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Seçkin madde — Kovboy
The Wrangler is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Engineer. When in use, the Wrangler allows the Engineer to manually take control of his Sentry Gun.

When firing either the guns or rockets, the Sentry Gun has no maximum range; however, the rockets and bullets suffer from damage falloff based on the Engineer's distance to the target and the bullets alone experience some spread.


Devamı… – Seçkin madde projesi – Önceki seçkin madde
Biliyor muydunuz…
  • ...that the Soldier has a crew cut hairstyle underneath his helmet?
  • ...that in Meet the Engineer, his camp-fire is actually a burning BLU Sniper?
  • ...that RED and BLU's names come from their owner's names, Redmond Mann and Blutarch Mann?
  • ...that you cannot taunt underwater?
  • ...that the steering wheel is on the left-hand side in the Snipers camper van (as opposed to Australian cars which are right-sided)?
  • ...that when the Engineer reloads his Pistol, he inserts the magazine backwards?
  • ...that the Love & War Update was once called the Bucket List Update?
  • ...that the Degreaser is made up of parts from a vintage gas station pump, car muffler, antique fire extinguisher, and stove top burner?

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