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Aanbevolen artikel — Strips
Strips zijn korte verhaaltjes die inzicht bieden in de wereld van Team Fortress 2, gezien door de ogen van de huurlingen, hun baas en de kleurrijke personages die voorkomen in hun avonturen.

Het verhaal van Team Fortress 2 bevat een zeer losse continuïteit. Terwijl strips dingen zoals de oorsprong van wapens uitleggen, komen sommige gebeurtenissen niet overeen.


Verder lezen – Uitgelichte-artikelsproject (Engels) – Vorige aanbevolen artikels
Wist je dat...
  • ...that the Engineer's grandfather, Radigan Conagher, invented many of the Engineer's weapons after receiving one hundred pounds of Australium from Emily in 1890?
  • ...that the Medic was originally supposed to have an over-sized syringe to heal his teammates?
  • ...that Sawmill was the first official map to feature weather effects?
  • ...that it was once possible to stop the Trains on Well?
  • ...that all of the class characters have blue eyes except the Demoman (and possibly the Pyro)?
  • ...The eye color of robots are determined by their difficulty; blue eyes for Easy/Normal and yellow eyes for Hard/Expert?
  • ...that if a Engineer is stunned while he is selecting a place to put down his Buildings, he can still see the blueprint model in thirdperson?
  • ...that the word "piss" is word-filtered to "Jarate" on the Steam Users' Forums?

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