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Run, cowards! Tweet tweet tweeeet!
The Heavy teaching his bird how to be intimidating

The Red Army Robin is a community-created cosmetic item for the Heavy. It is a team-colored European Robin that stands on the Heavy's left shoulder.

When players equipped with this item kill an enemy unassisted by another player, the killfeed shows everyone in Pyroland that it gets the assist, with its custom name if it has one.

The Red Army Robin was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Pyroland Demonstration

Update history

July 10, 2013 Patch (Summer Event 2013)

  • The Red Army Robin was added to the game.

August 27, 2013 Patch

February 11, 2014 Patch

  • The Red Army Robin can now get kill assists in Pyroland.

July 7, 2016 Patch #1 (Meet Your Match Update)


  • The Red Army, or Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, was the army and the air force of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and later the USSR, that started out as the Soviet Russia's revolutionary communist combat groups during the Russian Civil War of 1918–1922. It grew into the national army of the Soviet Union, and by 1930, was among the largest armies in history.


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