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Dustbowl Training にいるソルジャーのボット

Team Fortress 2には2種類のボットが存在します:AI(人工知能)ボットとパペット(人形)ボットです。AIボットは高度な人工知能によってゲーム内でプレイヤーを真似るように作られたもので、チートをオンにしなくても使用可能です。パペットボットはAIコードがありませんが、テストと練習には大変便利です。パペットボットは出現させるのにサーバーのチートをオンにする必要があり、 実績の達成に用いることは出来ません。

AI ボット

AIボットは人間のプレイヤーの動きを再現するように設計されており、 直接操作をすることは出来ません。 さらに、クラスはランダムで選ばれます。 このボットのAIコードは"Left 4 Dead"シリーズのプレイヤーボットと感染者の洗練されたAIコードをベースに作られました。[1] AIボットはサーバーのチートをオンにする必要がありません。 従って、一部例外を除いて実績の達成に用いることが出来ます。 (ボットは殺された際にDeathcamを見ることが出来ないため、ボットに対して挑発を行っても挑発に関する実績を達成する事が出来ません。)

AI bots can be indirectly controlled to an extent:

  • セットアップタイム時にプレイヤーが照準で焦点をあわせた味方、 または敵のボットは挑発を行います。
  • メディックのボットは "メディック!" のボイスコマンドを使用したプレイヤーを回復します。
  • メディックのボットは、 ユーバーチャージの準備が出来ている時に回復対象が "ゴー!ゴー!ゴー!" または "チャージを頼む!" のボイスコマンドを使用するとユーバーチャージを起動します。

ボットは "スパイだ!" と "前進!" のボイスコマンドを使用します、しかしこれらのボイスコマンドのテキストは表示されません。

Current AI bot status

AI bots are in beta testing and will become more sophisticated as they are updated. Currently, all classes are working properly due to the Hatless Update, including the once-buggy Spy. AI bots only work properly for most official King of the Hill maps, some Payload maps, Capture the Flag maps, Attack/Defend maps Dustbowl and Gorge, and Mann Manor (bots can only be added by using the tf_bot_add command). The use of AI bots on non-supported maps is possible by following certain steps; however, they will not emulate human players as well.

Note: A pack of pre-made bot meshes has been compiled for many popular maps.


  1. コンソールに "sv_cheats 1" と入力する
  2. コンソールに "nav_generate" と入力する
  3. ゲームがAIパスが自動生成されるのを待つ
  4. Mマップが再ロードされる (ナビゲーションファイルは保存されるため、前のステップを繰り返す必要はありません)
  5. コンソールを開き、 ""tf_bot_add <数値>"" のように入力してボットを追加する

Bots can be used on any map on which the above steps have been performed without having to repeat them, except for entering the "tf_bot_add <number>" command each time bots need to be added.

Maps with official bot support

AI bot behavior

  • Bots currently can not use or equip most unlockable content including most non-standard weapons, hats, or Miscellaneous items.
  • Bots currently can not rocket jump or sticky jump.
  • If a bot kills a player, they roll a chance to taunt immediately after, and if it succeeds, they will taunt even if they are under enemy fire.
  • When a bot sees a disguised enemy Spy, it will watch the Spy's movement. The bot will not attack the disguised Spy unless the Spy attacks, saps a building, or bumps into one of the bots.
  • Pyro bots will use the Compression blast against projectiles and opponents regularly.
  • Medic bots will usually heal all other classes before Snipers (and to a lesser extent Engineers) even if the "Medic!" voice command is used.

AI bot commands

To use AI bots on supported maps, the server administrator should type the following commands into the console:[2]

Command Description
tf_bot_add This command will create one or more AI bots of random classes on random teams. They will also be assigned amusing human-like names.
tf_bot_add [<count>] [<class>] [<team>] [<difficulty>]
Specifies the number of bots to spawn. If omitted, one bot is spawned.
As of this writing, specifying a number greater than the maximum number of players, including any human players, causes the bots to freeze. Thus if there is a 24 player server (the default), and one human player, do not spawn more than 23 bots.
The classname of the class can be Demoman, Engineer, HeavyWeapons, Medic, Pyro, Scout, Soldier, Sniper, or Spy
Specifies the team name to assign the bot, where team can be red or blue.
Sets the difficulty level for the bot, where difficulty can be easy, normal, or hard.
tf_bot_add red 3 heavyweapons easy will add three Heavies to the RED team at the easy skill level.
tf_bot_difficulty Defines the skill of bots joining the game.
tf_bot_difficulty <level>
Sets the difficulty level for the bots. Values are: 0=easy, 1=normal, 2=hard, 3=expert. Default is "Normal" (1).
tf_bot_difficulty 2 will set all bots created after this command to "Hard" difficulty.
tf_bot_force_class If set to a class name, all TFBots will respawn as that class.
tf_bot_force_class <class>
The classname of the class can be Demoman, Engineer, HeavyWeapons, Medic, Pyro, Scout, Soldier, Sniper, or Spy. Default is "" (aka blank).
tf_bot_force_class medic will make all TFbots respawn as Medic.
tf_bot_join_after_player If nonzero, bots wait until a player joins before entering the game.
tf_bot_join_after_player <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 1 (enabled).
tf_bot_join_after_player 0 will make TFBots join the game when added even if no players are on a team.
tf_bot_keep_class_after_death If zero, bots will always respawn as a different class.
tf_bot_keep_class_after_death <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
tf_bot_keep_class_after_death 1 will prevent TFBots from changing class.

This command will remove one or all AI bots.

tf_bot_kick <name/all>
Specifies the name of bot to remove or all.
tf_bot_kick CEDA will kick the TFbot named "CEDA" if one exists.
tf_bot_prefix_name_with_difficulty If nonzero, append the skill level of the bot to the bot's name
tf_bot_prefix_name_with_difficulty <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
tf_bot_prefix_name_with_difficulty 1 will cause added bots to have names like "1 Aimbot" (normal) and "3 Saxton Hale" (expert).
tf_bot_quota Determines the total number of TFBots in the game. Only has effect if "tf_bot_quota_mode" = "fill" or "match".
tf_bot_quota <integer>
Whole number between 0 and how many players the server can hold. Default is 0.
tf_bot_quota 2, if tf_bot_quota_mode = match, will add two bots to the server for every one human.
tf_bot_quota_mode Determines the type of quota.
If 'normal', the server will never add/remove TFbots without explicit commands and bot_quota has no effect.
If 'fill', the server will adjust bots to keep N players in the game, where N is bot_quota.
If 'match', the server will maintain a 1:N ratio of humans to bots, where N is bot_quota.
tf_bot_quota_mode fill will always keep (bot_quota - # of human players) bots in the game.
tf_bot_taunt_victim_chance Determines how often a Bot will taunt a human victim.
tf_bot_taunt_victim_chance <integer>
Whole number between 0 and 100. Default is 20.
tf_bot_taunt_victim_chance 0 Bots will never taunt when killing a human player.
tf_bot_tauntvictim_chance 100 Bots will always taunt when killing a human player.

Puppet bots

Puppet bots have no AI code and cannot move or act on their own. These bots can be used like puppets though, players can manipulate them to follow the player's commands such as following the player around and firing their weapons. Puppet bots are mainly used for testing purposes and can also create stunning visuals if manipulated accordingly, as seen here.

Puppet bot commands

Not all of the following commands work; for clarity, the complete list of commands is included.

Note: entering the command without any values will display the command's current setting and a brief description.

Command Description
bot This command will create a bot on the given team with the specified class and name. If team or name is omitted, they will be assigned randomly.
bot -team <teamname/number> -class <classname> -name <botname>
-team teamname/number
Specifies the team name or number to assign the bot. Where name/number can be RED or 1, BLU or 0
-class classname
The classname of the class can be Demoman, Engineer, Heavy, Medic, Pyro, Scout, Soldier, Sniper, or Spy
-name botname
botname can be anything. If there is already someone with the same name, an incremental number (starting at 1) surrounded with parenthesis will be added to the beginning of the name. For example, joe, (1)joe, (2)joe, etc. If no name is given then the name will be "bot" followed by a number starting with 01; for example, the first bot will be bot01, the next bot02, and so on.
bot -team red -class Engineer -name joe
bot_changeclass Force all bots to change to the specified class.

Does not seem to be implemented, nothing happens.


Make all bots change teams. This forces all the bots to switch teams. If a bot was on the RED team then it will now be on the BLU team and vice versa.

bot_command Sends specified command on behalf of specified bot.
bot_command <botname> <console command>
botname is the name or id of the bot to send the command to.
console command can be any of the ones listed in Scripting#Console Commands.
Example 1
bot_command bot01 "voicemenu 0 0"
Example 2
bot_command bot01 "taunt"
The slot commands (slot1, slot2, etc.) do not work with bot_command, however with bot_forcefireweapon, all bots in that class can be made to switch to a weapon and start firing, then made to stop. Only the entire group of bots in that class can be made to do so, however.
bot_defend Set to a team number, and that team will all keep their combat shields raised.

For instance, Heavies will spin their miniguns.

bot_dontmove Bots are allowed or prevented from moving. When set to 1 the bots cannot move but they can still turn and jump. Note with a combination of this command and bot_mimic bots can be moved to certain areas and left there.
bot_dontmove <0/1>
Bot is allowed to move, or not.
bot_dontmove 1
bot_flipout When on, this command will make the bots fire the current weapon selected. Default is to use primary_fire, but if bot_forceattack2 is set to 1 then secondary fire is used.
bot_flipout <0/1>
On when set to 1. Off when set to 0.
bot_flipout 1
bot_forceattack This will make all the bots automatically fire whatever weapon they currently have selected. If bot_forceattack2 is set to 0, then the bots will execute primary_fire. If bot_forceattack2 is set to 1, then the bots will execute secondary_fire.

Note this does nothing if bot_mimic is active (set to 1).

bot_forceattack <0/1>
Bot will not fire if set to 0 and fire repeatedly if set to 1.
bot_forceattack 1
bot_forceattack2 This will make all the bots execute secondary_fire on whatever weapon they currently have selected when bot_forceattack is set to 1.
bot_forceattack2 <0/1>
Bot will use its weapon's secondary_fire when set to 1, primary_fire when set to 0
bot_forceattack2 1
bot_forceattackon When firing, do not tap fire, hold it down. When this command is set to 0, the bot acts like it is continuously tapping the fire button (useful for the Pistol, but not for the Heavy's Minigun). If this command is set to 1, the bots acts as if it is holding down the fire button (useful for the Heavy's Minigun).
bot_forceattackon <0/1>
On when set to 1. Off when set to 0.
bot_forceattackon 1
bot_forceattack_down When firing, don't tap fire, hold it down. If this is set to 0 then the bot will act like they are continuously tapping the fire button (useful for the Stickybomb Launcher). If this is set to 1 then the bot will act as if it is holding down the fire button (useful for the Minigun).
bot_forceattack_down <0/1>
On when set to 1, off when set to 0
bot_forceattack_down 1
bot_forcefireweapon Forces all bots who have the specified weapon to switch to and fire it.

If a bot does not have this weapon, nothing happens to it (unless it is firing a different weapon, in which it stops)

bot_forcefireweapon <weapon filename>
filename is usually tf_weapon_ <weapon name>.
bot_forcefireweapon tf_weapon_fists makes all Heavy bots switch to and repeatedly attack with their Fists, and all other bots stop attacking.

bot_forcefireweapon tf_weapon_shotgun_pyro makes all Pyro bots switch to and repeatedly fire their Shotguns, and all other bots stop attacking.

To make all bots stop attacking, simply specify a non-existent weapon filename. Anything without tf_weapon in it isn't a TF2 weapon, so the bots won't shoot it, for example bot_forcefireweapon ,,
Bots' loadouts cannot be changed, therefore you cannot make them fire unlockable weapons.

Kills the specified bot.

bot_kill <bot name>
Makes the specified bot commit suicide.
bot_kill bot01
bot_mimic Bot uses usercmd of player by index.

The bot will execute all keystrokes issued by a player, mimicking movements, turns, jumps, fire, etc. It should be noted that bots will not mimic Medic calls, weapon switches, or taunts.

Note this overrides bot_forceattack but does not override bot_dontmove.

bot_mimic <0/1>
On when set to 1, off when set to 0
bot_mimic 1

Inverts the movement of the bots; moving left makes the bots move right, moving forwards makes the bots move backwards, etc.

The direction which the bot is looking is not affected.

bot_mimic_inverse <0/1>
On when set to 1, off when set to 0
bot_mimic_inverse 1

Offsets the bots' yaw. The bots will face in a direction this angle from the player. By default this is set to 180 so that all bots will face the player. Setting this to 0 will face the bots in the same direction as the player.

bot_mimic_yaw_offset <0-360>
Set the direction by specifying angle in degrees
bot_mimic_yaw_offset 180

AI bot names

The AI bots are programmed to have different names, with many of their names being references to Valve's other works and computer programming. They also include some references to Team Fortress as well. Many of these names have been requested on the Steam forums.

Unused bot names

The following bot names were found in a leaked source code version of TF2, containing bot names that were never put into production for unknown reasons.

  • John Spartan
  • Leeloo Dallas Multipass
  • Sho'nuff
  • Bruce Leroy
  • Big Gulp, Huh?
  • Stupid Hot Dog
  • I'm your huckleberry
  • The Crocketeer
bot_randomnames <0/1>
On when set to 1, off when set to 0
bot_randomnames 1
bot_refill Refills all bots' Ammo counts, including Metal for Engineers.

Syntax: bot_refill

bot_saveme This makes all the bots call for a Medic, equivalent to issuing bot_command <botname> "voicemenu 0 0" to every bot.

Syntax: bot_saveme <0/1>

On when set to 1, off when set to 0
bot_selectweaponslot This makes the first bot select weapon in specified weapon slot.

0 = primary; 1 = secondary; 2 = melee; 3 = special Note this only works for the first bot spawned. There doesn't seem to be a way to specify other bots.

bot_selectweaponslot <n>
Set n to weapon slot that bots should switch to.
bot_selectweaponslot 2
bot_teleport Teleports a specified bot to a given coordinate.

Map coordinates of where you are standing can be found by typing Status in the console.

bot_teleport <botname> <X> <Y> <Z> <Pitch> <Yaw> <Roll>
Where botname is the bot name or id to teleport.
X Y Z are the map coordinates.
Pitch Yaw Roll is the direction the bot should face.
bot_teleport bot01 -4815 1385 -447 0 0 0
bot_whack Delivers lethal damage from player to specified bot. This basically kills the bot with the currently selected weapon, probably used for testing during development.
bot_whack <botname>
Where botname is the name of bot to "whack".
bot_whack bot109

Update history

2009年12月17日 パッチ (WAR! Update)
  • Added work-in-progress Bots for beta testing in KOTH maps.

2010年1月6日 パッチ

  • Various improvements to combat behaviors.
  • In KOTH mode, Bots are now:
    • More likely to roam around and hunt enemies if there is lots of time left.
    • Become more likely to push for the point as time runs down, or their teammates start to capture it.
  • Medic bots now:
    • Opportunistically "overheal" nearby friends when they can.
    • Prioritize healing of injured nearby friends more.
    • Don't focus on Heavies quite so exclusively.
    • Don't spam their Medi Gun continuously at round start.
    • Won't choose cover far below their heal target so much (koth_nucleus).
    • Fight back with their Syringe Gun appropriately.
  • General bot improvements:
    • They no longer stand still on the point when capturing or defending it.
    • They choose more varied routes now.
    • They choose better defensive spots around captured points.
    • They fall back to another weapon when they entirely run out of ammo.
    • They adjust their FOV when using zoomed in Sniper scope.
    • They treat in-range Sentry Guns as the most dangerous threat.
    • They fire their weapons is more realistic bursts.
    • Engineers use their Shotgun properly.
  • Added a "virtual mousepad" concept to rework how bots track enemy players.
    • They now periodically estimate the position and velocity of the enemy they are tracking, instead of "locking on".
    • Addresses the "180 spin around and fire", "Heavy bot is OP", "Sniper bot is OP", and "I can't fight a Heavy bot as a Scout" issues.
  • Tuned Sniper spot finding algorithm to generate more diverse locations, partially .addressing the "Predictable Sniper camping spots" issue.
  • Soldier bots are more careful to not fire rockets that will explode on nearby geometry and kill them.
  • Fixed a bug where bots tried to heal from a Dispenser being carried by an Engineer.
  • Tuned scoreboard logic to guard against malicious server operators spoofing bot pings to hide the "BOT" tag.
  • Added more bot names as suggested by the TF community.

2010年4月28日 パッチ

  • Bots don't retreat to gather health as readily if they are in combat.
  • Bots no longer retreat when moving to block a point capture.
  • Bots should now equip an appropriate combat weapon and fight while moving to collect health.
  • Bots who are roaming the map and hunting now chase down their victims, following them around corners.
  • Bots that fire projectiles (ie: rockets/grenades/etc) don't hold down their fire button for a minimum time. This was causing Soldier bots to fire rockets into nearby walls as they strafed, killing themselves.
  • Soldier bots now switch to their Shotgun after firing all four rockets when engaging an enemy.
  • Added a few more bot names from community suggestions.
  • Fixed a behavior loop with Engineer metal gathering.

2010年6月10日 パッチ (Mac Update)

  • Added Offline Practice mode, with support for KOTH maps and Dustbowl.
  • [非公開] Looking at a bot player for a few seconds now causes it to taunt.

2010年6月11日 パッチ

  • Fixed a case where servers could get stuck in an infinite loop while spawning bots.
  • Fixed a level change crash related to Bot navigation meshes.

2010年6月14日 パッチ

  • Fixed server crash related to bots and health kits.

2010年6月16日 パッチ

  • Medic bots now respond when nearby humans call for Medic.
  • If a Medic bot is healing you and has an ÜberCharge ready, using the voice commands "Go go go!" or "Activate Charge!" will force the Bot to activate the ÜberCharge.

2010年7月19日 パッチ

  • Improved performance of bot computations that are done when a point is captured, a round starts, or a checkpoint reached.
  • Fixed Engineer bots infinite build-destroy behavior loop regression.
  • Fixed Medic bots losing their charge if they touch a resupply cabinet.
  • Fixed a crash due to having multiple types of bot systems running in-game simultaneously.
  • Fixed bot behavior issue resulting in bot pile-ups near level 3 Teleporter entrances.
  • Bots no longer consider sapped Sentry Guns a dangerous threat.
  • Bots will not try to navigate through enemy spawn rooms (unless they have won the round).
  • Engineer bots will avoid building Teleporters on steep slopes which could hinder teammate movement.
  • Added tf_bot_pyro_always_reflect cvar. Set to 1 to make Pyro bots always reflect projectiles, regardless of difficulty level.

2011年4月14日 パッチ (Hatless Update)

  • Added Spy TFBots. Spy bots have basic cloaking, diguising, sapping, and backstabbing behaviors now, and are ready to join the fight
  • TFBots understand the basics of the Payload scenario now, and will push the cart on offense, and try to stop the cart on defense
  • Added navigation meshes for pl_goldrush, pl_badwater, pl_upward, pl_thundermountain, and pl_hoodoo_final
  • Improved TFBot reactions to cloaked and/or disguised enemy Spies
  • Improved Demoman bot behaviors for planting sticky bomb traps
  • Demoman bots will now try to move to a safe spot and lob stickybombs onto enemy sentry nests to destroy them
  • Soldier bots switch to their Shotgun after emptying their Rocket Launcher at close/medium range
  • TFBots will no longer hide from sapped or carried sentryguns
  • Engineer bots are better at moving their Sentry Gun nest as the scenario changes
  • Improved Sniper bot algorithm for finding good sniping spots for both Capture Point and Payload scenarios
  • Sniper bots will take opportunistic shots at targets while they move to their desired sniping spot
  • Fixed bug where Sniper bots would sometimes stand around in their spawn room doing nothing.
  • Improved TFBot ability to find a safe vantage spot to attack enemy Sentry Guns
  • TFBots will no longer try to use a teleporter entrance they can't actually reach
  • Added tf_bot_melee_only cvar. If set to 1, all TFBots will be restricted to only using their melee weapon

2011年4月18日 パッチ

  • Fixed a server crash that could occur if TFBots were used across map changes

2011年5月5日 パッチ (Replay Update)

  • [非公開] Bots now properly target the Horseless Headless Horsemann as an enemy.

2011年7月22日 パッチ

  • [非公開] Bots now work on CTF maps.

2011年7月26日 パッチ

2011年8月23日 パッチ

  • Fixed crash with Demoman* bots trying to detonate stickybombs that had already been destroyed
  • Added tf_bot_kill console command (syntax identical to tf_bot_kick)
  • Bots obey melee only mode a bit better
  • Added func_nav_avoid to allow map creators control over where bots "like" to go
  • Fixed issue with Demoman bot reloading between each stickybomb he fired, causing him to be very slow at setting traps/destroying Sentry Guns
  • Bots never taunt if carrying the flag now
  • Aiming logic for Huntsman Sniper bots
  • Sniper bots prioritize enemy Snipers more aggressively, as well as enemy Engineers now
  • Improved Demoman bot Sentry Gun sticky bombing
  • Bots will no longer try to use health entities assigned to the enemy team
  • Added simplistic behaviors for Chargin' Targe, and various consumables (Bonk drink, Sandvich, etc)
  • Medic* bots stay a bit closer to their patient now
  • Sniper* bots go after very nearby enemies with their melee weapon now
  • Added func_tfbot_hint entity to allow map creators to tell Sniper bots good places to lurk
  • Sniper* bots opportunistically fire on viable targets they encounter while on the way to their desired lurking spot
  • Spy* bots are more aggressive about backstabbing an Engineer before sapping his nest now