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Pl spineyard.png
Basic Information
Map type: Payload
File name: pl_spineyard
Released: October 9, 2023 Patch
(Scream Fortress XV)
Developer(s): Matthew "Panckakebro" Hiller
Elián "iron" Rodríguez
Denis "xB33" Varchulik
Norman "Mikusch" Masanek
Map Info
Environment: City / Halloween
Setting: Nighttime
Hazards: Pitfalls, pumpkin bombs,
skeletons, Payload cart explosion
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Spineyard overview.png
Map Stamp
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Here, you’ll find not only grapes, but also graves! Push a cart full of explosives through a haunted landscape of creepy coffins, eerie effigies, and scariest of all, Italians!
Spineyard publicity blurb

Spineyard is a community-created Payload map. It is set in an Italian coastal city with an ancient castle that holds both a winery and a missile base. It is a Halloween version of the custom map Vineyard.

At certain points during the round, as well as when a point is captured, a bell rings, signaling the appearance of the undead mafia: skeletons dressed in fancy suits and armed with Tommy guns who shoot at players on both teams and drop a magic spell each when defeated.

Spineyard was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Checkpoint A – The City

  • First BLU Spawn: A building with three exits, two on the ground level near the cart and an elevated one behind the cart. A single resupply cabinet sit in-between the ground level exits.
  • Vino Dalla Vigna: A building right in front of BLU's spawn. Its roof can be easily accessed by a pair of stairs, one on each side.
  • The Three Buildings: Three buildings with connected interiors. The doorway behind Vino Dalla Vigna leads to a drop onto the middle building's interior. From here, an exit below the drop takes players just past checkpoint A; the exit on the opposite side leads to the Fountain.
  • The Two-Store Building: A building right next to BLU's spawn. The only ground level entrance is close to the cart's starting point, which is right in front of a flight of stairs. Two windows, one with and one without glass, offers a view of the Fountain, the Alley, and the first checkpoint. Turning back reveals another flight of stairs, though much shorter, that leads to a room with another window to the Fountain and a path back to the Vino Dalla Vigna's roof.
  • The Fountain: A roundabout with a fountain in its center. The cart must go around the fountain before reaching the final ramp and curve leading to the point.
  • The Alley: A path that connects the Fountain to checkpoint A, passing by one of the doors of the second BLU spawn. The area close to the Fountain is in a lower level, while the part close to the point is an elevated ledge. Scouts can easily go up this ledge, but a green car and a trash bag serve as steps for other classes.
  • Second BLU Spawn: BLU's spawn once A is captured. It has two exits, each with a resupply cabinet: one in the Alley and one in a corridor that takes players to the Hotel.
  • The Point: The area around the point offers a good number of cover options, though mostly for RED.

Checkpoint B – The Road

  • First RED Spawn: The backyard of a building with a large wine rack right next to point B.
  • The Castle Stairs: A flight of stairs that leads to a vantage point over the area just after the ramp the cart must go up once A is captured.
  • The Hotel: A white building that leads to a ledge overseeing the area after the ramp following A's capture.
  • The Alley: A path that passes behind two buildings. The first area (going from point A to B) is lower than the main path; the second area offers access to a ramp that leads to a vantage point over the Lone Gravestone, the top of the Tunnel, and the Castle's One-Way Gate; and the third area is another vantage point over the Lone Gravestone.
  • The Tunnel: An arch the cart must pass under, but dark enough to look like a tunnel. When the car passes by the exclamation mark sign on the wall, the Castle's One-Way Gate becomes accessible.
  • The One-Way Gate: A gate that only opens up when going from point A to point B. It leads to the other side of the Tunnel, a small ledge overseeing the Lone Gravestone, an underground passage to the Lone Gravestone, and a drop just before point B.
  • The Lone Gravestone: An open area with a single gravestone in its lower part, right in front of the third BLU spawn. It offers a side route to point B.
  • Third BLU Spawn: A small room in the Lone Gravestone's area. It has one resupply cabinet and one exit.
  • Checkpoint B: Once Checkpoint B has been captured, the cart must advance a bit before the gate in front of it opens. There are side routes through the buildings on each side of the gate.

Checkpoint C – The Restaurant

  • Second RED Spawn: An underground storage for wine barrels. It has one resupply cabinet and one exit.
  • Third RED Spawn: A room with floral wallpaper and two bookshelves. It has two exits and one resupply cabinet.
  • The Lone Coffin: The area right in front of the second RED spawn and just past the gate in front of Checkpoint B, with a lone coffin standing against a wall. When the cart passes by the yellow and black striped signs on the floor, the building directly in front of the cart becomes accessible, granting access to a small platform with an overview of the area.
  • The Steep Incline: A short wooden ramp the cart must go up, with yellow and black striped signs on both sides of the track. The cart rolls back if left unattended while going up.
  • Final BLU Spawn: A white building right next to Checkpoint C. It has two exits and a resupply cabinet. The exit with the "Exit" sign leads to the rest of the building, which includes a stair to a terrace and part of the remaining cart tracks; the other exit leads to a small room overseeing checkpoint C.

Checkpoint D – The Winery

  • The Building Bridge: Once the cart has made a right turn after checkpoint C was captured, it is possible to see a sign with an arrow pointing right right under a street lamp. The stairs right next to it allow players to go through the Building Bridge - a corridor connecting two buildings that the cart must go under. The building on the right, where the corridor drops players onto, offers an overview of the Second-to-last Yard. The other building also offers an overview of the Second-to-last Yard, as well as a series of flank routes to the Winery Yard.
  • The Second-to-last Yard: The white signs with black arrows point to flank routes. The single-headed arrow points to a flank route that can take players either directly to the Pit or to a veranda overseeing the Winery Yard; the double-headed arrow points to that same route (going left) and to a different route (going right) that leads behind to the back of the Winery Yard.
  • Final RED Spawn: A big room with two floors, each with an exit and a resupply cabinet. The top floor leads to the catwalks above and around the Pit, and the lower floor leads behind and below the Pit.
  • The Winery Yard: The last area of the map, containing BLU's goal - the Pit.
  • The Pit: The hole in the ground where BLU must throw the cart into in order to win.


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Update history

October 9, 2023 Patch #1 (Scream Fortress XV)
  • Added Spineyard to the game.

October 13, 2023 Patch

  • Replaced some of the materials and models.
  • Fixed a missing material.
  • Significantly improved skeleton navigation.
  • Reduced the health of skeletons to 130 HP.
  • Increased the weapon spread of skeletons to reduce their long range damage.
  • Increased the number of pumpkin bomb spawns.
  • Improved sound effects.
  • Various detail fixes.
  • Fixed being able to build in the first Blue spawn.

October 19, 2023 Patch

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get outside of the map.
  • Fixed missing cubemaps.


  • If a player is killed by a skeleton they have damaged, the deathcam identifies the skeleton as "%killername%" and focuses on their feet.[1]
  • Skeletons have trouble navigating the map and can get "stuck" trying to walk against walls in order to reach an enemy.[2]
  • Half of the guardrail of the veranda overseeing the Pit is missing collision.[3]