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I had became interested in TF2 since 2018 or so, from random videos featuring TF2. I first played TF2 on March TBA, 2019. My favorite class is Engineer.


  • 14th November 2019 - Earned my favorite usable new weapon so far, Pomson 6000, for the Engineer.
  • 16th February 2020 - 64 hours worth of TF2
  • 25th March 2020 - Earned Tomislav at around 8pm.


User Engineer.png This user is an Engineer.
“I told ya don’t touch that darn thing!”
Dead Heat Icon.png As of April 8, 2020,
I have been a TF2 Wiki member for 5 months, 29 days.


Custom weapon ideas

For more, see User:Qwertyxp2000/Weapon Ideas.

Ideas for Demonstrations that could be redone

  • Disciplinary Action
    • Demonstrate the act of whipping a disguised Spy and let the disguised Spy and the Soldier run simultaneously.
  • Classic
    • Demonstrate the reduced movement speed while charging up the rifle.
    • Demonstrate on a map like 2Fort to show that it is not possible to shoot while in mid-air, and thus will cancel the charging shot
    • Demonstrate that jumping will cancel the charging shot
    • Demonstrate a proper bodyshot, rather than simply incompleted headshots.
  • Holiday Punch
    • Demonstrate that a disguised Spy cannot laugh
    • Demonstrate that a cloaked Spy can laugh (unsure if it does, but it's a demonstration); do show the cloaked Spy's screen too while doing this.
    • Demonstrate that a cloaked disguised Spy cannot laugh; do show the cloaked Spy's screen too while doing this.