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Pl cashworks final1 08.jpg
Basic Information
Map type: Payload
File name: pl_cashworks
Released: July 12, 2023 Patch
(Summer 2023 Update)
Developer(s): Wojciech "eerieone" Michalak
Moritz "moe012" Horn
Sean "Artesia" Pennock
Map Info
Environment: Alpine
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Hazards: Pitfall
Bot support: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×10  •  Mediumhealth.png ×14
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Mediumammo.png ×16   •  
Largeammo.png ×8
Map Photos
Loading screen photos.
Map Overview
Cashworks overview.png
Map Stamp
Item icon Map Stamp - Cashworks.png
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Cashworks is a community-created, single-stage Payload map. A major feature of this map is the large vault at the final point. After the last point has been captured, the cart explodes and blows the vault's door off, revealing a large stash of Australium inside.

Cashworks was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


  • Loading Dock: The first capture point, Loading Dock, is situated beneath a tall building at the base of slopes on both sides. It is also located just after a narrow downhill section buttressed by a tall building and a rock wall with a retaining wall/platform built against it.
  • Serpentines: The second capture point, located at the bottom of a long hill that the track winds through like a serpent on BLU's side. The area features several high ledges and upper paths and is very narrow in comparison to other parts of the map, opening onto a larger open space after the point.
  • Power Station: The third capture point, Power Station, is just before a wooden bridge leading to the final capture point. There are large gorges just beyond the point that can be used to push enemies into. The cart passes through the interior of a building, up a slight incline and underneath a bridge connecting two buildings to reach this point.
  • Vault: The final capture point, placed just in front of RED's large vault, which opens after the final explosion. BLU must push the cart across the wooden bridge and through RED's final spawn area to reach the vault.


Main article: Community Cashworks strategy

Update history

July 12, 2023 Patch #1 (Summer 2023 Update)

  • Added Cashworks to the game.

July 12, 2023 Patch #2

  • Fixed Red being able to enter the Blu spawn room on pl_cashworks


This is the changelog of the map before it was added to the game.


  • Fixed DX8 error where map would crash the client due to a false dx8-backup texture
  • CP4 crate with ammo can now be entered without crouching
  • Area in front of the Vault is now buildable



  • Fixed ED_alloc entity overflow crash by reducing the dynamic entity count
  • added stairway to the raised platform on CP4 to allow a better fortification
  • added closing gates on Blu´s forward Spawn after CP3 gets captured to direct the player flow correctly
  • minor various adjustments



  • once again framerates via func_occluder
  • added final fx-explosion by jive turkey
  • added 3d-eagle-model by Nik instead of eagle-texture
  • readjusted vault-explosion-sound by Tomster
  • slightly reduced respawntime for RED to defend CP3&4
  • changed ammopack at CP3 to a full-ammo-pack
  • changed some visuals at construction site
  • slight visual changes on building 03
  • tons of minor visual bugs corrected
  • big crate near CP4 is now accessible without having to duckjump, just walk in
  • added ammo-pack there to support defensive structures at that point



  • improved framerates as good as possible
  • merged 2nd and 3rd BLU spawn to one spawn:
    • makes the engi´s life easier
    • gates prevent spawncamping
  • pushed CP3 further to the bridge, provided sentrypositions, decreased respawn by 1sec for RED
  • imported custom cap-point-signs with new alpine-logos
  • renamed CPs to loading dock, serpentines, power house, vault
  • minor skybox changes
  • fixed stickies not sticking to ground at last CP
  • fixed people getting stuck in underground RED spawnroomdoor
  • enlarged some doortriggers for smoother opening
  • decreased explosion radius
  • several lighting-adjustments
  • fixed radius where people get smashed by the door
  • several minor visual changes and object adjustment
  • many many small changes not worth an own "*"



  • hopefully fixed entity overflow crash
  • reduced file size by 20mb
  • eagle screech less frequent
  • fixed teleport selfdestruction on final point area
  • fixed names of CPs
  • applied alternative teamlogos to model
  • made middlepart of bridge less narrow
  • small texture changes

known issues:

  • some texture-errors due to inexperience with lightmaps, need to finetune that
  • whatever you see, plz report



  • added rotating eagles with sound and rotating clouds in skybox
  • added new teamlogos for RED and BLU, enjoy!
  • entierly reworked interior of vault
  • vault-door is now falling out to the front, smashing whoever comes in its way, making appropriate sound
  • u got now a small window to escape the explosion, good luck!
  • reedited underground exit from BLUe initial spawn and the building to the right
  • made first building on right less ugly
  • moved CP1 a little nearer
  • small edits on buildings in sector 1
  • gave more room to pass the cart on the serpentines
  • moved CP2 a little bit further away
  • decreased respawntime for RED for CP2 & CP3
  • edited buildings at CP2 to make them more intuitional and less complicated
  • minor trackchange on way to CP3
  • moved CP3 a small bit further, made it more defendable
  • on CP4 opened up another sentry position, unified the doors leading out of of the Spawnroom
  • platform above CP4 is now again accessible for RED via duckjump
  • expanded trigger_hurt so people wont exploit jumping down the balcony and trapping people
  • pimped up some empty rooms and unfinished looking areas



  • Added Thumbnail for Quickserver-list
  • Adjusted Respawntime for Red for 2nd to last CP
  • moved 1st Blu forward spawn, deleted route to other side after CP2 is taken to slightly increase traveltime for BLU to 3rd
  • tweaked and added sentryposition at CP2
  • added route to CP3 for BLU
  • added cover for sentryposition at CP3 and CP4
  • boosted and added healthkits and ammopacks
  • minor architectural changes
  • added gold_displacement to vault-treasure
  • further detailing
  • aligned several textures



  • Improved Bankvault Model/Animation/Texture
  • Addad valve´s explosions to the scene (parts hanging midair are due to the fact that its preanimated)
  • Fixed the Teleport-Self-Destruct problem, if it still happens, tell me where plz
  • Changed Timer allowing to go above 10 mins playtime on the clock
  • Further optimization
  • General Clipping improvement
  • Pimped the skybox
  • Changed rocktexture
  • Added Red Logo Spray

First Section:

  • Added platform right side before the CP
  • Added 2 small shack on left side behind house
  • Adjusted view distances

Second Section:

  • Narrowed down the platform protecting the CP, added small platform at middle pillar as sentryposition and protection for BLU
  • Remodelled the serpentines, much smoother now
  • Simple changes at houses at bottom

Third Section:

  • Removed invisible stair-clipping

4th and Final:

  • Right side bottom floor door is now opening both ways
  • Right side, platform, added some cover, medipack is now medium
  • Right side RED spawn is now a little more separated
  • added roofstructure to left side of bank vault
  • added large box to the balcony over the pit for giving BLU a more advanced sentryposition
  • made it harder to camp the bridge
  • changed gold-texture



  • ADDED CUSTOM EXPLOSION / VAULT IS OPENING NOW (explosion will be improved)
  • ADDED GOLD (will increase the amount of gold if its not to fps-expensive)
  • optimization pass 2 , getting +20-40fps on 1600x1200 full details
  • adjusted view distances (too short ones will be readjusted)
  • moved up CP2 to the rocky turn to make it easier capable, added some more architecture there
  • moved door leading to right route to CP4 to make the opening less campable
  • moved up right ledge at CP4 to concentrate more on final area than cart at bridge
  • one-way door where you could get stuck corrected now
  • added and varied orientational signs (slide up like in Badwater Basin)
  • cut the stairs and connection to upper area at CP4
  • added glass in tollbooth
  • corrected door to CP4 where you could get stuck
  • long tight bridge to CP4 is now an instable looking primitive rope-bridge
  • reconstructed RED forward spawn to make it less campable and less attractive for Snipers
  • playerclip-ceiling is now higher, allowing higher rocketjumps
  • deleted some fps-hurting props
  • RED cant directly access BLU´s alternative route to CP2, gates open after CP2 is taken
  • added BLU forward spawn, after CP2 is taken
  • moved up BLU forward spawn, after CP3 is taken
  • changed layout of RED forward spawn, too sniperfriendly
  • various clipping-optimization



  • additional clipping at doorways
  • added a small balcony when you cross the ditch to CP4
  • added 30 seconds for initial game time
  • REDesigned area at CP3
  • added trigger_teleport to RED forward spawns, so once they are captured, RED players in spawn will be teleported to the next spawn
  • added cover against Snipers going down the serpentines
  • widened initial bridge at BLU spawn and added stairs
  • blocked way too long sniperlane at 1st section
  • moved up 1st & 2nd CP to make it easier to cap, widened the passage at CP1
  • elevated RED forward spawn, so engies arent able to access locker to rebuild Sentry Guns too fast to lvl3
  • to compensate that, replaced ammopack behind tires with large ammopack and medium health
  • eradicated too strong defensive position on logs after CP1
  • turned several entities to props_static, shouldn't throw weird shadows anymore
  • restructuRED 1st and 2nd building at first section

PL_CASHWORKS_A3c (11-19-08)


  • increased RED respawntime by 5 seconds (sorry for the inconveniance, spawntimes are nasty)
  • minor clipping changes

PL_CASHWORKS_A3b (11-17-08)


  • decreased spawntimes for RED, because spawntime rose to 25-30s
  • corrected water in canal

PL_CASHWORKS_A3a (11-17-08)


  • increased RED spawntimer for CP1
  • fixed exploit of missing clipping at the giant rock at the old raised tracks
  • fixed exploit of missing clipping above BLU spawn
  • added signage to path leading to CP2
  • adjusted, added, repositioned med + ammo packs
  • optimized movability at BLU sawmill
  • made it less easy for RED to camp the alternative route to CP2
  • added ramp after the shortcut through the sawmill leading to CP3
  • removed the one-way gates at alternative route to CP3
  • added barricade at last turn to provide cover and block line of sight for Snipers
  • changed warning lights at final points vault to static
  • rearranged right house before final CP to provide better cover and staging area for attackers
  • retextuRED windows in right house before final CP
  • erradicated 2 unfair sniperpositions at starting area
  • minor changes on not accessible areas

PL-CASHWORKS_A3 (11-15-08)


  • restructioRED first area
  • added 2nd RED forward spawn near 2nd CP
  • added alternatenate paths to 2cp and 3rd CP
  • fixed RED forward spawn doors getting stuck
  • general optimization, areaportals, hintbrushes, nodraw, brushwork
  • added 3D-Skybox
  • added environment
  • one-way door toward 3rd CP bottleneck
  • adjusted respawntimes
  • adjusted cart speed
  • adjusted time added
  • optimized vault-collision
  • lighting improvement
  • further clipping
  • added flowing water at CP4 bridge
  • added custom overlays
  • added env-sounds


  • problems with water at BLU spawn
  • further fps-optimization
  • optimize displacements
  • cartpath corrections
  • improve 3D-Skybox
  • improved use of textures
  • correct viewdistances
  • add more custom material


  • Game-machanics working as intended
  • Basic Layout and Material
  • Basic Optimization
  • Basic Clipping


  • It's possible to fire into the 2nd and 3rd RED spawnroom while the door is closed.[1]
  • BLU players can get into RED's final spawn after capturing the 2nd point.