Basic Medieval Mode strategy

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This is a basic Medieval Mode strategy, meaning that it only contains the most simple tips and guides. For more advanced guides see: Community Medieval mode strategy

Medieval mode is a game mode added in the original 2010 Australian Christmas update. Currently, it is only used by default on the map DeGroot Keep. As only certain weapons are allowed, class balance (and therefore class strategies) are drastically altered from normal gameplay.


Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

The Scout remains the fastest class in this mode. However, without the close-range bursts of his Scattergun, different strategies are needed to play effectively. Fortunately, you still have some limited form of ranged offense, such as Mad Milk or the Sandman's balls.

Secondary weapons

Since you aren't allowed to use the Pistol, Winger, or the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol, always equip a lunchbox item or a throwable.

Bonk! Atomic Punch + reskins

Bonk! Atomic Punch Festive Bonk! Atomic Punch

Because you no longer need Bonk! for most of its conventional purposes, this weapon becomes less necessary. Use it to bypass enemy lines or as a distraction or retreat tool. However, invincibility can be helpful when capturing point A or B, so that you can wait for allies to arrive or easily retreat if enemies block the capture point.



Many of the strategies for using Crit-a-Cola in normal gameplay remain effective in Medieval mode. Use it to give yourself a boost before an ambush. Remember that you won't be as powerful an ambushing force without a ranged weapon, so take extra precautions to avoid damage.

Flying Guillotine

Flying Guillotine

This throwable weapon will inflict both decent direct damage and additional bleed damage against enemies - because of this, it becomes an excellent weapon for an offensive, ranged playing style.

Mad Milk + reskins

Mad Milk Mutated Milk

Use Mad Milk in an area with many people so you and your team can maintain healing in a push. Also, use it for Spy checking, as Pyros no longer have a Flamethrower and Snipers no longer have Jarate, making a Scout the best at tracking Spies in this situation.

Melee weapons

Bat + reskins

Bat Saxxy Conscientious Objector Frying Pan Festive Bat Freedom Staff Bat Outta Hell Ham Shank Necro Smasher Crossing Guard Batsaber Golden Frying Pan

You deal the least amount of melee damage per hit on the team, but you can swing rapidly. Use your speed to your advantage and land hits on enemies while outmaneuvering them to avoid damage.


Sandman Festive Sandman

The Sandman gives the Scout a ranged weapon at the cost of 15 maximum health. Use it to slow down the other classes at a close range, especially charging Demomen or enemy Scouts, but player can negate the downside by strafing side-to-side, so be careful before moving in for the kill. The best way to use this is to help a teammate by getting close and slowing them, but this might require a lot of practice.

Holy Mackerel + reskins

Holy Mackerel Festive Holy Mackerel Unarmed Combat

These weapons function identically to the stock Bat except that they announce each hit in the kill feed. Since a hit that triggers a Spy's feign death will appear as a hit, not a kill, use this to track down Spies using the Dead Ringer.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Since there is only the Ullapool Caber dealing explosive damage in Medieval mode, this weapon is almost a direct upgrade. It will drop a second health pack in addition to the pack that is always dropped upon kills in Medieval mode. Use this to keep your momentum in a prolonged fight. Just make sure not to miss a pack or keep it lying on the ground, lest the enemy may use it for themselves.

Boston Basher + reskins

Boston Basher Three-Rune Blade

Since this weapon requires you to be precise with your attacks, it eliminates the tactic of swinging wildly. Use this weapon only when you're sure it will hit. Keep in mind that the bleed effect can be deadly against Spies, effectively rendering their Cloak useless, so make a habit of hitting your teammates and try to keep an eye out for any bleeding.



With few ways to ignite enemies in Medieval mode, this weapon can be difficult to use effectively. Consider using a different, more reliable weapon, unless you have a Pyro using the Sharpened Volcano Fragment or your Snipers are shooting flaming arrows frequently.

Fan O'War

Fan O'War

The Fan O'War allows teammates to finish off a marked opponent but leaves you next to defenseless. Use hit-and-run tactics if you want to use this weapon, and stay out of fights otherwise.



The Atomizer's triple jump allows you to get to a couple of places you couldn't normally. It deals less damage, but mini crits in the air, encouraging you to use your jumps to move around your enemies.

Wrap Assassin

Wrap Assassin

The Wrap Assassin is similar to the Sandman but does not slow and deals little melee damage. The bleed effect is also somewhat ineffective due to a large number of health packs in Medieval mode. This makes the weapon very hard to use effectively. The splash damage can be useful on crowded points though.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

The Soldier, without his powerful Rocket Launcher, becomes much less mobile and more of a support class in Medieval mode. However, Soldiers are still a force to be reckoned with with their large health pool. Use your banners to assist your team in the absence of ÜberCharges.

Secondary weapons

The Shotgun, Reserve Shooter, Panic Attack, and Righteous Bison aren't allowed.


Item icon Gunboats.png

Even if the Gunboats are allowed in Medieval mode, they're useless as the Soldier completely lacks explosives. Choose another weapon instead.


Item icon Mantreads.png

The Mantreads are next to useless in Medieval Mode, as melee weapons cause very little knockback, and blast jumping is possible for the Soldier with help from the enemy team, but not enough height to get a lot of damage from the fall. In addition to that, their ability to cause high fall damage is almost redundant as well, since the only way that fall damage can occur is by falling or jumping from the castle's battlements. Consider choosing another weapon instead.

Buff Banner

Item icon Buff Banner.png Item icon Festive Buff Banner.png

If you can stay alive long enough and deal enough damage to fully charge it, use the Buff Banner to help your team push to the final point. The mini-crits provided can help you overpower the other team.

  • Note that you won't be able to get much use out of the Buff Banner's effects if the enemy team is under the effects of an enemy Soldier's Battalion's Backup, though the odds of these two banners being deployed at the same time on opposing teams in Medieval Mode are rather slim.

Battalion's Backup

Item icon Battalion's Backup.png

If you manage to deal enough damage to build up a charge, you can use it to defend against a push, especially against the final point. As with the Buff Banner, the Battalion's Backup can be used to negate an enemy's Buff Banner. Even without a charge, the extra 20 health can assist in outlasting opponents.


Item icon Concheror.png

Once you deal enough damage to fully charge the Concheror, assuming you survive long enough, it can be useful for supporting your team in a rush as in melee combat they take and deal more damage than when using ranged weapons, so the health steal mechanic is arguably more useful than in regular gameplay, especially when capturing the final point. The speed boost is marginally helpful as it assists in dodging enemy attacks, but it is not a huge help. Since this secondary requires 150 less damage dealt to fully charge and passively heals the user, out of the 3 secondaries that require rage to activate, it is the most likely that you will be able to activate it before dying.

B.A.S.E. Jumper

Item icon B.A.S.E. Jumper.png

Without a consistent way of rocket jumping, this weapon's uses are more limited. It can be used from high ground, such as castle battlements, to cover more distance and maneuver around opponents.

Melee weapons

Shovel + reskins

Item icon Shovel.png Item icon Festivized Shovel.png Item icon Frying Pan.png Item icon Saxxy.png Conscientious Objector Freedom Staff Bat Outta Hell Ham Shank Necro Smasher Crossing Guard Golden Frying Pan

The Shovel is a strong melee weapon that deals consistent damage. However, since Medieval mode makes many of the Soldier's weapons direct upgrades, you may want to use another weapon instead.


Item icon Equalizer.png

The Equalizer starts weaker than the basic Shovel but becomes more powerful as you take damage. This can be used to kill enemies easily when you are weak. Keep in mind that picking up the small medkits dropped by defeated players will cause you to deal less damage.

Pain Train

Item icon Pain Train.png

Since there are almost no bullets in Medieval mode, the Pain Train is generally a direct upgrade to the Shovel. Use it to help capture the points on offense, and switch to another weapon when on defense, as it provides no defensive benefit.

Be aware of Demomen with shields, Medics using the Crusader's Crossbow, and Snipers using the Huntsman as their damage type is considered bullet damage.



Since you are generally bound to your melee weapon anyway, the Half-Zatoichi is much easier to use and can also be seen as almost being a direct upgrade to the Shovel. It has about a 37% longer range than typical Melee weapons but lacks the ability to deal random crits. The healing it provides can allow you to continue fighting for long periods of time, especially in crowds. This can also be useful in building up Banner charges. Remember, however, that enemy Soldiers or Demomen also wielding the Half-Zatoichi can kill you in one hit and vice versa; keep this in mind: cover up your weakness and simultaneously use it to your advantage to plan your attacks wisely.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary Action Item icon Festivized Disciplinary Action.png

The Disciplinary Action allows you to speed up slower classes like Heavies, Demomen, and other Soldiers but makes you deal less damage, making the Soldier even more support-based. Avoid the front lines of combat if you intend to use this weapon and use the greatly increased melee range to your advantage if forced into combat.

Market Gardener

Market Gardener

Since the only way to be able to crit is to be hit by an Ullapool Caber by an enemy, this weapon is a downgrade from the Shovel, as the Market Gardener cannot randomly crit, as well as attacking slower. Disregard this weapon entirely.

Escape Plan

Escape Plan

The Escape Plan will increase your speed as you take damage, but you are marked for death while it is your active weapon. This is a major downside, as it will be your only source of damage in this mode. It is probably better to use a different weapon.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

Since the Pyro loses their Flamethrower, is given no secondary weapons, and has many situational melee weapons, the Pyro is a very difficult class to use in Medieval mode. The Pyro's natural afterburn resistance is rarely usable except against enemy Sharpened Volcano Fragments or flaming arrows. However, the Pyro has a respectable health pool compared to their moderate speed.

Melee weapons

Fire Axe + reskins

Item icon Fire Axe.png Item icon Festivized Fire Axe.png Item icon Saxxy.png Conscientious Objector Frying Pan Lollichop Freedom Staff Bat Outta Hell Ham Shank Necro Smasher Crossing Guard Golden Frying Pan

Without the close-range Flamethrower, the Fire Axe gains more utility. Use it if you lack the Back Scratcher or Sharpened Volcano Fragment.

Axtinguisher + reskins

Item icon Axtinguisher.png Item icon Festive Axtinguisher.png Item icon Postal Pummeler.png

Since you have no way to start fires, the Axtinguisher is a very difficult weapon to use. Unless you pair up with a Pyro using the Sharpened Volcano Fragment or a Sniper setting their arrows on fire, you'll be very ineffective.

Homewrecker + reskins

Item icon Homewrecker.png Item icon Maul.png

Since Engineers cannot build buildings and Spies do not have Sappers in Medieval mode, the Homewrecker becomes a straight downgrade to the Fire Axe, dealing less damage to players. Disregard this weapon entirely.


Item icon Powerjack.png Item icon Festivized Powerjack.png

The increased speed you get for having the Powerjack out can be helpful for general movement or escaping from a fight. Also, kills with the Powerjack will give you a boost in health, which can be useful in prolonged fights. However, since you take 20% more damage, you'll find yourself dying much more quickly. If you use this weapon, attack enemies who are unaware of your presence, and if they discover you before you kill them, retreat.

Back Scratcher

Item icon Back Scratcher.png Festive Back Scratcher

As everyone drops a health pack on death in Medieval mode, this can be a very effective weapon and can be regarded as a direct upgrade to the Fire Axe. Even the small health packs can heal you a great deal, plus the weapon deals more damage. Medic-based healing is severely lessened, so use the health packs more than your Medics.

Sharpened Volcano Fragment

Item icon Sharpened Volcano Fragment.png

Except for lit Huntsman arrows from Snipers, this is the only way to set enemies on fire. The afterburn will make up for the lack of initial damage, so it is mostly a upgrade to the Fire Axe. Pair up with Scouts equipped with the Sun-on-a-Stick or other Pyros with the Axtinguisher or Postal Pummeler to make a deadly combination. This also gives you a method of Spy checking, but be keep a eye on where they’re going because you will have to hit them again if they touch a health pack, which every player drops when they die.

Third Degree

Item icon Third Degree.png

Mediguns are not allowed in Medieval Mode, but the weapon does transfer damage to Medics taunting with the Amputator. The weapon also has no downsides, so use it if you have nothing else.

Neon Annihilator

Item icon Neon Annihilator.png

There are currently no areas of standing water in Medieval Mode maps, making the Neon Annihilator a very difficult weapon to use. Unless you pair up with a Scout using Mad Milk, you'll be very ineffective.

Hot Hand

Item icon Hot Hand.png

The Hot Hand does very low damage per slap but allows you to move faster if you can hit an enemy. The Hot Hand is also the only Pyro weapon in Medieval mode that is capable of taunt-killing, which can be utilized to kill an unaware enemy.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

As the Demoman has many weapons suited for melee-only combat, he is a force to be reckoned with in Medieval mode. In combination with his quite high health, his boots and shields both provide strong utility, maximizing health and having the option to charge for high speed and damage.

Primary weapons

The Grenade Launcher, Loose Cannon, Iron Bomber, and the Loch-n-Load are not allowed.

Ali Baba's Wee Booties + reskins

Ali Baba's Wee Booties Bootlegger

These will give you some, though small, turning control with your charges, give a speed boost, and put your health on par with the Soldier (or will balance it out to normal if you use the Eyelander).

B.A.S.E. Jumper

Item icon B.A.S.E. Jumper.png

Due to Medieval Mode's lack of explosive projectiles, this weapon is more difficult to use than in normal gameplay but can pair with a shield and/or the Ullapool Caber to fly over the battlefield by Trimping off the rocks or charging off the castle ramparts.

Secondary weapons

The Stickybomb Launcher, Scottish Resistance, Quickiebomb Launcher, and Sticky Jumper are not allowed.

Chargin' Targe + reskins

Chargin' Targe Festive Chargin' Targe

This weapon loses its usual advantages of increased fire and explosive damage resistance when compared to the Splendid Screen because such damage only occurs rarely in Medieval mode. It is useful only against other Demomen using the Ullapool Caber, Pyros using the Sharpened Volcano Fragment, and Snipers using the Huntsman and firing ignited arrows. However, it still has the ability to charge to obtain critical damage and to bash enemies, so equip it if you don't have a Splendid Screen or Tide Turner.

Splendid Screen

Splendid Screen

Since there are few ways to deal fire or explosive damage in Medieval Mode, the halved resistances are negligible. The Screen can deal charge impact damage at any range, dealing 70% more damage than the Targe. It also regains charge 50% faster than normal as well. The shield also gains more impact damage when combined with a head-taking melee. Use this in most situations instead of a Chargin' Targe.

Tide Turner

Item icon Tide Turner.png

Like the Splendid Screen, the reduced resistances are of little consequence so use over the Chargin' Targe. This shield offers less raw damage in exchange for the ability to regain charge time and to turn while charging making it good for hunting down multiple spaced out targets. Be careful when charging as damage taken reduces charge time and can only gain Mini-Crits as opposed to full crits.

Melee weapons

Bottle + reskins

Bottle Frying Pan Scottish Handshake Saxxy Conscientious Objector Freedom Staff Bat Outta Hell Ham Shank Necro Smasher Crossing Guard Golden Frying Pan

Each weapon is capable of killing most classes in three hits, unmodified. This can be reduced to a bash and an immediate hit for critical damage with a successful charge. However, since some of the Demoman's weapons become direct upgrades in Medieval Mode, you're better off using one of those instead.

Eyelander + reskins

Eyelander Australium Eyelander Festive Eyelander Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker Nessie's Nine Iron

The Eyelander and its equivalents have a longer melee range and the ability to gain speed and health with each kill, with the downsides of spawning with 25 less health and being unable to score random critical hits. After you get four kills with one of these weapons in one life, you will have 210 health at max (235 with the Ali Baba's Wee Booties). This extra health is useful when fighting several enemies. Additionally, you will gain 15 health with every kill if you are not at maximum healt. These weapons should be used with one of the shields to be able to score critical hits and charge at your enemies.

Pain Train

Pain Train

Since there is no bullet damage except for charges, arrows, and crossbows in Medieval Mode, The Pain Train becomes effectively a direct upgrade from the Bottle. Use your doubled capture rate with your ability to charge (using either of the shields) to beat even Scouts to the point.

Scotsman's Skullcutter

Scotsman's Skullcutter Item icon Festivized Scotsman's Skullcutter.png

The Scotsman's Skullcutter has a longer melee range and deals 20% more damage, at the expense of 15% slower movement speed. It is especially useful with the Targe or the Screen as the speed of the charge will make up for the base speed drop and a critical hit will one-hit any class except a Heavy, which will require two hits. Also, unlike other Demoman's enlarged melee range weapons, it is capable of dealing random critical hits.

Claidheamh Mòr

Claidheamh Mòr Item icon Festivized Claidheamh Mòr.png

The Claidheamh Mòr has a longer melee range and kills recharge the charge meter by 25%. You also charge half a second longer. The downsides are that it cannot produce random critical hits and that the user takes 15% more damage. This weapon is obviously best used with a shield to regain charge. Without a shield, this weapon while not a direct downgrade is risky to use, so use it only with a shield.

Ullapool Caber

Ullapool Caber

On hitting an enemy or a solid part of a map (wall, rock, ground, etc), the Ullapool Caber will explode, dealing damage to all the enemies (as well as you) in the surrounding area. This weapon is best used when charging into a large crowd. It can one-hit kill all classes if it crits. This weapon is especially good for clearing the final point on DeGroot Keep. The Caber does pitiful damage once it has exploded, so return to a supply locker, if you have the chance, to replenish it. Pair it with the Chargin' Targe or the Splendid Screen to negate some of the explosive damage or for a quick getaway.



Since the Demoman has no other weapons to switch to and the fact that you are bound to your melee anyway, the Half-Zatoichi can be seen as a direct upgrade to the Bottle. Coupling it with a shield can allow you to pull off quick kills to restore your health and continue fighting for a long time. However, remember that enemy Soldiers or Demomen also wielding the Half-Zatoichi can still kill you in one hit and vice versa.

Persian Persuader

Persian Persuader Item icon Festivized Persian Persuader.png

The Persian Persuader cuts the recharge time for either shield in half and allows you to pick up ammo packs for charge recharge instead of refilled ammo. The loss of 80% of your max secondary and primary ammo is negated because of the lack of Demo's primary and secondary weapons. The only real downside is no random critical hits. Using it with a shield can help combat this since your more frequent charges allow you to use the crits that the shields offer more often.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

Due to the loss of the Minigun and his slow movement speed, it can be difficult to use the Heavy effectively in Medieval mode. However, his large health pool, especially when combined with the use of his lunchbox items, means that he can be involved in prolonged fights.

Secondary Weapons

The Shotgun, Panic Attack, and the Family Business aren't allowed.

Sandvich + reskins

SandvichRobo-SandvichFestive Sandvich

The Sandvich is useful for patching yourself up in between fights. However, you are helpless during its long consumption time. A thrown Sandvich can also be used to help keep teammates healthy, giving them the equivalent of a medium health pack.

Dalokohs Bar + reskins

Dalokohs Bar Fishcake

The Dalokohs Bar cannot heal you as quickly as the Sandvich and when dropped for allies only produces a small health kit. However, because it has less cooldown, you can eat it at any time to heal minor wounds and continuously keep your increased maximum health. The Dalokohs Bar can be beneficial if your team lacks a Medic but does have a constant source of healing from dropped medkits. The Dalokohs Bar currently is the only way to overheal yourself in Medieval mode, allowing you to survive and stay in the fight longer.

Buffalo Steak Sandvich

Buffalo Steak Sandvich

The Buffalo Steak Sandvich can be useful in Medieval mode since it increases the Heavy's speed and deals out Mini-Crits; the usual disadvantage of being locked into melee mode is obviously not a concern. However, try to feint and dodge enemy attacks as their attacks will deal extra damage to you. It can still be thrown onto the ground to heal injured teammates.

Second Banana

Second Banana

The Second Banana may not increase your maximum health, but it heals twice as much as the Dalokohs Bar. This allows you to heal your teammates more often, because you won't need to heal yourself as often.

Melee Weapons

Fists + reskins

Fists Saxxy Conscientious Objector Apoco-Fists Frying Pan Freedom Staff Bat Outta Hell Ham Shank Necro Smasher Crossing Guard Golden Frying Pan

Although Fists are a good melee weapon to use, Medieval mode causes other Heavy melee weapons to generally be upgrades. Switching to those may give you a stronger edge in combat.

Killing Gloves of Boxing

Killing Gloves of Boxing

Take out the Killing Gloves of Boxing when you have the enemy in a corner and can easily land your punches. Once you've obtained the critical hit boost, make the best use of it by finding a chain of people to attack. Crits deal out 195 damage so you can one-hit kill most other classes. You will, however, be at a disadvantage in direct combat because of the increased swing times. Try not to rush a group of people before you get your crits.

Gloves of Running Urgently + reskins

Gloves of Running Urgently Festive Gloves of Running Urgently Bread Bite

The increased speed is helpful, but your maximum health drains while the weapon is active. You can make use of this weapon to move at average speed with a temporarily higher health pool. Other than that, it is probably better to use other weapons.

Fists of Steel

Fists of Steel

The Fists of Steel are not a good weapon since most fights in Medieval mode are melee-based and the increased melee vulnerability will mean that you tend to die faster than you otherwise would. Unless, Snipers or Medics are giving you trouble with ranged weaponry, disregard this weapon.

Warrior's Spirit

Warrior's Spirit

The damage increase does aid in killing enemies faster. Since there are frequent sources of healing from the dropped medkits on top of the small heal on kill bonus, the increased damage penalty can be negatable.

Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice

While the Eviction Notice deals as much damage as the Scout's Bat, it attacks faster, meaning that it can be used well with the Buffalo Steak Sandvich, which gives mini-crit damage and even more speed on top of your Eviction Notice speed boost. The health drain, though, means you will be at a massive disadvantage in combat.

Holiday Punch

Holiday Punch

Random critical hits are more common in Medieval mode, activating this weapon's ability more often. Get behind the enemy team to disable them with laugh-inducing hits. Just remember that critical hits with this weapon deal no damage.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

The Engineer loses his main ability in Medieval mode - the ability to make buildings. Additionally, he has no non-melee equipment that functions in Medieval mode. This, combined with his relatively low health and average speed, gives him little to offer anyone, save those seeking to challenge themselves.

Melee Weapons

Wrench + reskins

Wrench Golden Wrench Saxxy Festive Wrench Botkiller Wrench Gold Botkiller Wrench Necro Smasher Golden Frying Pan

The Wrench can deal out a strong and consistent amount of damage. However, you have less health than other attacking classes while dealing the same damage. Consider using a different weapon.



The additional health the Gunslinger grants makes you a viable attacking force and the automatic crit you receive after hitting an enemy 3 times can be very useful in prolonged fights. Also, you don't need to punch only one enemy to get a critical hit, so it can be considered a good weapon for fighting groups of enemies.

Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality

The bleed effect of the Southern Hospitality can be useful in a one-on-one fight and help to track down Cloaked Spies. Try to avoid Pyros wielding the Sharpened Volcano Fragment and flaming Huntsman arrows, as this weapon has a 20% fire damage vulnerability. However, since there are no other ways for fire damage to be dealt, the fire vulnerability is almost negligible and can be seen almost as a straight upgrade to the Wrench.


Jag Festive Jag

The Jag has a faster swing speed but lower damage to compensate. A critical hit can still kill all low health classes in one hit so is suited for a hit and run approach.

Eureka Effect

Eureka Effect

In Medieval mode, this weapon is a straight upgrade. Return to spawn when you are low on health to dodge long respawn times and keep the fight going.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

The Medic, despite his lack of a Medi Gun, can still be an effective combatant and healer in Medieval mode. He is one of two classes who can use primary ranged weapons, the other being Sniper. Make use of the Crusader's Crossbow for healing teammates, as it is one of two Medic weapons that can heal teammates. The Medic has rather fast movement speed, moderate health, and can self-regenerate health, which together make him a valuable support class at both defense and offense.

Primary Weapons

The Syringe Gun, Blutsauger, and Overdose are not allowed.

Crusader's Crossbow

Crusader's Crossbow Festive Crusader's Crossbow

The Crossbow is one of the Medic's only two options in terms of healing and is also the only primary available. Use it if you have it. It can inflict up to 75 damage with a normal hit and can heal friendly players for up to 150 health.

Melee Weapons

Bonesaw + reskins

Bonesaw Festive Bonesaw Saxxy Conscientious Objector Frying Pan Freedom Staff Bat Outta Hell Ham Shank Necro Smasher Crossing Guard Golden Frying Pan

Each weapon can kill most classes in three or four hits. If you are using one of these weapons with the Crossbow, use the Crossbow instead, as it can both heal teammates and hurt enemies. Use the melee if you are forced into a close-combat situation, however, as it will do more damage than the Crossbow can at short range.


Übersaw Festive Übersaw

The Ubersaw is fairly ineffective compared to the Bonesaw in Medieval mode because you are unable to use your ÜberCharge and the weapon swings slower. Unless you plan to use the taunt kill, disregard this weapon.



The Vita-Saw is a direct downgrade from the Bonesaw in Medieval mode because you are unable to build up an ÜberCharge and you spawn with 10 less health. Unlike the Ubersaw, however, you cannot taunt kill. Thus, disregard this weapon entirely.


Amputator Festivized Amputator

The Amputator is no longer a direct upgrade from the Bonesaw but still preferable. It deals less damage, but health recovers quicker when it is equipped and when you taunt it will heal all nearby teammates, at the cost of leaving you vulnerable for just over four seconds. Use this, instead of the Crusader's Crossbow to heal many teammates at once.

Solemn Vow

Solemn Vow

The Solemn Vow allows you to enter combat more intelligently, as you can gauge how much health enemy players have at the cost of a slower swing rate. Using this with the Crossbow enables you to select targets that have less health to go for, for a more likely kill.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

Since the Sniper retains one of his Primary Weapons, which happens to be a ranged weapon, he can still be considered a good class to play in Medieval Mode. He has low health but possesses a lot of options for both ranged offense and self-defense.

Primary Weapons

The Sniper Rifle, Sydney Sleeper, Bazaar Bargain, Machina, Hitman's Heatmaker, and AWPer Hand are not allowed.

Huntsman + reskins

Huntsman Fortified Compound Festive Huntsman

As the only primary weapon the Sniper has, equip it if you have it. It is capable of dealing lethal force with a single shot if aimed accurately. Additionally, use the various torches located throughout the map to light your arrows on fire to ignite enemies on hit.

Secondary Weapons

The Submachine Gun, Cleaners Carbine, and Jarate are not allowed.



The Razorback is a decent choice, but it is only useful if the enemy team has a lot of Spies. The -100% overheal is useless because of the lack of Medi-Guns. Use the Razorback if the enemy team has Spies running around or if you don't have the Cozy Camper.

Darwin's Danger Shield

Darwin's Danger Shield

The Darwin's Danger Shield's only upside is that it negates afterburn and less direct fire resistance. Since Sharpened Volcano Fragment Pyros are uncommon, use this only if enemy Huntsman Snipers are making use of flaming arrows.

Cozy Camper

Cozy Camper

The health regeneration is a bonus in this mode as there are few sources of healing when not able to pick up dropped health packs. The Cozy Camper will allow you to steady your aim while bleeding and/or on fire. Be prepared to retreat to cover and heal if using this as the heal rate increases if left undamaged.

Melee Weapons

Kukri + reskins

Kukri Festive Kukri Saxxy Conscientious Objector Frying Pan Freedom Staff Bat Outta Hell Ham Shank Necro Smasher Crossing Guard Golden Frying Pan

The Kukri is your run-of-the-mill stock weapon that deals moderate damage and has a moderate fire rate. It is also preferable over the other 3 Sniper melee weapons because of the disadvantages present by the non-Stock weapons.

Tribalman's Shiv

Tribalman's Shiv

The Tribalman's Shiv initially does 50% less damage, however, it causes enemies to bleed for 6 seconds. After the bleed effect, the weapon finishes at around 80 damage. However, this leaves the target time to heal himself. Use this where there are few medkits nearby. The Shiv can be used for Spy checking, as Cloaked Spies are noticeable if they are bleeding.



This weapon dealing crits when it would normally mini-crit is more useful than the Kukri in several situations, such as someone being marked for death. However, without a way to create mini-crits yourself, it's not as useful as it would be with Jarate. The 20% damage vulnerability makes it a poor choice for joining the fray, making it a weapon that relies on team strategy.


Shahanshah Festivized Shahanshah

The Shahanshah increases your damage by 25% when you are lower than 50% of your max health, but decreases it by 25% when you have more than 50% of your health. If you are planning on melee fighting only, do not use this weapon. The damage increase for low health isn't usually worth less damage at high health.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

Despite the lack of Engineer buildings in Medieval mode, which the Spy is a natural counter against in non-Medieval modes, the Spy still retains his abilities to backstab, Cloak, and disguise. However, loss of the Revolver means that damage output can be very low if you are finding that your backstabs aren't landing.

Melee Weapons

Knife + reskins

Item icon Knife.png Item icon Saxxy.png Item icon Black Rose.png Item icon Sharp Dresser.png Item icon Festive Knife.png Item icon Botkiller Knife.png Item icon Gold Botkiller Knife.png Golden Frying Pan

The Knife deals pitiful damage in one-to-one combat. It is highly advised that you stay away from fighting unless necessary and stick to backstabbing enemies only.

Your Eternal Reward + reskins

Item icon Your Eternal Reward.pngItem icon Wanga Prick.png

This weapon has become a direct downgrade to the Knife. While the disguise-on-kill attribute combined with the Silent Killer ability can be very beneficial, the 33% increase in Cloak consumption and the fact that Disguises require a full cloak meter means you are vulnerable without frequent kills. Avoid if using the Dead Ringer.

Conniver's Kunai

Item icon Conniver's Kunai.png

The Conniver's Kunai's health reduction makes you very weak. Unless you are under the effects of its overheal, one melee swing from most classes is enough to severely wear down your health. Play aggressively and try to land continuous backstabs to maintain your health and eliminate any negative status effects such as afterburn or bleeding. Using the Dead Ringer in conjunction with the Conniver's Kunai will allow you to quickly navigate behind enemy lines without dying quickly.

Big Earner

Item icon Big Earner.png

The Big Earner's health reduction does not make you as weak as the Conniver's Kunai, but the 25 health penalty can be a breaker in one-to-one combat. Play aggressively and get multiple kills to rapidly charge your Cloak for an escape, aided by the on death speed boost.


Item icon Spy-cicle.png Item icon Festivized Spy-cicle.png

In Medieval mode, this weapon recharges instantly, granting immunity to being ignited. Use this if the enemy has many Sharpened Volcano Fragment-using Pyros or Huntsman Snipers, as it'll negate the afterburn aspect of the weapons. The only real disadvantage is that backstabs with the Spy-cicle create ice statues, alerting the enemy of your presence.


Disguise Kit

Item icon Disguise Kit.png

Many of the basic strategies for the Disguise Kit hold in Medieval Mode. Try to act out what that class would be doing. However, pay attention to what weapon your disguise is holding. If your disguise is holding a weapon that cannot be used in Medieval Mode, that gives the enemy team an obvious sign that you are a Spy. Press your "Use Last Disguise" key to change your weapon to melee.


Invisibility Watch + reskins

Item icon Invisibility Watch.png Item icon Enthusiast's Timepiece.png Item icon Quackenbirdt.png

As Medieval Mode maps are generally small, you won't need to cover a very large distance, which is where the Invisibility Watch excels. However, with few places to refill your cloak, you'll find it hard to recharge yourself. Equip another watch to give yourself more versatility. However, if you consider equipping the Big Earner, cloak recharge can get somewhat easier.

Cloak and Dagger

Item icon Cloak and Dagger.png

Since Medieval maps have few, if any, places to refill ammo (except for dropped ammo packs), this is a good weapon to use for Medieval mode. Sneak behind groups of people and then land backstabbing sprees.

Dead Ringer

Item icon Dead Ringer.png

The Dead Ringer is a good option if you want to have a good plan for escape. The bonus damage resistance when feigning death can be helpful when retreating. However, the loss of a cloak means you have to rely on disguises. Use it with the weapons that reduce your health to survive in places of intense fighting.

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