • publicly released map for testing

b2 (november 10th, 2014) (Internal):

  • fixing broken things

b1 (november 10th, 2014) (Internal):

  • full artpass

a5b (october 16th, 2014) (Internal):

  • made a new route from the sewers' start, up onto the bridge with the box climb up to medium healthpack walkway
  • made it so if you hold the tower then when the ufo comes it will drop 3 less cores for your team
  • made it so players can escape along the sides of the ufo beam
  • made it so you can get up the pipe jump without a crouch jump
  • made it so you can't capture the point while standing on the Sniper ledge
  • made the healthpack in apartment a medium, and added a small health to the top of tower
  • added a small health and ammo to the room in between spawn and tower
  • added more signage showing where the point is
  • fixed some clipping issues at mid that would slow players down if they walked backwards up the ramps
  • fixed up the box / barrel climb so its easier to climb up without hitting your head

a5a (october 10th, 2014):

  • brang spawns even closer to mid, and made the second exit instead route down to the sewer section
  • added a point icon showing it has something to do with cores
  • added some point arrow signs around the map / resupply signs too
  • made it so Snipers aren't affected by the ufo beam
  • refined some ufo stuff still

a4b (october 9th, 2014):

  • moved spawns 256 units even closer to mid
  • redesigned the junction area and just linked the bottom sewer up to the window buildings
  • added a second way out of spawn and gave a one way window too
  • some ufo changes with lift speeds and arrival times

a3 (october 7th, 2014) (Internal):

  • moved spawns in 256 units closer to mid
  • blocked off the apartment line of sight so it was safer to move into the building
  • experimented with point / gamemode ideas

a2 (october 5th, 2014):

  • cut out the bottom section of the tower wall, opens up the point area for combat + Sniper sightlines from bridge
  • increased occurrence of UFO
  • increased UFO speed / lift speed
  • tried adding neutral outline to point but that seems to have not worked
  • added an overhang from the windows, adds route from tower > windows / windows > lower tower
  • added blockbullet all around the boat so cores don't go through it
  • made the point's core drops in groups of 3 / 15 seconds, instead of 1 / 5 seconds


  • このマップの初期バージョンでは、プレイヤー・デストラクションのゲームモードは今とは全く違うものでした。ビールを集めてUFOに運ぶのではなく、死亡したプレイヤーが落とすチーム別のキャッシュ(ロボット破壊のコアのリスキン)を拾うだけでスコアに加算されるものでした。より多くの敵を倒したプレイヤーほど賞金額(HUDに表示されます)が上昇し、倒されたときに落とすキャッシュの量が増えるので、敵チームから狙われやすくなるシステムでした。プレイヤーは拾ったキャッシュを運ぶ必要がなく、UFOはマップ中央に「ケアパッケージ」と呼ばれる大量のキャッシュを落としていました。UFOの牽引ビームに捕まったプレイヤーはマップの最高地点にあるコントロールポイントに登れるようになり、ここをキャプチャーするとそのチーム用のキャッシュが少しずつ生成されるようになります。どちらかのチームが$150集めると、コントロールポイントがある建物からタルが発射され、母艦を破壊します。このバージョンのゲームモードでは、賞金額のシステムのせいでプレイヤーがやられないようにスポーン地点にこもってしまうようになり、またUFOに集めるシステムやチームリーダー制度無しではプレイヤー同士が戦う必要性に欠けていたため、最終的にボツになって現在のものになりました。