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Pl corruption.png
Basic Information
Map type: Payload
File name: pl_corruption
Released: October 9, 2023 Patch
(Scream Fortress XV)
Developer(s): Eric "Erk" Browning
Matthew "MegapiemanPHD" Simmons
Rhafael "Rhamkin" Oliveira
Matthew "Panckakebro" Hiller
Vasilis "Billo" Chatzikostas
Map Info
Environment: Alpine
Setting: Nighttime, raining
Hazards: Deadly waters, pumpkin bombs,
Pitfall, Payload cart explosion
Hazards (Underworld): Health drain
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Corruption overview.png
Map Stamp
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On a dark and stormy night, venture forth to besiege the forsaken Asylum and unveil its chilling mysteries. Engage in fierce battles along the treacherous shorelines, within eerie caves, and deep within the haunted monstrosity itself.
Prepare to confront the horrors lurking in the shadows and uncover the dark secrets that await your daring exploration. If you dare...
Corruption publicity blurb

Corruption is a community-created Payload map. It takes place in and around an asylum in disarray. It is a Halloween version of the custom map Eruption.

Corruption was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Checkpoint A – The Beach

  • First BLU Spawn: BLU's first spawn has three exits. The left exit takes players to the Water, the middle exit is directly behind the cart, and the right exit is protected from RED by the Shack.
  • The Water: the lowest point in the area. Located right in front of BLU spawn's left exit, it is illuminated by a single lamppost, only has a large rock as cover, and has shallow water.
  • The Shack: a wooden shack with a red brick chimney that serves as cover for BLU's right spawn exit.
  • The Building: a building with a U-shaped interior.
  • The Brick Walls: an elevated area with two brick walls for cover, a straight one with a candle sconce and a curved one with an electric lamppost.
  • A Wall: a wooden wall with the sign for Checkpoint A's location.

Checkpoint B – The Prison

  • The Cart's Entrance: the cart enters the Prison through a big gate first and a smaller gate second. It then turns left and heads to the Prison Cells.
  • The Prison Cells: an elevated path to the left of the Payload's tracks, where BLU's Prison Spawn is located, which offers access to a vantage point over checkpoint B.
  • The Water Corridor: the lowest point of the Prison. It is a straight corridor with shallow water that the cart must cross. The end closest to the tracks has a medium health kit and a large ammo pack in front of a metal gate, while the other end has a medium health kit and ammo pack in front of a wooden wall.
  • Prison Spawn: BLU's second spawn, activated if checkpoint B is captured. It has two exits and one resupply cabinet.
  • The Metal Catwalk: a metal catwalk that oversees the checkpoint, passing above the tracks just past it, and part of the Water Corridor, where a short staircase connects it to the Cart's Entrance.
  • The Drop: a small and square hole in the ground beneath the Catwalk, the grate that covered it was removed, allowing players to jump down from the checkpoint to the Water Corridor.
  • The Perch: a wooden platform just outside one of the Prison Spawn's exits, it offers the highest vantage point over checkpoint B.
  • The Stairs Corridor: a curved flight of stairs connecting the Prison and an edge near the Security Room.

Checkpoint C – The Asylum Entrance

  • The Arched Building: a projected part of the Asylum, which forms an arch that the cart must pass through.
  • The Wooden Catwalk: a wooden catwalk that connects the Prison's exit and the Security Room, passing over the cart's tracks.
  • The Security Room: RED's first spawn and BLU's final spawn (if they capture C). It has a big door facing the Prison, a small door facing the Fountain, and a single resupply cabinet.
  • The Fountain: a vantage point over checkpoint C, with a fountain donated by Zepheniah Nieodemus Mann.
  • The Botanical Gardens: a corridor with a glass roof. It provides two sheltered paths around the checkpoint, as well as access to the Morgue.
  • The C Platform: the roof covering the entrance to the Botanical Gardens serves as a platform, with a short and curved white wall offering some cover.

Checkpoint D – The Asylum

  • The Entry Gate: a low chokepoint the cart must go through in order to enter the Asylum.
  • The Morgue: a room connecting the Asylum and the Asylum Entrance, which only becomes available as a side path if BLU captures checkpoint C.
  • The Windows Corridor: a corridor that passes over the Asylum's Entry Gate and connects its two side paths. It has two windows, though one of them is blocked by a shutter; the one that is not offers an overview of the last point.
  • Second RED Spawn: a small room right next to the Grate Catwalk, activated if BLU captures checkpoint B. It has one exit and one resupply cabinet.
  • The Reception: a small roofed cover for RED that faces the Entry Gate.
  • The Grate Catwalk: a catwalk that passes over the tracks just before their end.
  • The Elevator: Elevator No. 8's shaft. Walking into it from the first floor results in a puff of air that pushes players onto the second floor. There are also stairs going behind the shaft connecting the two floors.
  • The Patient Rooms: a wing of the Asylum that connects the Elevator to the upper exit of the Medical Facilities.
  • The Medical Facilities: RED's final spawn, activated if BLU captures checkpoint C. It has two lower exits, with a resupply cabinet in-between them, and one upper exit, with a resupply cabinet and a window overseeing the point.
  • The Maintenance Room: a small room, with brown walls and filled with machinery, with stairs that connect the first and second floors.
  • The Checkpoint: a big hole on the floor that has revealed a "surgery room" below. The orange and black stripes on the ramp above it indicate it is a steep incline, meaning the cart rolls back if left unattended on it (unless stopped by the Underworld portal while going up, which freezes it in place even after it closes).


Every time the clock on the tower visible from the Asylum Entrance strikes 12 and the bell rings (which can be heard anywhere on the map), several doors across the map become black and green spirals that act as portals to the Underworld. A portal also opens up on top of the cart, which appears as a spiraling yellow cloud.

The Underworld features a hospital with a maze-like layout that changes every time the area can be accessed. Players that enter the Underworld are fully healed, overhealed, and receive a continuous speed boost while in the Underworld; however, their health is continuously drained and they are limited to just their melee weapon while inside. Players that escape the Underworld are granted invulnerability, overheal, increased speed, and guaranteed critical hits for a few seconds.

While the portals are open, the cart cannot be pushed, but still functions normally. The round timer stops during this period as compensation.


Main article: Community Corruption strategy

Update history

October 9, 2023 Patch #1 (Scream Fortress XV)
  • Added Corruption to the game.

October 19, 2023 Patch

  • Replaced some of the materials and models.
  • Adjusted collisions near some wooden beams by point A.
  • Adjusted prop fades.
  • Fixed some minor texture issues.
  • Fixed teleport trigger in one of the spawn rooms being too late to activate.
  • Minor adjustments to improve your sanity.

December 7, 2023 Patch (Smissmas 2023)

  • Updated pl_corruption to fix trigger_teleports not enabling correctly.

January 9, 2024 Patch

  • Fixed an issue with the 3D skybox.


  • The string for the last point's name is missing from the localization files, causing the notification of its capture to be displayed incorrectly.[1]
  • The lighting for the lamppost right outside the Water exit of the first BLU spawn is misplaced.[2]
  • The guardrail near the Grate Catwalk is missing collision.[3]


  • Whenever the cart is frozen in place due to the Underworld portals opening, it stops moving back if left unattended until it is pushed again.


  • A small "shack" can be seen atop the far right exit of the first BLU spawn. Approaching it with noclip reveals it is a toilet cabin, with a skeleton with its skull and arms coming out of the toilet hole.
  • On the top level of the asylum, around the chandelier over the last point, is a pair of buckets; one on the ground containing a Sledder's Sidekick, and one on a wheelchair containing a Pocket Purrer wearing a Merc's Muffler.
  • Inside the Asylum and close to the main entrance is a corridor barricaded with a table. Behind the table is a frog, which can be seen by pointing the camera down at the right angle and distance.
    • Curiously, even though this corridor is normally inaccessible, entering it by using noclip grants a temporary speed boost to the player (unlike the one in the Underworld, which is continuous).



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  2. Misplaced lighting bug
  3. Guardrail missing collision