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This article is about the cosmetic item. For the taunt with a similar name, see Soviet Strongarm.
I will kill you with bare hands!
The Heavy

The Soviet Strongmann is a community-created cosmetic item for the Heavy. It gives him ripped and worn out sleeves without his class emblem, larger arm muscles, and tattoos; two barbed wires around his upper left and right arms, a winged Sandvich on his right forearm, and a bullet with a banner that reads "Sasha" on his left forearm.

This item has three styles, named "Barbed Wire", "Anchor", and "Bare". The "Anchor" style gives him a tattoo of an anchor on each forearm, and the "Bare" style removes the tattoos entirely.

The Soviet Strongmann was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


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Soviet Strongmann Barbed Wire.png
Soviet Strongmann Anchor.png
Soviet Strongmann Bare.png
Barbed Wire Anchor Bare

Update history

October 10, 2019 Patch (Scream Fortress 2019)

  • The Soviet Strongmann was added to the game.

Unused content

  • In the game files, there are unused backpack icons for the "Anchor" and "Bare" styles. The game uses the default style's backpack icon regardless of the style chosen.


  • This item is a reference to the stereotype of convicted felons having a large assortment of tattoos on their arms and legs.


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