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Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_freight_final1
Released: April 28, 2010 Patch
Developer(s): Jamie "Fishbus" Manson
Mitch "ol" Robb
Map Info
Environment: Desert / Industrial
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Hazards: Trains
Deep Water: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×8  •  Mediumhealth.png ×6
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×10   •   Mediumammo.png ×10
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Freight overview.png

This article is about Community Freight strategy.

Note: It is recommended to read the main Freight article first to become familiar with the names of key map locations used in this article.

General strategy

  • Often times, teams will send a Pyro or a Scout underwater at the middle cap point to flank an opposing Medic or other important targets.
  • At the middle point, the left or right side ledges can be jumped by a Soldier or Demoman in order to flank the other team.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout


Attacking Control Point 3
  • At the beginning of the map both teams are rushing towards the middle for the mid-fight as usual. You have the speed advantage as always, being the fastest class, so you will likely be there first up against enemy Scouts.
  • The fastest route to the middle is to run left down the ramp at the last point, turn left in the second point and go up out of the left ramp straight to the middle point.
  • Your best bet as a Scout on the middle is to shoot across the point at anyone trying to cross, and watch the extra routes enemies can take to get into your team, such as the right side stairs, the left side crate, and the water.
  • If your team has a Sniper, protecting him can often give your team much more offensive power as the Sniper denies a good portion of the map to the enemy.
  • Do not go on the point yourself unless you're confident it's safe or you can deal with any threats coming to you, as the area is very tight and easily spammed by explosives.
Attacking Control Point 2/4
  • Upon attacking the second point, the best option for a Scout is usually to go through the left door after checking for any stickies. Then running to the walkway above second point to get behind or above the enemy, or to run straight down the left and harass enemies from behind or the side.
  • Equally, priority targets such as a Medic should be your focus as an enemy ÜberCharge can ruin your team's push into the area.
  • Other classes that pose a serious threat are as usual Heavies, Demomen, and Soldiers, while surprisingly enemy Scouts are dealt with most often by the rest of your team.
  • There is often a short period before any attack is made on the second point where Medics on your team will build their ÜberCharges.
  • Be prepared to run ahead to the last point for a quick win if the entire enemy team has been taken out.
Attacking Control Point 1/5
  • Upon the final push to last point a Scout should be coming in to clean up enemies after the main bulk of the team has inflicted their damage, and to cap the point.
  • In this area coming in from the lower area or the top left is your best bet, but watch out for Sentry Guns hidden behind the sheet metal, Snipers on the crates at the back of the point, and Heavies hidden in place of Sentry Guns.
  • Running on and off the point to increase how far it has been capped is a good strategy here, as you can cap the point just as an enemy moves off it to attack someone else due to the fast capture speed on the last point.
  • If the enemy Medic uses an ÜberCharge here, you should keep out of the way of it and harass the other players until it wears out.


Defending Control Point 3
  • If you're defending middle point, the enemy will be coming from their second point.
  • As a Scout you cannot do much here, so your best bet is to watch the water by jumping in and coming up for air when necessary.
  • To increase mobility in the water, do not move forwards or backwards, only strafe, as forward or backward motion reduces strafe speed in water.
  • Be prepared for your team to launch an offensive and be on the watch for this happening.
  • Watching the two doors can work as a Scout, and can be highly useful for sneaking in behind the enemy to kill off high priority targets such as a Medic; however this requires a high level of skill.
  • Do not be surprised if your team is forced to fall back as the area can be difficult to keep control of, so be prepared to run away or hide to get behind the enemy.
Defending Control Point 2/4
  • Here your best bet is to hide on the upper levels and pop out occasionally to take pot-shots at enemies poking through the doors from the middle point.
  • As is often the case with the Scout you are at your most useful when you can get behind the enemy, so either try and escape the area via the water located in the room next to the resupply in this area, or sneak out one of the side doors.
  • If you manage to escape, attempt to force the enemy to move in by assaulting their Medic and forcing their ÜberCharge, or totally stall them by killing said Medic.
  • Failing this, wait for the enemy to move into the area and come in to harass them during their attack or afterward.
  • In this area, assuming the rest of your team can hold the fort, escaping out to the middle point to back-cap while the enemy team attacks second can bring your team back outside. The enemies do not often expect it, and can be complacent about it due to their own confidence in attacking the second point.
Defending Control Point 1/5
  • Here a Scout can do very little but attempt to get behind the enemy and harass them, however the main areas that need watching are the top right for Snipers, and the bottom for anyone else trying to sneak in.
  • When the enemy team push in, look for players who have not been Übered and attack them at close range to inflict maximum damage with your Scattergun, as they will most likely be focused on other people.
  • In general, this area needs to be played depending on the situation in game at the time, but the basic idea is to prevent Snipers picking off your team, and harassing enemies until you're able to finish them off or your team can kill them.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier


Attacking Control Point 3
  • Soldiers can exploit a lot of height advantage at this control point. The two roofs on the buildings around the point can be utilized by the Soldier to cover the point. A small health pickup is also located on both roofs, making the Soldier less reliant on the team's Medic.
  • Defensive minded Soldiers during the initial mid-fight should look to cover the main flank left of the point. This route is popular with Scouts and Pyros. The Soldier's ability to rocket jump makes him a very able class to defend this flank quickly and effectively.
  • Hurt enemies will often retreat for medium Health Packs. Try to kill them or rocket jump onto the item, taking it and finishing the victim(s) off.
  • Pushing out from second onto mid, Soldiers should be with the main group watching the immediate flanks whilst the likes of the Heavies and Demomen worry about the resistance in front of the pack. If the team has successfully pushed the enemy back and is capping mid, the Soldier should push forward and hassle any enemies looking to block the point.
  • An alternative push would see the Soldier immediately push up regardless of how the team is doing cap wise and try and flank them through the stairs on either the left, via rocket jump, or to the right at mid. He should look to get a pick on the team's Medics and Snipers, making any push onto mid a lot easier. And even if the push fails, if the Medic goes down, it should delay any push onto the second point; allowing the team to regroup and push again.
Attacking Control Point 2/4

A popular route for Soldiers attacking this point is the balcony overlooking the point, which is accessed from the left entrance of yard and through the "water room", the room with the chute into the water which leads back into yard. The balcony can provide an excellent spamming position when the team is pushing onto the point. Further down the balcony is a small room, where there may be some resistance in here but the stairway within this room leads down to a small area commonly holding the defensive line, making it a perfect flanking route.

Attacking Control Point 1/5
  • Soldiers should opt straight for the main doors through to final when attacking because of the short distance to the point; being wary of sticky traps is required before going through this door.
  • The middle, and lowest, entrance to the point is the second option for the Soldier, although he should try and rocket jump as walking up to the point will make him Sniper fodder.
  • The entrance furthest left is perhaps the least used option for Soldiers wishing to attack mainly because enemy Snipers will usually watch this entrance because Snipers attacking the final cap will use this area. Soldiers around here are not unheard of, however, as they can make solid defenders for Snipers and also counter and block and potential flanks from Scouts and Spies.


Defending Control Point 3
  • A Soldier can be at a number of places defending mid. The first should be the door to the right, as it is a much short corridor and also he can see the whole room down to the bottom unlike the left door. Enemies will be looking to flank from this door as well as Soldiers should keep their eyes peeled.
  • A second area for a Soldier to cover is in water. Here is a very popular place for Spies to slip by undetected. Other, heavier classes may try this route as well, but so long as the Soldier informs his team of the incoming flank the team should have little problem addressing it.
Defending Control Point 2/4

Defensive Soldiers should try and hold the water room, possibly with the aid of a Demoman. Giving up the balcony can mean giving up the point as it is much easier to defend this point with the balcony and water room secure. Falling back from water room, try and hold the stairs discussed beforehand as some enemy players may try and push for a quick flank on the rest of your team.

Defending Control Point 1/5
    • The primary location for a Soldier should be near the main door to the left of the point as this will be where any large pushes will be. Alternatively he can stand behind the corrugated sheets to the right and use as a potential ambush spot.
    • Soldiers looking to help their teams push out onto the second cap should look to the right entrance, commonly there will be low HP classes such as Snipers and Scouts around here to provide little resistance. Soldiers may choose to either hold station here and provide an easier time for his Snipers knowing there is potentially one less spot for them to worry about or they can continue along a small corridor which overlooks the hallway down to the middle entrance to last - at the end should be a small platform which looks over the second control point; opposite balcony. Here Soldiers can happily spam any defenders on the point. A small health kit is immediately behind him in cover.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro


Attacking Control Point 3
  • As a Pyro, it isn't a very good idea to charge right through the middle of the point. Your best bet is to go to the right side of the point you are facing, and there should be a staircase which you can use to to attack the opposing team through the middle and get rid of the most important targets such as Spies and Medics.
  • It is also possible to go in through the water and end up behind the enemy team, this may be used to get rid of the Snipers and work your way through the back and the enemy team will not expect this.
Attacking Control Point 2/4
  • You can go through the far side and go through that door onto a balcony and hop on the other team to help to wound or kill the enemy while you cap.
Attacking Control Point 1/5
  • There really is no other way other than charging into the final way, but the best bet is coming up from the stairs on the right side of control point 2/4 so you can ambush enemies from the side.


Defending Control Point 3
  • You should wait in the water closest by the enemy so that way you can surprise them when they get on the point.
Defending Control Point 2/4
  • You can wait on either side of the balconies and just hop on to any enemy who is on the point.
  • There is a corner in the room and the enemy might not notice you so be careful and don't move much.
Defending Control Point 1/5
  • You can wait on either corner of the final point where you can hide behind to ambush enemies. Just make sure you have your secondary weapon or your melee weapon out so your Flamethrower nozzle doesn't give away your spot.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman


Attacking Control Point 3
  • Just like the Soldier, you can sticky jump onto the roof of the buildings and cover the point with your stickies and pipe grenades so you can take out a large group of people at a time. As said before there is a small med pack so you can recover some health from sticky jumping.
  • There is a small object before you reach the point, cover behind that as you launch pipe grenades at the point in order to get rid of the opposing team while you are still safe.
  • As a Demoman keep spamming stickies in front of the enemy on their part of the map so they either have to go around or shoot the stickies while your team can catch up and get on the point.
Attacking Control point 2/4
  • When going to the 2nd/4th point, go the far door instead of taking the path closest to the 3rd point. There should be a small balcony that overlooks about the point and you should be able to make some good sticky spots and shoot grenades to keep away Pyros and Scouts and other close range classes as your team caps the point.
Attacking Control point 1/5
  • As going to the final point of the opposing team, go the left and up the stairs as this should show some cover from Sentry Guns or Snipers the enemy team might have. You should be able to see the Sentry Guns and enemies through a fence as which you can charge your stickies for accurate bombs to take care of Sentry Guns your teammates might have trouble with.
  • If you take the same path as mentioned above, you can sticky jump onto the point. You can quickly capture the point as the enemy team is distracted and your other teammates are coming to help cap the final point.
  • If you are going form point 2/4 to the final point and make a left you are going to be on the bottom of this steep hill, which you can use to fire grenades to damage other enemies.
  • If you take the main path, you should go through a metal door which is at the bottom of an incline, which you can use again to spam stickies and grenades to destroy Sentry Guns and wound enemies around the point.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

  • The Medic's job does not change, keep healing teammates while you are attacking or defending a point.
  • It is best to use your surroundings to keep cover and alert your teammates of Spies and Pyros.
  • Let the person you are healing be the meat shield, do not get in the way.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper


Attacking Control Point 3
  • The staircase allows a good view of the point.
  • Throw your Jarate at the central control point when enemies are bunched together to coat them all in it.
Attacking Control Point 2/4
  • Snipers are less useful here due to the more linear corridors and tight corridors.
  • The balcony is a great place to snipe, as it gives you a good view of the entire area. However, watch out as enemy players can reach you easily and the enclosed space leaves little room for escaping.
  • Throw Jarate on to the point and you're bound to hit someone.
Attacking Point 1/5
  • The flank exit gives you a straight view of the point, but it is also often heavily bombarded with enemy fire.


Defending Point 3
  • The staircase on your base side is once again a good sniping spot. However, provided your team pushed far enough into enemy territory you can try sniping on the enemy's staircase facing away from the point. Backed up at the corner, you have a good view of both of the main gates and your position makes it difficult for Spies to backstab you. However, you're entirely exposed to frontal assault, and you are also vulnerable to ambushes from enemies coming up from the sewers behind.
Defending Point 2/4
  • Try to maintain control of the balcony and shoot enemies coming in from below.
  • Throw your Jarate at the point when a bunch of enemies are on it to coat a lot of them.
Defending Point 1/5
  • The corridor and the ramp outside your resupply room is a common sniping spot. Placing your back to the wall prevents backstabs.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

  • Spies can make use of the canals to easily reach the enemy's side of the central control point. They are useful as they let you pass to the other side without going through the major areas of combat.
  • Spies can also circumvent the middle control point easily by using the stair on the right side of their square. If they are careful, they can jump over the rails on the container without touching the train. After they jump over the small wall they are right above the gate of the enemy.