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It's important to check in on your patients and ensure that they get the care they deserve!
Head Doctor publicity blurb

The Head Doctor is a community-created special taunt for the Medic.

When activated, the Medic takes out a jar, labeled "SPECIMEN 09" with a handwritten sign that reads "DO NOT KILL!", filled with liquid and containing the preserved and living head of an enemy Spy; he violently shakes it, much to the Spy's displeasure (who proceeds to insult him), before putting it away.

The Head Doctor was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Update history

July 12, 2023 Patch #1 (Summer 2023 Update)

  • The Head Doctor was added to the game.

August 31, 2023 Patch

  • Fixed skinning on lower LODs.
  • Fixed team coloring for both teams.
  • Adjusted animation to reduce prop clipping.