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Say goodbye to your cervical vertibrae(sic), and hello to the ability to rotate your neck a full 360 degrees!
Neck Snap publicity blurb

The Neck Snap is a community-created special taunt for the Soldier.

When activated, the Soldier tilts his head right and left, cracking his neck, then proceeds to beckon other players over. Other players see an icon over the initiator's head indicating that the taunt is active. Any nearby player (including Bots), regardless of team or if they own the taunt, can initiate a dual animation by standing in front of the Soldier and pressing their taunt key. When another player joins in, the Soldier grabs their head and quickly spins it, snapping their neck, before making a military salute. Each class responds differently to the Soldier's invitation and is affected differently by the snap.

For the voice lines and animations of each class, please refer to the respective class taunts pages.

The Neck Snap was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Update history

October 9, 2023 Patch #1 (Scream Fortress XV)

  • The Neck Snap was added to the game.

October 13, 2023 Patch

  • Updated Taunt: Neck Snap animations to fix the MVM canteen flipping while taunting.


  • The Neck Snap is inspired by the same move done by the Soldier in the official comics.[1]