Community Lumberyard strategy

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This article discusses community strategy for Lumberyard.
Community Lumberyard strategy
Basic information
Map type Arena
File name: arena_lumberyard
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Alpine
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×1
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Largeammo.png ×4
Map Photos
Menu photos arena lumberyard.png

General strategy

  • The decks that overlook the internal control point can be a helpful vantage point to those who are trying to capture it below. This can be a good spot for a Sentry Gun if it can be successfully defended from sabotage from the rear. Spies can also enter via this passage to easily reach those on the point and catch those not eyeing the higher decks. Snipers with Huntsman can use this deck for taking pot shots.
  • It is common for Demomen and Soldiers to try and dominate the roof, and use it as a vantage point to rain down explosives on the enemy team.
  • If there are only a few enemies left alive, chances are that some are severely injured. As such, the lone health kit on the log will attract them, allowing for a suitable ambush.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

  • It is common for Scouts to go on the rooftops, this helps with the element of surprise as players have trouble looking up.
  • Jumping off the roof and attacking the enemies below would give the Scout a few shots without taking damage until the opposing team notices where the Scout is coming from.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

  • A good ambush spot for the Soldier is above the Control Point, giving you the high ground using splash damage from rockets to clear the point.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

  • A good spot for the Pyro is near the cliff with the health pick-up where you can airblast enemies off it.
  • Remember to Spy-check under stairs as Cloak and Dagger Spies tend to hide under it.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

  • Demomen can defeat Engineers trying to deploy Sentry Guns on the Control point by placing Stickybombs from the inside of the door and detonating them right before the doors open. This will destroy the buildings and hopefully kill the Engineer.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

  • Try to use the higher route to control territory, as the top part of the main shed is small and a single Heavy can easily hold off any attackers from the stairs or the roof.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

  • Try to set up a Dispenser and Sentry Gun inside the central building or just outside the closed doors to surprise any enemies who may be waiting to capture.
  • Engineers can also set up Sentry Guns right below the stairs, an often overlooked location.
  • Building a Sentry Gun or a Mini-Sentry inside one of the sheds that overlook the Small Health Pickup will cause great inconvenience for those who are seeking health and as the gun will damage/finish off those who are in need to replenish health themselves. The Sentry Gun's knockback can also push enemies off the log to face a certain death.
  • On the RED side of the map, to the right, there is a large bush. This is a fantastic spot for hiding a Sentry Gun or a Combat Mini-Sentry Gun as it is almost invisible to enemies.
    • There is also a similar but smaller bush on the BLU side of the map, this may be used to partially hide the Sentry but is not as effective.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

  • You are especially important in this map. Be sure to keep out of all the main fighting, but be sure to also follow teammates so that you can heal them. Dying on this map would be catastrophic for both you and your team.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

  • As a Sniper you can hide behind the boxes in spawn, effectively shielding your position. This is especially useful when the point is activated, giving you a clear view over the point.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

  • The stairs give skilled Spies the perfect opportunity to stair-stab.
  • Spies can hide underneath the stairs to recharge the Cloak and Dagger or to ambush unsuspecting players.
  • While in the enemy's territory, a good place to decloak is their side door to the exit of the spawn. There is almost no traffic through the door, which can make it look like you just came out of it.
  • Another good place to decloak is in the corner right outside the side door to the control point. Enemies will usually just run right past you.