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Honorable Hand-to-Hand Combat.

This article is about Community Medieval Mode strategy.

As only certain weapons are allowed in Medieval Mode, class balance is drastically altered from normal gameplay.

General strategy

Available multi-class items
Conscientious ObjectorFrying PanSaxxyFreedom StaffBat Outta HellHam ShankNecro SmasherCrossing Guard Prinny Machete
  • Equip as many weapon slots as possible when choosing a class. This can give a crucial advantage over enemies.
  • By default, melee weapons have a 15% chance to deal random crits as opposed to the 2% chance of ranged weapons. All stock melee weapons have a base damage of 65, other than the Scout's stock melees which have a base damage of 35. Critical hits on melees deal triple damage, so melee weapons which typically deal 65 instead deal 195 damage and will kill most classes in one hit. Notable exceptions include: Soldiers, Heavies, Demomen wearing the Ali Baba's Wee Booties or the Bootlegger, wielding the Eyelander or one of its variants and carrying four or more heads, or using both and carrying two or more heads and Spies using the Dead Ringer or the Conniver's Kunai soon after backstabbing an enemy. Most enemies will still die in a single hit, so consider that before choosing a weapon that cannot deal random critical hits.
    • Attack with your melee weapon wisely. There is a set delay until you can swing again. Try to attack your enemies between their swings or outside of their range. Learn to recognize your critical swing animations for a clean kill.
    • To be most effective with your melee weapon, keep environment in mind. Using feints and other distractions can cause your opponent to lose focus and take fall damage, or create openings for your team mates to attack from behind.
    • When participating in an all-out brawl in close quarters be aware that hitboxes will mesh together. Thus when hitting an opponent in the midst of your team mates, some hits may not register to avoid friendly fire. Simply take a step back and approach from a different angle. Be cautious of this when you and your team mates have an enemy cornered or surrounded.
    • The console command "tf_medieval_thirdperson 1" can be used to aid in melee weapon aiming, but will hinder in aiming ranged weaponry.
  • If the auto-translate feature hinders in communication, placing a ! or a / before anything you say in chat will stop it.
    • Additionally, using the "say" command in the console before typing in chat will also negate it.
  • Overtime in Medieval Mode will only engage after time runs out if any of the points are partially capped or if the final point still has time left on the clock.
  • Last, in Medieval Mode, teamwork takes on a different role. Your team mates may not be able to reach you in time, meaning you must be able to fend for yourself. However, teamwork such as healing others, extinguishing fire, or simply watching each others' backs is essential to succeeding in this game mode.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

Basic Strategy

  • You lack any of your primary weapons. You must rely more on your other weapons, your speed, and double-jumping ability to survive.
  • Use your drinks to get through and clear out points.
  • Your melee weapons deal less damage than other classes but it is compensated by a faster firing speed. Use your speed to your advantage and circle-strafe to get as many hits as possible while taking as few as possible yourself.
  • Your double capping ability and mobility will aid in getting to and capturing points.

Weapon specific

Secondary weapons

Bonk! Atomic Punch Bonk! Atomic Punch

  • Drinking this makes you invulnerable for 8 seconds, but the user cannot attack while active. Since Sentry Guns are absent in this mode, this weapon can be used effectively as a distraction or as an escape. Due to the invulnerability, you can leap over enemies in congested points and attack those unaware or distracted from behind with your melee weapon.
    • Using the Grand Slam taunt while invulnerable is also surprisingly effective on congested points. However, be sure to be invulnerable while the taunt completes lest you be killed quickly.

Crit-a-Cola Crit-a-Cola

  • Drinking this allows you to deal mini-crits with your melee weapon for 8 seconds. However, you will also take mini-crit damage from enemies for the same duration. Due to a lack of reliable healing in this mode, this is a high-risk-high-reward strategy. Be sure to use this only if you are sure to finish off enemies and receive their health packs. Use this in conjunction with a friendly Soldier's Battalion's Backup to negate its negative effects.

Flying Guillotine Flying Guillotine

  • The weapon allows you to inflict bleed damage against enemies, similar to the Wrap Assassin's bauble. As with all projectile weaponry, remember to lead your targets.
    • The Flying Guillotine recharges significantly faster than your ball. Use this as a preemptive strike.
  • The Flying Guillotine is one of the few reliable, effective ranged weapons in the mode. Equipping it allows you to be effective from a distance at which only Medics and Snipers can retaliate.

Mad Milk Mutated Milk Mad Milk/Mutated Milk

  • Enemies doused in Mad Milk will award health to attacking players for 10 seconds. This helps to support the user and their allies during brutal assaults. Throw this on highly contested points to aid in your and your teammates' survivability.
    • Mad Milk is also very effective for Spy checking as Pyros lack an effective fire weapon and Jarate is not allowed. Use this when you suspect a Spy is in the area to short out their Cloak.
    • Fire can whittle away precious health points in a short period of time. Use Mad Milk to quickly extinguish fires on yourself or on your teammates.
    • Pair up with a Pyro wielding the Neon Annihilator by soaking enemies on control points and allowing the critical hits to finish them off.
Melee Weapons

Atomizer Atomizer

  • This weapon deals lower damage to players, but gives you the ability to triple jump.
    • The triple jump can be used to reach a couple of places you normally can't reach. One major example is that it allows you to get over the castle wall before the gate opens.
    • The triple jump also allows you to be incredibly evasive.
  • The decreased damage means you will have to rely on your increased mobility or a critical hit to finish off an opponent.
    • You do get Mini-Crits whilst in the air, which does 5 more damage than the stock Bat's base damage.

Bat Bat

  • This weapon is the default for the Scout. It has no upsides nor downsides compared to other Scout melee weapons. However, it is advised to use the other weapons since most of them perform better than the default Bat does.

Boston Basher Three-Rune Blade Boston Basher/Three-Rune Blade

  • These will deal melee damage and bleeding damage on a successful hit. However, a missed swing can take out half a Scout's health due to the bleedout. Try not to miss; swing only if you're certain that an enemy will be hit. Try to hit as many enemies as possible.
    • Use this in conjunction with a friendly Soldier's Buff Banner to dish out extra bleed damage.
    • This weapon is also useful for Spy checking; keep a sharp eye out for bleeding struck "allies".

Candy Cane Candy Cane

  • This weapon will drop two small medkits on a successful kill in Medieval Mode. The only downside is the vulnerability to explosive damage which, in Medieval Mode, is limited to the Ullapool Caber and the Soldier's Grenade taunt. A hit from both would kill without the Candy Cane equipped, so it is considered a direct upgrade to the Bat.

Fan O'War Fan O'War

  • This weapon deals substantially less damage than any other melee weapon in the game. However, an enemy that is marked for death will receive all damage as mini-crits. You can only mark one enemy at a time, but it will be very unlikely to kill an enemy by yourself. Use this to mark an enemy in congested areas so your teammates can easily take him down.
    • A Sniper with the Bushwacka can easily finish off tagged targets.
    • Consider equipping the Flying Guillotine to conserve some effective offensive capabilities.

Holy Mackerel Unarmed Combat Holy Mackerel/Unarmed Combat

  • The attributes are the same as the default Bat. However, the lack of a "FISH KILL!" or "ARM KILL!" in the kill feed can tell if a Spy is using the Dead Ringer.

Sandman Sandman

  • This grants the ability to throw a baseball that will slow an enemy on a successful hit. However, you will have a lower health of 110. Always have the ball ready to shoot to aid in escapes or attacks. Remember, the farther away from the target you are, the more slowdown you will cause to the enemy you hit with the ball. Lead targets to ensure a hit. If you miss, you must wait 10 seconds, chase the ball down, or visit a resupply locker to gain another ball. Use the ball on congested areas to increase you or your team's chances of hitting a lone target.
    • If you hit an enemy with the ball at close range, you will still damage them but they will not be slowed.
    • The ball can also slow Demomen while they are charging.
    • You can slow enemy Spies trying to jump over teammates for a stair-stab.
    • Struck targets are slowed down, but they will still be able to attack.

Sun-on-a-Stick Sun-on-a-Stick

  • This weapon has a lower damage output under normal circumstances, but deals critical damage against burning targets and resists fire damage when active. Work together with a Pyro or Sniper for the best results. In Medieval Mode, enemies can only be set on fire by a Sniper's flaming Huntsman arrow or a Pyro's Sharpened Volcano Fragment, so it's best to use it to capitalize on friendly fire-users or counter enemy ones.

Wrap Assassin Wrap Assassin

  • Similar to the Sandman, except this weapon shoots an ornament that bleeds upon contact with an enemy. However, the melee damage is significantly less than the standard Bat. Throw the bauble in congested areas to take advantage of the small splash damage and try to attack enemies on low health to inflict the most damage. Similarly to the Sandman, make sure to lead targets, else you'll have to wait 7.5 seconds, or visit a resupply locker to get another. Use this with Crit-a-Cola to deal deceptively high bleed damage.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

Basic strategy

  • You do not have any of your powerful Rocket Launchers and cannot rocket jump to quickly move around. Your slow speed will also hamper maneuvering around enemies. Thus the Soldier is far more of a support class in Medieval Mode.
  • Your high health pool will enable you to sustain and deliver more damage than most other classes.
  • Use your banners to aid or repel a push in the absence of ÜberCharges.

Weapon specific

Secondary Weapons

Battalion's Backup Battalion's Backup

  • This weapon is helpful when defending congested points for reduced overall damage from enemies, or when a crit boosted enemy is about to charge in, in addition to the extra 20 health (bringing it up to 220) making it easier to survive. If an enemy Soldier is using a Buff Banner, you may want to wait until he sounds his bugle, and then sound your own to cancel it out.

Buff Banner Buff Banner

  • This weapon is extremely helpful when attacking congested points. The increased melee damage will put a considerable dent in their personnel defenses. Consider buffing friendly Snipers, especially if they can hit enemies with flaming arrows, as the afterburn will mini-crit as long as the Snipers are buffed. Buffing a friendly Pyro wielding the Sharpened Volcano Fragment will do the same. Buffing a friendly Medic with the Crusader's Crossbow will result in the same mini-crit damage being applied to the arrows. Bleeding is also affected by this, so coordination with your team is key especially considering this banner has no passive effects.

Concheror Concheror

  • This weapon works well on either Offense or Defense, as teammates will constantly be attacking the enemy. The healing they get from attacking will greatly increase their chances of survivability, while the speed boost is useful for getting a whole battalion to a contested point quickly. The Soldier himself can also use it to passively recover health making it a good option to cover retreats.

Note on Banners: The Rage meter fills by dealing damage. Though you have a high pool of health, you will likely come off damaged in a fight. You must have a source of healing to deal extensive damage. After all, you must be alive to sound the bugle. The halo effect surrounding your teammates' feet can be used for Spy checking, as enemy Spies will not receive the halo effect.

Mantreads Mantreads

  • This weapon has seen limited use for users jumping off of walls on onto enemy players to deal fall damage. This can be useful for players jumping onto congested points.

Gunboats Gunboats

  • Pictogram minus.png  The absence of Rocket Launchers of any kind makes these boots useless, as they do not prevent any other explosive damage.

B.A.S.E. Jumper B.A.S.E. Jumper

  • The B.A.S.E Jumper has very little purpose as you are unable to rocket jump. You can still use it to prevent taking fall damage as you jump off the castle.
  • It can be used from high ground, such as castle battlements, to cover more distance and maneuver around opponents.
Melee Weapons

Disciplinary Action Disciplinary Action

  • When you hit an ally with this weapon, both of you gain a short speed boost, greatly increasing your movement speed which is otherwise the second slowest in the game. This weapon also has a significantly larger melee range (70% longer) allowing you to play more defensively and punish fleeing enemies. However, its 25% lower damage is a liability when fighting enemies with high health such as Heavies, Demoknights, or enemy Soldiers. Use the speed boost from hitting a teammate and the whip's extended melee range to avoid getting hit by enemies. This weapon pairs very well with the Concheror, which further increases the Soldier's survivability by providing passive regen.

Escape Plan Escape Plan

  • Using this weapon is risky. Although you gain a speed boost while it is out, you are also marked for death, allowing enemies to kill you easily. Switch to a banner weapon when moving between areas, and strafe or kite your foes to bring them down. Try using the Battalion's Backup, or partner with another Soldier using one, to negate the effects.
  • It's important to remember that you can call for a Medic but his Medicating Melody taunt with the Amputator and his Crusader's Crossbow arrows will only heal you at a drastically reduced rate if you have the weapon out. Switch to a Banner to allow him to heal you.
  • Similarly to the Equalizer, you can use the Grenade taunt to create explosive damage in a suicidal way. However, with the Escape Plan, you may be more vulnerable before the animation finishes.

Equalizer Equalizer

  • This can be used if you can maneuver yourself well and avoid attacks. The extra damage gained as you become injured will allow you to take on more opponents Rambo-style provided you don't receive additional damage.
    • As with the Escape Plan, you can call for a Medic however he can only heal you at a drastically reduced rate in any way with this weapon out. Switch to a Banner to counteract this.
    • Using a Banner and the Equalizer, try to dish out or take small amounts of damage to build up your rage meter. Do this in presence of allies since the Equalizer only increases damage and not speed when at low health.
  • It is worth noting that the Equalizer's Grenade taunt is one of the few ways to cause explosive damage in Medieval Mode; it is suicidal, but try using it to catch enemies coming around corners or clearing congested points.

Half-Zatoichi Half-Zatoichi

  • This weapon doles out consistent damage over a long range and will heal 100 damage (110 if equipped with Battalion's Back-up) on a successful kill which flows into overheal. You are not likely to need to switch to your banner before you achieve at least one kill. Keep in mind, however, that an enemy Soldier or Demoman wielding the Half-Zatoichi can kill you in one hit, and vice versa.
    • The one-hit kill ability deals immense damage, and will charge whatever banner you are using almost all the way, so consider using this weapon if there are many enemy Demomen using it for the easy banner. However, keep in mind that due to your reduced speed, you are at a disadvantage in a one on one fight, so try to ambush him or attack while he is fighting your teammates.
    • As a sword it has longer melee range but a slower switch time. This downside can hinder the use of banners if not careful.
    • Remember, the Demoman can use the Half-Zatoichi too, switch to a Demoman with this weapon for a more offensive approach. Don't forget the Demoman is faster than the Soldier and has some of the best melee weapons in the game. The Soldier with the Half-Zatoichi is more suited for a defensive approach when combined with a banner of his choice.
  • Take advantage of the healing to keep you alive for longer. You can combine it with the Concheror for a healthy build.

Market Gardener Market Gardener

  • Pictogram minus.png  The absence of Rocket Launchers, and therefore rocket jumping, makes the Market Gardener a poor choice, as you will be left with a slower-firing melee weapon. It will deal critical hits if you are launched airborne by an enemy Demoman wielding the Ullapool Caber, but there is no other way to activate its ability.

Pain Train Pain Train

  • This weapon is a good choice on offense due to the increased capture rate. Although there are no bullets, Crusader's Crossbow bolts and Huntsman arrows count as bullet damage and should be taken into account.

Shovel Shovel

  • This weapon is good for dealing consistent damage at all health levels, in addition to lacking any conditional disadvantages.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

Basic strategy
  • The Pyro has the highest speed-health ratio of any class, so is a good choice for direct combat. However, with only a melee weapon, the Pyro lacks the adaptability of other classes.
  • With the loss of your Flamethrowers, you are unable to Spy check effectively, set people on fire with regularity, or use the compression blast to extinguish teammates and push enemies away.
  • As with playing Pyro in general, you are best suited towards ambushing and catching people off guard to be effective.
  • You have an innate resistance to afterburn from the Sharpened Volcano Fragment and flaming Huntsman arrows. However, this does not protect you from the raw damage that they cause.

Weapon specific

Melee Weapons

Axtinguisher Postal Pummeler Axtinguisher/Postal Pummeler

  • The use of these weapons is limited due to it inability to deal random critical hits, weakened melee damage, and due to fire only being present in the form of a flaming Huntsman arrow or the Sharpened Volcano Fragment. If there is already another Pyro on your team wielding the Fragment, you can follow them with one of these weapons to make for a deadly combination. The downside of slower switch to speed is negligible as Pyro has no Primary or Secondary weapons usable in Medieval mode.

Back Scratcher Back Scratcher

  • This weapon generally reigns superior as a Pyro weapon for Medieval Mode, due to the increased melee damage, increased healing from medkits, and the fact that everyone drops a medkit upon death. This weapon will, however, diminish the Medic's healing from the Crusader's Crossbow and the Medicating Melody taunt of the Amputator.

Fire Axe Lollichop Fire Axe/Lollichop

  • These weapons will provide consistent damage with no downsides. However, the Third Degree is a direct upgrade to them and is preferable.

Homewrecker Maul Homewrecker/Maul

  • Pictogram minus.png  The absence of buildings makes these weapons a poor choice due to the decreased melee damage.

Neon Annihilator Neon Annihilator

  • Since there are no areas of water currently in any Medieval Mode map, there are few ways to activate its effect. The 20% less damage the weapon deals can be a major hindrance, especially against non-soaked enemies. It does, however, fully crit players covered in liquids. Team up with a Scout throwing Mad Milk in areas full of enemies to thoroughly punish soaked players.

Powerjack Powerjack

  • This weapon provides a 15% speed boost, enabling the Pyro to outrun all classes except the Scout. It also provides 25 health upon a kill, partially making up for the 20% damage vulnerability.
  • Use the speed boost to strafe and/or kite foes and avoid retaliation. If needed, use it to escape from battle, heal, and then jump back in.

Sharpened Volcano Fragment Sharpened Volcano Fragment

  • This weapon is strongly recommended for its ability to set enemies aflame, thereby causing damage over time and is a useful tool for Spy checking. However the decreased melee damage and the general prevalence of fire-resistant shields such as the Chargin' Targe or Splendid Screen means that this is more of a hit-and-run tactic. Pair up with another Pyro wielding the Axtinguisher or Postal Pummeler or a Soldier with an active Buff Banner to make an effective and deadly combination.

Third Degree Third Degree

  • This weapon is used best when you see a Medic doing a Medicating Melody taunt with the Amputator. If any player being healed by the Medic is hit with a Third Degree, all damage will be transferred to the Medic and any other healing players for the duration of the taunt.

Hot Hand Hot Hand

  • It's advisable to use lots of "fake-outs" or "jukes" (feigning moving in one direction, then moving in another often involving strafing) to get your enemies to miss their shots and make the most of the speed boost the Hot Hand provides.
  • This is the only melee for Pyro that can taunt kill, making it perfect for medieval mode taunt killing wherever taunt kills are scarce.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

Basic strategy

  • Without his explosive weaponry, the Demoman can no longer fill his role as a demolitions expert. However, due to the large array of weapons that are still available to him and access to all of his weapon slots, the Demoman is arguably the most effective class in Medieval Mode.
  • Use the charge granted by the shields to speed through to objectives and avoid obstacles.
  • At the right angle, a shield charge up the "DeGroot Keep" center rock from the attacking side can send you flying to the defending teams battlements. Use this strategy on offence to attack Snipers with The Huntsman and other Mercs on the battlement, or use the strategy on defense to quickly return to the safety of the Keep.
    • Keep in mind, this strategy is only made fully possible with certain weapons. Due to the decrease in speed, with The Scotsman's Skullcutter equipped, the player is unable to make the full distance, yet the tactic is still effective for crossing the long distance in a small amount of time.
  • Since most of your weapons have longer ranges, you can keep people at bay without suffering much melee damage yourself.

Weapon specific

Primary Weapons

Ali Baba's Wee Booties Bootlegger Ali Baba's Wee Booties/Bootlegger

  • If you have these weapons, you should equip them. The extra health and charge turning control (assuming you have a shield equipped) will assist in taking down enemies. You also move slightly faster if you equip a shield, allowing you to chase enemies easier even without your charge.

B.A.S.E. Jumper B.A.S.E. Jumper

  • If you are using the Ullapool Caber, consider using this weapon instead of boots. The Caber deals a lot of damage to you and sends you high into the air, so preventing yourself from taking fall damage when you land can aid your escape.

Secondary Weapons

Chargin' Targe Chargin' Targe

  • This weapon has better passive defensive bonuses against fire and explosions along with afterburn immunity, making it a better choice when facing fire arrow Snipers, Sharpened Volcano Fragment Pyros, and Ullapool Caber Demomen. That said, all these threats are rare and generally not worth giving up the bonuses of other shields.

Splendid Screen Splendid Screen

  • This weapon has more offensive power, with a shield bash that can severely damage or kill weaker enemies. It also lets you charge more often, allowing more room for error than the other shields.
  • The lesser damage reduction compared to the Chargin' Targe won't matter much, as fire and explosions are nearly irrelevant in this mode.

Tide Turner Tide Turner

  • While the above shields are focused on defense and offense, this one is focused on speed and maneuverability. It allows full turning control while charging and gives charge on kill; however, it can only cause Mini-Crits, so it deals less damage than the other shields. Pair it with the Claidheamh Mòr or Ali Baba's Wee Booties to gain full charge on a kill.
  • The lesser damage reduction compared to the Chargin' Targe won't matter much, as fire and explosions are nearly irrelevant in this mode.
  • Ali Baba's Wee Booties already grant increased turning control, which doesn't stack with the Tide Turner's increase. This means the other shields will generally be able to offer other benefits while retaining (admittedly lesser versions of) the Tide Turner's abilities.

Note on shields: Demomen can use the rocks and other features of scenery to quickly ramp up over walls and other obstacles. Any weapon that cannot deal random critical hits, such as the Eyelander, will be granted a critical swing near the end of the charge. Use this to your advantage. Additionally, if aimed correctly, you can still pop people into the air with the shield bash, rendering them helpless and with low health: easy prey for your melee weapon.

Melee Weapons

Bottle Scottish Handshake Bottle/Scottish Handshake

  • These are reliable weapons with no drawbacks.

Claidheamh Mòr Claidheamh Mòr

  • This weapon has the advantage of a larger melee range, and a 0.5 second longer charge. A successful charge kill also restores 25% of the Demoman's charge meter. However it increases the Demoman's damage taken, provides no critical hits outside of a charge, and will not collect heads like the Eyelander.
    • Use this in conjunction with the Tide Turner to restore 100% of your shield charge bar.

Eyelander Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker Nessie's Nine Iron Eyelander/Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker/Nessie's Nine Iron

  • These weapons collect heads and have a larger melee range. This is very useful, especially once the Demoman builds his health, overall speed and shield impact damage increase as more heads are collected. However, it cannot randomly crit normally and will reduce the Demoman's initial health.
    • Upon killing an enemy with heads collected, you will receive their heads.
    • When 4 heads are collected, Splendid Screen's charge impact damage followed by a critical swing deal 365 damage together, enough to kill every class instantly, except for a Spy using Dead Ringer or Scout using Bonk! Atomic Punch.

Half-Zatoichi Half-Zatoichi

  • This weapon doles out consistent damage over a long range and will completely heal you 50% of your health on a successful kill which flows into overheal. You also have no other weapons to actively switch. Keep in mind, however, that an enemy Soldier or Demoman wielding the Half-Zatoichi can kill you in one hit, and vice versa.
    • Make sure to equip Bootleggers or Ali Baba's Booties and a shield of your choice, combined all these items will make you difficult to kill.

Pain Train Pain Train

  • This weapon is a good choice on offense due to the increased capture rate. Although there are no bullets, Crusader's Crossbow bolts and Huntsman arrows count as bullet damage and should be taken into account.

Scotsman's Skullcutter Scotsman's Skullcutter

  • This weapon, with its increased damage and ability to crit, can be extremely effective (especially when combined with a charge). Its move speed reduction can be an issue, though. Using the charge to reach the keep by charging off the rock in DeGroot Keep is a lot more difficult with this weapon. Avoid this weapon if you are focusing on speed. It is more effective for defending, rather than attacking.

Persian Persuader Persian Persuader

  • This weapon's charge recharge increase is extremely useful. Since none of the Demoman's available weapons use ammo, it effectively reduces charge downtime via dropped ammo packs or hitting enemies. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it cannot deal any random critical hits, which is easily offset by your frequent charging, making your critical sword swings all the more lethal.

Ullapool Caber Ullapool Caber

  • This is the only weapon capable of causing explosive damage (barring the Soldier's Grenade taunt), and can easily take out a cluster of enemies with a full shield charge. Once exploded, it is effectively useless due to the low damage output. Be wary, as the resultant explosion and fall damage can leave you with very little health. Visit a resupply locker to restore the Caber and your health.
    • Use the Caber and the shield bash to to clear out congested points and kill weaker enemies in a single blow.
    • The blast knockback can be used to jump onto walls, allowing instant use of your shield charge. This will leave you with low health and a less effective melee weapon; use your charge to race back to a resupply locker.
    • Use this in conjunction with the B.A.S.E. Jumper to fly yourself to a safe distance while airborne after having used both the weapon and your shield charge.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

Basic strategy

  • Without your Miniguns you lack a powerful source of damage. But with your high pool of health and your lunchbox items, you can still be a formidable opponent.
  • Your slow speed hinders your ability to chase down opponents. Your large frame prevents you from being ignored. You can be more effective by lying in wait around corners and in hidden alcoves. The element of surprise is your greatest chance of winning a fight.

Weapon specific

Secondary Weapons

As the Shotguns are unusable, always make sure to equip a lunchbox item:

Buffalo Steak Sandvich Buffalo Steak Sandvich

  • This can be used to grant added speed and deal Mini-Crits with your melee weapon of choice; use this to your advantage.
    • Your can drop your Steak to heal your teammates or a Medic who is taunt healing you. Be sure to watch his back.
    • Refill your Steak instantly by walking over one of the many small healthkits that may be lying about from dead allies and enemies alike.
  • Keep in mind that you take 25% more damage while the effect is active. Consider having an allied Soldier use the Battalion's Backup to soften the damage.
  • Paired with the Eviction Notice's high number of attacks per second, and all melee weapon's increased chance of critical hits, the steak can make up for the Eviction Notice's low damage output.

Dalokohs Bar Fishcake Dalokohs Bar/Fishcake

  • These are more useful in Medieval Mode than in conventional gameplay due to Medics being unable to overheal. The added health will enable your survivability in fights. Health pickups will grant slightly more health while your maximum health is increased. You may eat as many as you'd like to heal yourself gradually and you can drop it as a small health kit.
  • Dalokohs Bar has a fast recharge time, allowing you to heal yourself more often.

Sandvich Robo-Sandvich Sandvich/Robo-Sandvich

  • This a great way to heal yourself in the absence of reliable sources of healing. Use it as a pick-me-up after a particularly exhausting battle.
    • Your can drop your Sandvich to heal your teammates or a Medic who is taunt healing you. Be sure to watch his back.
    • Refill your Sandvich instantly by walking over one of the many small healthkits that may be lying about from dead allies and enemies alike.
  • Given that melee battles tend to be frenzied affairs with little time to safely snack and the availability of health packs from players killed, the Sandvich has arguably less utility than the Heavy's other lunch box items.

Second Banana Second Banana

  • The Second Banana recharges quickly, in 11 seconds compared to the Sandvich's 30 seconds, but only heals for 200 health and drops to allies as a small health kit.
  • Take advantage of the low cooldown of the Second Banana to quickly regenerate your own health.

Note on lunch box items: Remember the only way to activate their effects is by standing still and nomming on it. Position yourself against a wall or a protected spot before a battle to avoid having your lunch break interrupted.

Melee Weapons

Fists Apoco-Fists Fists/Apoco-Fists

  • These weapons deal consistent damage with no downsides. As the Heavy, you are slow but possess the highest health of all classes.
    • If there is a group of enemies huddling on a point, you may have a chance to perform the High Noon kill taunt. But use it with caution, or you will be a sitting duck.

Eviction Notice Eviction Notice

  • This weapon allows the Heavy to attack faster than a Scout at the cost of overall damage and draining health. Combine with the Buffalo Steak Sandvich to do 156 base damage in a single second, assuming all hits connect. Use the on-hit speed boost to strafe enemies and avoid their strikes.
  • Like the G.R.U., you can always hold onto your lunchbox item in order to slowly revert some of your drained health.

Fists of Steel Fists of Steel

  • This weapon is detrimental to the Heavy due to vulnerability against melee weapons, which are widely used in this mode. However, it does gives resistance to ranged weapons such as the Huntsman used by the Sniper so you can protect your teammates from projectiles.

Gloves of Running Urgently Bread Bite Gloves of Running Urgently/Bread Bite

  • This weapon will drain your health while active. Use your increased speed to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee". Take a break after a battle with your lunchbox item taking care to watch your back.
  • Holding your lunchbox item slowly reverts your health drain back to normal. Switch to it upon taking a break.

Holiday Punch Holiday Punch

  • This weapon functions similarly to the Fists, with the additional backstab-like mechanic of forcing enemies to laugh. Random critical hits also trigger this effect from any angle. You can finish laughing enemies off with any method of your choosing including the High Noon taunt.
    • Note that eating the Buffalo Steak Sandvich will not cause enemies to laugh with this weapon; it merely provides mini-crits instead of full crits. You can still take advantage of the Buffalo Steak Sandvich to pursue your enemies quicker with the increased movement speed.

Killing Gloves of Boxing Killing Gloves of Boxing

  • This weapon can guarantee crits for 5 seconds after a successful kill. Use this to your advantage in areas with many enemies, such as contested control points. However, due to the lower attack speed you have to make every hit count.
    • When used with the Buffalo Steak Sandvich, use the initial mini-crit buff to get a kill and lead to the K.G.B.'s crit buff; in conjunction with the Steak Sandvich's speed boost, this becomes an extremely deadly and devastating combo.

Warrior's Spirit Warrior's Spirit

  • This weapon is a good choice due to its higher damage output and ability to crit, compensating for the 30% damage vulnerability. Consider using the Dalokohs Bar in conjunction with this weapon to negate the health decrease almost entirely or the Buffalo Steak Sandvich to deal a devastating 114 damage.
  • Remember that killing an enemy drops a health pack in Medieval mode. Take advantage of your extra damage to kill enemies effectively and collect their health packs to keep yourself healthy.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

Basic strategy

  • Without the Shotgun, Pistol, or Buildings, the Engineer's role in Medieval Mode is very limited. Try to avoid taking damage and catch enemies off their guard. Your small stature can be easy to miss.
  • The misconception of the Engineer's high crit rate is due to the fact that he has a Sentry Gun to deal massive amounts of damage. Without it, you have the same chance of dealing out crits as anyone else.
  • With your modest health, be aware of nearby health kits. Keep tabs on where your Medic is, especially if you are using the Southern Hospitality and catch fire. If you are on fire or bleeding or taking mini-crit damage from an enemy Soldier's Buff Banner, see if there is a medkit or friendly Soldier using the Battalion's Backup effect and stay in range.
  • If the Gunslinger, the Southern Hospitality, or the Eureka Effect are not available to you, you may want to consider switching to another class.

Weapon specific

Melee Weapons

Eureka Effect Eureka Effect

  • This weapon has the advantage of teleporting to your spawn to get full health via taunting. Be sure to avoid enemies before you perform the taunt. Since Buildings, and therefore Upgrading and repairing, are absent in this game mode, this weapon is a direct upgrade to the default Wrench.

Gunslinger Gunslinger

  • This weapon gives you a much needed extra 25 health (bringing you up to 150). You receive a guaranteed Crit after three successive punches on enemies.
    • If an enemy is sufficiently distracted, you can finish them off with the Arm Blender. Be aware of other enemies before you do this though.

Jag Jag

  • The absence of buildings makes this weapon a poor choice for aggressive combat due to the reduced damage but the faster swing speed can help get in an extra hit, giving more chances for a strike to Crit.
  • Use a hit and run approach to quickly hit players and run away after striking. You can utilize its advantages against slower classes, such as Soldiers and Heavies, but not Demomen with shields.

Southern Hospitality Southern Hospitality

  • This weapon makes enemies bleed dealing a significant amount of damage over time. This more than compensates for its inability to grant random Critical hits. Be wary of afterburn from flaming arrows or a Pyro's Sharpened Volcano Fragment.
    • This is especially useful for Spy checking in the absence of Pyros.
    • If a friendly Soldier uses a Buff Banner, stay in his range to ensure the bleed effect does additional damage.

Wrench Golden Wrench Festive Wrench Botkiller Wrench Gold Botkiller Wrench Wrench/Golden Wrench/Festive Wrench/Botkiller Wrench/Gold Botkiller Wrench

  • These are not recommended in Medieval Mode: Though you'll have the same speed and do the same damage as a Pyro wielding the Fire Axe, you have significantly less health than other attacking classes.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

Basic strategy
  • Without your Medi Gun you are unable to provide a reliable source of healing. However, your choice of weaponry can allow you to heal teammates provided you use them correctly.
  • Your natural health regeneration, moderate health, Crossbow, and healing abilities can make you a formidable opponent and ally if you know how to pick your fights and help others.
  • Since you have a ranged weapon, you gain a distinct advantage over others who must get within melee range to attack you. You reload faster than the Huntsman, however, try to make every shot count and judge when you should pull out your melee.
    • You can spam arrows at congested points to ensure damage or heal teammates, but do not be afraid to pull out your melee and get in there, especially if your arrows don't hit anything.
  • On congested points, it can be surprisingly effective to slip into the background and taunt heal with the Amputator. Enemies will be unlikely to notice that their opponents are not losing health.
    • On another note: be sure to know when it is better to taunt-heal your teammates versus directly joining into the fray with your weapons. If you are killed, your team will be without another body to attack or defend the point.
  • If you are forced into a close-combat situation, your melee generally will do more damage than the Crossbow can at short range.

Weapon specific

Primary Weapons

Crusader's Crossbow Crusader's Crossbow

  • This weapon is one of the only two ranged weapons allowed in this mode. Use it if you have it. Additionally, it reloads faster than the Huntsman with an inability to deal headshots. As with aiming all projectile weaponry: lead with your arrows; they will arc and take time to get to your enemy and, if the shot is not aimed properly, he may have moved on.
    • Healing teammates at close range will provide an instant 75 health. However, they will not be likely to hold still while fighting as you attempt to heal them. Aim your arrows at them as you would your enemies and try to predict their movements. They will thank you for it later. Dummkopfs.
  • At range your teammates will gain a greater health boost. Damage is also greater at range against enemies.
  • If you see a mass of players, firing bolts at them even at random will almost guarantee a useful hit, either damaging an enemy or healing an ally.
  • Make sure to memorize the ammo placements, as the Crusader's Crossbow is the only weapon that uses ammo aside from the aforementioned Huntsman and the Spy's watches.
  • Keep moving! If you are not able to get behind cover, you are extremely vulnerable to attack while reloading if you are stationary.
  • Unlike the Huntsman you can also jump and shoot in order to aim above a mass of players. This is useful if defenders are in front of a control point and your teammates are on it.
  • If you listen closely, the arrows can be used as a form of Spy-checking. The arrow will produce a noticeably loud thwack upon striking a supposed "ally". There will also be an absence of the team-colored healing cross above the enemy disguised Spy's head.
Melee Weapons

Amputator Amputator

  • This weapon is one of the more superior melee weapons available to the Medic in Medieval Mode. Its taunt, the Medicating Melody, is one of the only sources of healing in this mode. However, when performing the taunt, be sure to be behind cover or against a wall to prevent enemy attacks, headshots, and backstabs. Your teammates should be protecting you, as you are completely vulnerable in this state. And despite the damage penalty, the regeneration bonus compensates more than enough.

Bonesaw Bonesaw

  • This weapon will do consistent damage with no downsides. Take advantage of your higher than normal movement speed to hit players.

Solemn Vow Solemn Vow

  • This weapon will allow you to see enemy players' health, as a Spy can. Use this to your advantage and alert your teammates to help you go in for the kill. The 10% attack penalty is not very significant compared to the Bonesaw.
  • The ability to see enemy players' health can also be used yourself to specifically target weak enemies with your Crusader's Crossbow.

Übersaw Ubersaw

  • Pictogram minus.png  The absence of any kind of ÜberCharge makes this weapon a poor choice due to the reduced swing rate.
    • It is still possible to perform the Uberslice kill taunt, but it will not provide any additional benefit.

Vita-Saw Vita-Saw

  • Pictogram minus.png  The absence of any kind of ÜberCharge makes this weapon a poor choice due to the reduced max health.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

Basic strategy

  • Your main focus does not change as you retain the ability to headshot. Pick off key targets accordingly, but don't be afraid to get into important capture points and fight.
  • Focusing your fire with other Snipers can be extremely effective and can allow for quicker kills.
  • Keep moving! Only expose yourself when needed. You don't want to fall victim to a backstab or a headshot.
  • Know where the ammo boxes are. You only have 12 arrows, make them count.
  • Shield-bearing Demomen are easy targets if they charge towards you, as they will run in a straight line. Use this to your advantage.

Weapon specific

Primary Weapons

Huntsman Fortified Compound Huntsman/Fortified Compound

  • Unlike your usual Sniper Rifle these weapons shoot arrows that travel in arcs. You can also charge your shot to fire arrows faster and in a straight path. In maps such as DeGroot Keep, you can use the torches spread around the map to light up the arrow and and deal afterburn damage. Because they are projectile weapons and the arrows travel in arcs, it's harder to pick a headshot. Timing and precision is key to using these weapons. However, the larger projectile hitboxes, the ability to headshot, and the fact that they are ranged weapons makes them more than a adequate sidearms (provided you actually hit someone with them).
    • Firing flaming arrows within range of a friendly Soldier's Buff Banner will deal additional Mini-Crit damage during the afterburn.
    • Due to the stunning effect of the Arrow Stab taunt, you can immediately immobilize then kill enemies charging towards you. Remember to watch out for other enemies before doing this taunt.
Secondary Weapons

The Sniper's submachine guns and Jarate are not allowed in Medieval Mode, so be sure to equip a backpack:

Cozy Camper Cozy Camper

  • The added health regeneration is extremely valuable in this game mode. Like the Medic's, it increases over time but not to the same extent, maxing out at 4 per second. While it may help steady your charged shot while bleeding or on fire, given that this is a fast-paced mode and that you must constantly move around even when charging your shot, it provides little benefit besides the healing.

Darwin's Danger Shield Darwin's Danger Shield

  • The lack of fire damage options makes this weapon ineffective, but nonetheless still a good choice if there are Volcano Fragments and flaming arrows.

Razorback Razorback

  • This shields against one backstab attempt. This is more useful in Medieval Mode than in normal gameplay, as Spies cannot use Revolvers in this mode. Be sure to retaliate when you hear it shatter.
Melee Weapons

Bushwacka Bushwacka

  • While mini-crit opportunities are rare since Jarate is not allowed, this can be lethal to enemies, dealing out full Critical hits, when teamed up with a Buff Banner Soldier, or against enemies marked for death by the Scout's Fan O'War. The drawback is that you are more vulnerable to all damage and it cannot deal random critical hits making this weapon situational at best.

Kukri Kukri

  • This deals consistent damage and has no advantages nor drawbacks.

Shahanshah Shahanshah

  • Similar to a Soldier's Equalizer, this weapon deals less damage when health is more than 50%, and more damage when health is less than 50%. This makes the weapon very useful if you are injured during a melee fight. Use your health to your advantage, but keep an eye on it.

Tribalman's Shiv Tribalman's Shiv

  • This weapon causes bleeding damage, making it good for dealing with Spies and making weaker enemies retreat, but its low raw melee damage makes it less effective in group fights. Maneuver around accordingly to deal the greatest amount of long-term damage to the most people.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

Spy Strategy
  • While the Spy's most important weapons are largely unaffected, the behavior of enemies is vastly different to other modes due to the focus on melee; adjust your strategies as needed.
  • Stay out of direct melee fights since your knife does terrible damage. Instead, backstab enemies when they are distracted in battle. Trick backstabs can very effective as most enemies are focused on frontal assaults. If a single enemy attempts to directly engage you, step back, avoid the swings, and when they miss, move in for a quick stab, but quickly back off if it is not fatal. Repeat as necessary.
  • Without the presence of the Flamethrower, Spies are harder to find. Even so, watch out for classes with bleeding effect weapons, and other threats such as Scouts with Mad Milk, Snipers with flaming arrows, and Pyros with the Sharpened Volcano Fragment.
    • By the same token, while defending the last point, you can easily drop down from the battlements and backstab foes entering or clustering around the gates.
  • If not using a disguise, try to stab the enemy as fast as you can; if he is using tf_medieval_thirdperson 1 he might see you approaching from behind.
  • If the final capture on "DeGroot Keep" is unsuccessful, you can Cloak and hide, disguise, and then attack any enemy Mercs who may be problematic to your team. Furthermore, this strategy can be used to take out Huntsman Snipers on the battlements who are stopping your team from capturing points A & B.
  • Due to the large amount of carnage on the field, you will be able to find enough dropped ammo packs and health packs to discreetly fill your health and Cloak.
  • If you're observant enough, you'll quickly realize that enemies are very predictable. It may be a good plan to try and fake them out by strafing one way then quickly strafing the other. Most enemies will look the way you first strafed, opening their back wide open to you. If your enemies start catching on to your fake strafe, you can execute the fake, then fake back again, going the way you originally strafed to once again open their backs to you.

Note on anti-Spy strategy: Since the Spy's greatest strength is his Melee weapon and players behave very differently in this melee-only mode, a good Spy can be an extremely difficult opponent to take down. The following are some tips to counteract this:

  • Since Spy-checking is extremely limited in Medieval Mode, the Spy is actually the best class to counteract other Spies. With your disguise, you can observe and call attention to "teammates" that are acting strangely: "teammates" that are jumping over others may be trying to force a stair-stab, "teammates" closely following another may be trying to backstab slower moving classes, "teammates" hiding in dark areas or around corners can be trying to do corner-stabs, "teammates" at the top of stairs facing you are prime candidates for Spies attempting stair-stabs.
    • An enemy Spy trying for a a trick-stab or backing up trying to maneuver around a teammate are often sufficiently focused on the task that they too become susceptible to a simple backstab.
  • Take alternate routes if a Spy is camping an entrance.
  • Try to attack him at range, and if he is using the Dead Ringer, force him to waste his Cloak.
  • Do not move in a predicable pattern (such as moving in a straight line) so that a Spy may maneuver around and backstab you.
  • Do not attempt to engage such a Spy in direct melee combat. He will surely out-maneuver you and backstab you. Tricking a practiced trickster via feinting is possible. Ranged weaponry can also help counteract this.
  • Try to force an enemy Spy to attack to remove his disguise and alert his presence to your teammates.
  • The Dead Ringer can be extremely difficult to deal with and counteract. Attacking an enemy Spy right after he is forced to uncloak can be very effective.
    • An extremely difficult situation to counteract is a Spy using the Conniver's Kunai for the overheal and a Dead Ringer to feign his death and guard against extra damage. It is best to run interference against him so that he does not gain another backstab, letting the overheal decay naturally so that he is in a vulnerable 70 HP state. Even still, engaging him while you are at low health reduces his benefit of landing a backstab on you as well as removing his disguise, exposing him to your teammates.

Weapon specific

Melee Weapons

Big Earner Big Earner

  • This weapon will allow you to rapidly fill up your Cloak upon a backstab, making it especially useful with the Dead Ringer. The health penalty means you have to use it with caution but the speed boost on kill makes escaping easier.

Conniver's Kunai Conniver's Kunai

  • This weapon requires a high-risk, high-reward approach. Due to the huge loss of initial health, many of the classes have a chance to kill you in almost a single hit. This is one of the few weapons allowed in this mode that can grant the user an overheal. Upon a successful backstab, you will immediately gain increased survivability. Plan to land successive backstabs to keep up your health. Trickstabs such as the stair-stab and the matador are very effective. In the hands of an experienced Spy, this is a formidable weapon.
    • Paired with a Dead Ringer and an overheal, you will be very difficult to kill.

Knife Black Rose Sharp Dresser Festive Knife Botkiller Knife Gold Botkiller Knife Knife/Black Rose/Sharp Dresser/Festive Knife/Botkiller Knife/Gold Botkiller Knife

  • These offer no advantages nor disadvantages. Use surprise to sneak up on enemies.

Spy-cicle Spy-cicle

  • This weapon offers a relatively safe experience for the Spy. Just be careful that all your backstabs will create large frozen calling cards, alerting enemies of your presence. The weapon gives immunity to being ignited by Sharpened Volcanic Fragment and lit Huntsman arrows; the weapon recharges instantly on contact with fire in Medieval Mode.

Your Eternal Reward Wanga Prick Your Eternal Reward/Wanga Prick

  • Using these weapons, as in general gameplay, is risky business as your manual disguises consume a full cloak. Quickly land backstabs to avoid being discovered; the silent kills, disappearing corpses, and lack of notification in the kill feed will provide for your escape. Note that backstabbing enemies capturing a point will not stop the point from being captured by other enemies. It will slow the process down, however.
  • Bear in mind that cloak lasts 33% less, so rely on your disguise more than your cloak.

Special Note: Most knives (except for the Spy-cicle and the Sharp Dresser) will allow you to perform the deadly Fencing taunt. You can use this on unaware opponents, but remember to watch out for enemies (especially Spies) before doing so.


Disguise Kit Disguise Kit

  • As a Spy, you still have access to your Disguise Kit in Medieval Mode. Disguise as an enemy or an ally and act accordingly.
    • Note that using the Your Eternal Reward or the Wanga Prick will cause manual disguises to consume all your cloak.
    • Disguising before cloaking will leave a smoke trail that will reveal your location. Cloak, then disguise.
    • Disguising as a teammate can make trick backstabs easier, as the enemy will not suspect you to be a Spy, so they will not be as careful about you getting behind them.
  • Pay attention to what weapon your disguise is carrying (especially if you're using Your Eternal Reward or the Wanga Prick). If your disguise is holding a weapon that cannot be used in Medieval Mode, it gives the enemy team an obvious sign that you are an enemy Spy. Since the only weapon available to you is your melee, press "Use Last Disguise" (default B) to change your disguised weapon to a melee one.

Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger

  • If finding ammo is a problem, the Cloak and Dagger can help you remain invisible indefinitely. Use the alcoves, corners, rocks, or even in the open and wait for an opportune moment to strike.

Dead Ringer Dead Ringer

  • This can be used well, especially if your knife has a health penalty as spychecking is harder with melee weapons. This provides an adequate escape if your backstab attempt goes wrong.
    • Even on a feigned death, you will still drop a health pack. Use this to negate fall damage or to give yourself a health boost. This, however, also makes Spy-checking much harder.
  • Damage taken while using the feign death will decrease its duration. Try to avoid large fights if possible while using it.

Invisibility Watch Enthusiast's Timepiece Quäckenbirdt Invisibility Watch/Enthusiast's Timepiece/Quäckenbirdt

  • Use this if you must be invisible for a short period of time, such as sneaking into the enemy base or maneuvering around a dangerous foe.

Note on watches: Since few weapons in this mode use ammo, you can fill your Cloak relatively quickly (except with the Cloak and Dagger) with ammo boxes dropped from players on death or ones found on the map. Remember that although Spy-checking is limited, you are still susceptible to Mad Milk, fire from flaming Huntsman arrows and the Pyro's Sharpened Volcano Fragment, bleeding, or merely bumping into someone. All of these will short out your Cloak, rendering you slightly visible to everyone.