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Cp sulfur.png
Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_sulfur
Released: July 12, 2023 Patch
(Summer 2023 Update)
Developer(s): Freyja
Kimberly "iiboharz" Riswick
Lauren "Yrrzy" Godfrey
Maxime "Fubar" Dupuis
Map Info
Environment: Japan
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Hazards: Boiling water
Bot support: Yes
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Sulfur overview.png
Map Stamp
Item icon Map Stamp - Sulfur.png
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Sulfur is a community-created Attack/Defend Control Point map added in the Summer 2023 Update.

Unlike other Control Point maps, Sulfur features two separate timers and the attacking team BLU can capture the final point at any time. While the final point is held by BLU, the normal timer is paused and a separate timer starts, starting at 3:00 by default. If this timer reaches 0:00 and BLU owns Point D, BLU automatically wins the round regardless of how many preceding points are owned. RED can capture the final point while it's being held by BLU, resuming the normal timer and pausing the timer dedicated to Point D.

As BLU captures Points A, B and C, it becomes easier for Point D to be captured. With routes being opened up to BLU, routes being closed off to RED, Point A reducing the time needed to hold Point D by 30 seconds, and Point C reducing the time needed to hold Point D down to 0:00.

Sulfur was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


  • Point A: The first point is located by a waterfall. Capturing A blocks the RED Spawn door to A, makes the boiling water around D harmless, unlocks an underwater route from Point B to D and reduces the timer to hold D by 30 seconds.
  • Point B: The second point is located in a small corridor over a large pond. Capturing B pushes the RED team's spawn backwards, opens a connector linking to Point C and adjusts the layout of point D to be more elevated.
  • Point C: The third point is a garden with a boulder on the point. Capturing C further adjusts Point D's elevation upwards, removing RED teams most direct ways onto the point while giving the attackers easier access. The amount of time to hold D is reduced to zero.
  • Point D: The final point; this point can be captured before A, B, and C. Features boiling water as an environmental hazard that gradually damages the player but becomes harmless once Point A is captured.


Main article: Community Sulfur strategy

Update history

July 12, 2023 Patch #1 ((Summer 2023 Update)
  • Added Sulfur to the game.

July 20, 2023 Patch #1

  • Fixed a case where Blu could win too well and lock the timer, not correctly allowing them to win when their timer hit 0 and they owned the main control point
  • Fixed a case where Blu could contest their own win
  • Fixed a case where you could build a teleporter under a platform and become trapped
  • Altered Blu spawn positions to better lead players towards the point they should be attacking during different states of the game
  • Altered Red spawn positons to spread them out when defending main point
  • Lowered Red's initial time to defend slightly
  • Convinced the boiling water to properly scald people that are submerged below the surface
  • Gravity density in the potplants has been correctly calibrated
  • Reduced time added to Red's clock when Blu captures A, B and C slightly - further calibration going forward
  • B can no longer be capped from the outside of the building
  • Area under Point A can no longer be accessed
  • Fixed numerous perch points, clipping errors and small visual errors - special thanks to Wicket on Steam discussions for reporting most of these


  • A secret room in the building to the right of Point A can be found containing the map maker's old name "Freyja", alongside a cardboard cutout of a deer holding the Widowmaker and wearing the Macho Mann cosmetic. It can be reached by shooting the word "Freyja" on a poster in a building at Point C, as demonstrated here.