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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see October 5, 2022 Patch.

Scream Fortress 2022 or Scream Fortress XIV was the Halloween event that started on October 1, 2022, with the in-game activation of holiday-restricted cosmetics. Four days later, the major seasonal update October 5, 2022 Patch added 6 new community Halloween maps, 22 new community cosmetic items, 5 new community holiday-restricted cosmetic items, 5 new community taunts, 25 new Unusual effects, and 11 new War Paints. The free Halloween Contracts were also reactivated in the ConTracker for the Event, with 6 new contracts added to cover the new Halloween maps. Additionally, all previously completed Halloween contracts were reset, allowing players to earn their rewards once again.


On October 1st, 2022, holiday-restricted cosmetics were activated, and the Special Event menu was added to the Casual mode selection with Halloween maps from previous events.

On October 5th, 2022, Halloween Contracts were activated, the Special Event menu was updated with the new featured Halloween maps, and Soul Gargoyles began collecting souls. Soul Gargoyles were given out during this time to players who launched the game and did not yet have one.

This event ended on November 7th, 2022.



Main article: List of maps
Name Picture Game mode File name
Bonesaw Plr hacksaw event.png Payload Race
RED Bonesaw Bombcart.pngBLU Bonesaw Bombcart.png
Crasher Ctf crasher.png Capture the Flag
Crasher Briefcase Barrel.png
Ghoulpit Pl sludgepit event.png Payload
Helltrain Ctf helltrain event.png Capture the Flag
Helltrain Coal Flag BLU.png
Soul-Mill Koth sawmill event.png King of the Hill
Spookeyridge Cp spookeyridge.png Attack/Defend

Cosmetic items

Main article: Cosmetic items
Imp's Imprint Imp's Imprint
Masked Fiend Masked Fiend
Cranial Cowl Cranial Cowl
Firearm Protector Firearm Protector
Safety Stripes Safety Stripes
Fire Breather
Viewmode spooky off.png
Fire Breather
Magical Mount
Viewmode spooky off.png
Magical Mount
Propaniac Propaniac
Alcoholic Automaton Alcoholic Automaton
Bombard Brigadier Bombard Brigadier
Nightbane Brim Nightbane Brim
Horror Shawl Horror Shawl
Misha's Maw
Viewmode spooky off.png
Misha's Maw
Road Block Road Block
Road Rage Road Rage
Cabinet Mann
Viewmode spooky off.png
Cabinet Mann
Dustbowl Devil Dustbowl Devil
More Gun Marshal More Gun Marshal
Pony Express
Viewmode spooky off.png
Pony Express
Lavish Labwear Lavish Labwear
Victorian Villainy Victorian Villainy
Headhunter's Brim Headhunter's Brim
Hunting Cloak Hunting Cloak
Turncoat Turncoat
Beaten and Bruised Beaten and Bruised
Onimann Onimann
Starlight Sorcerer Starlight Sorcerer

War Paints

Main article: War Paint

Scream Fortress XIV Collection


Main article: Taunts
Drunk Mann's Cannon Drunk Mann's Cannon
Shanty Shipmate Shanty Shipmate
Texas Twirl 'Em Texas Twirl 'Em
Travel Agent Travel Agent
Scaredy-cat! Scaredy-cat!


Main article: Tools
Ghoulish Gains Case Ghoulish Gains Case
Ghoulish Gains Key Ghoulish Gains Key
Scream Fortress XIV War Paint Case Scream Fortress XIV War Paint Case
Scream Fortress XIV War Paint Key Scream Fortress XIV War Paint Key

Unusual effects

Main article: Unusual
Scream Fortress XIV Unusual effects
Cosmetic effects
Unusual Haunted Kraken.png
Unusual Eerie Kraken.png
Unusual Soulful Slice.png
Unusual Horsemann's Hack.png
Unusual Haunted Forever! RED.png
Unusual Haunted Forever! BLU.png
Haunted Kraken Eerie Kraken Soulful Slice Horsemann's Hack RED BLU
Haunted Forever!
Unusual Forever And Forever!.png
Unusual Cursed Forever!.png
Unusual Moth Plague.png
Unusual Malevolent Monoculi.png
Unusual Haunted Wick RED.png
Unusual Haunted Wick BLU.png
Forever And Forever! Cursed Forever! Moth Plague Malevolent Monoculi RED BLU
Haunted Wick
Unusual Wicked Wick.png
Unusual Spectral Wick.png
Wicked Wick Spectral Wick
Taunt effects
Unusual Marigold Ritual RED.png
Unusual Marigold Ritual BLU.png
Unusual Pungent Poison.png
Unusual Blazed Brew.png
Unusual Mysterious Mixture.png
Unusual Linguistic Deviation.png
RED BLU Pungent Poison Blazed Brew Mysterious Mixture Linguistic Deviation
Marigold Ritual
Unusual Aurelian Seal.png
Unusual Runic Imprisonment RED.png
Unusual Runic Imprisonment BLU.png
Unusual Prismatic Haze.png
Unusual Rising Ritual RED.png
Unusual Rising Ritual BLU.png
Aurelian Seal RED BLU Prismatic Haze RED BLU
Runic Imprisonment Rising Ritual
Unusual Bloody Grip RED.png
Unusual Bloody Grip BLU.png
Unusual Toxic Grip.png
Unusual Infernal Grip.png
Unusual Death Grip.png
RED BLU Toxic Grip Infernal Grip Death Grip
Bloody Grip


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