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Granary (Control Point)
TF2 Granary Map.jpg
Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_granary
Released: October 10, 2007
Variants: Arena
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Farmland
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Bot support: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×6  •  Mediumhealth.png ×6
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Mediumammo.png ×8
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Granary (Control Point) overview.png
This article is about strategy specific to the Control Point variant of Granary. For strategy specific to the Arena variant, see Community Granary (Arena) strategy.

This article is about Community Granary (Control Point) strategy.

Note: It is recommended to read the main Granary (Control Point) article first to become familiar with the names of key map locations used in this article.

General strategy

  • The containers located around the central control point (a.k.a. Control Point 3) provide a significant height advantage to both attackers and defenders. Access to the containers is easy for Soldiers or Demomen who can rocket jump or sticky jump, respectively, up to them.
  • Alternatively, other classes can use the balcony ramps. Engineers, for example, can use the upper ramps to access them and place Sentry Guns and Teleporters. Snipers can even use the elevation to their advantage. The top of the container, however, is vulnerable to long range attacks, so too much reliance should not be placed on the "no one looks up" adage.
    • The containers also provide ambush opportunities. A Pyro can defend the control point by awaiting any potential attackers from the containers, flaming all who attempt to take it.
  • In order to defend Control Point 2/4 from attacks, Engineers should build Sentry Guns on the catwalk observing the Control point. This can be problematic, however, as attackers can traverse the catwalk from the right hand side doorway.
    • In the event an Engineer fails to build a Sentry Gun on the catwalk, Pyros can take advantage of this and use them for ambushing defending enemies.
  • As with all 5-CP maps, most matches depend on which team controls the central control point. If control of CP3 is lost, all efforts should be focused on taking it back as Control Points 1/5 and 2/4 are difficult to defend.
  • Control Point 3 should not be neglected by defenders because if left unattended, it presents an easy capture opportunity.
  • Health packs are widely abundant around the central control point. Consider forgoing Medics in favor of other classes if the control point is in dispute.
  • Many of the lamps and window awnings above the yards between the central control point and Control Point 2/4 can be used by Soldiers, Demomen, and Scouts as ambush spots.
  • Spamming and keeping control of the enemies medium health pack at mid can easily lead to the victory of the initial mid fight.
  • The drop down chutes between Point 2/4 and the central point serve as great ambush spots for enemies traveling from point to point.
  • Various obstacles scattered around the final point's yard provide cover and can act as a platform for Scouts to utilize their double jump ability to get onto the low pipe.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout


Attacking Control Point 3
  • Same as all maps, here you need to be covering your team from flanking classes like Scouts, Pyros, etc.
  • Watch the left hand side or far right hand side, occasionally running across the point to harass enemies not covered by heavy support, such as a Demoman.
  • If you get a chance to get behind the enemy, take it. It will allow you to cause havoc, pick off their Medics, etc.
  • Using the crates that rise above the point can be a double edged sword. Soldiers use the area very often, though it does allow you to maneuver around the enemy incredibly well.
Attacking Control Point 2/4
  • Since you will have been watching the left hand side, wait for your team to move in, and then enter the point from here. This will allow you to duel down enemies trying to take the high ground, and enemy Scouts trying to get behind your team.
  • You are then able to go above the second point, and harass the enemy from above, jumping down to pick off players weakened by your team.
  • You can also stay on the level of the point and harass from here, though the lack of a height advantage can be a pain in such an enclosed area, and it allows enemies to take the high ground.
  • If your team is clearly going to win the point, you can also attempt to run straight to the last and capture it.
Attacking Control Point 1/5
  • Strategy here is no different than any other point, wait for your team to enter the area, and come in after checking the area behind is clear.
  • Preferably, use the top exit or the left door, though if the main bulk of the team is using this, do not hesitate to use another exit into the last point.
  • Once in the area, harass the enemy, pick off weakened players, and run on and off the point to start a capture when you get the chance.
  • Also, beware of Sentry Guns and Snipers, they are often positioned at the back left of the point, behind the wall. If a Sentry Gun is there, let your team know and stay out of its way until it's destroyed.
  • As usual, kill off Snipers before they do the same to your team!


Defending Control Point 3
  • If you're still in the middle, your team will most likely be covering the right hand side.
  • All you need to do is watch the left hand side for anyone trying to sneak behind your team or run up the ramps to the crates above the middle point.
  • However, while defending the middle point you may have moved up to the yard area to defend.
  • In this case, you yet again watch the left hand side, but run around the area to check for people using the tunnel above the yard to get behind your team, and don't be surprised if someone attempts to back-cap middle and pull you back there.
Defending Control Point 2/4
  • Here, you either need to be watching the "garage" area if facing the middle point, or the left hand side if facing the last point.
  • In both areas, your job is standard defense, prevent enemies from getting past you, and poke out of the doors to see if you can rush the next area or kill off an unsuspecting enemy.
  • Also beware of enemies taking the upper areas, as they will easily kill you off from here.
  • Be ready to run back to your team to provide support if necessary.
Defending Control Point 1/5
  • Here you can't do much but wait for the enemy to attack. Poking through their doors or running into the upper area is likely to get you killed until they've left the area.
  • Once the enemy moves in, either harass them or attempt to back-cap.
  • Don't forget to defend your team from enemy Scouts, and as usual beware of Snipers; they love to stand in the windows or door of the upper area.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier


  • You can rocket jump onto the top of box cars surrounding Control Point 3, to gain a height advantage.
  • Lure enemies inside buildings and near doorways, as your rockets are more useful in confined spaces. You are more vulnerable in the open spaces between control points, so try to limit the time you spend outdoors.
  • Attacking Control Point 2/4 is easy from the far left entrance (the one that leads to the upper area). Not only does it allow you to fire rockets down upon the defenders below, it also allows you to destroy Sentry Guns. Attacking via this path also grants easy access to the enemy's first point.
  • While attacking any point, it will be helpful to both you and your team if you have the Concheror, the Buff Banner, or the Battalion's Backup. This will be helpful whether attacking or defending the point, due to the buffs.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro


  • Control Points 2 and 4 are excellent ambush and attack points for Pyros, due to the blind corners and upper level.
    • The upper levels offer the Pyro excellent opportunities to ambush enemies attempting to guard the point, provided Engineers have not placed Sentry Guns in the path as a deterrent.
    • Sentry Gun emplacements can be attacked from around corners or circle-strafed. Take advantage of the indoors conditions and take Sentry Gun nests by surprise.
  • Always be careful when fighting around Control Points 1, 3 and 5, as their outdoors nature allow players to be spotted from a long distance away. Around Control Point 3, try to use the crates to flank and ambush the enemy, and on Control Points 1 and 5 try to use the second-level ramp to ambush players from above.
  • When traversing the area between Control Points 3 and 2 and 4, keep in mind the elevated exit from the garage. When moving from Point 3, it can be used to ambush unsuspecting players, while from the other side it can be blocked off with flare fire.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman


  • Rush to the top of the ramp overlooking Control Point 3. From here you can easily lob stickies and control the middle.
  • Place Stickybombs over any of the large open arches in the map. These Stickybombs can't be seen by advancing enemies.
  • When on the offensive on Granary, get to the blind spots before your enemy does.
  • As you approach Control Point 3, shoot grenades and stickies over the containers towards the other team. They won't see them coming, and it deals out a lot of damage if aimed right.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy


  • In general, fighting for Control Point 3 can be tough if you don't have teammates to cover your back. While you can use the crates for cover, the narrow avenues and wide area can allow Snipers to pick you off at a distance, and Soldiers and Scouts can use the crates themselves to ambush you from above.
  • The Heavy excels in attacking or defending Control Points 2 and 4. With an extremely focused area indoors, a spun-up Heavy can be an unpleasant surprise to anyone moving on the point. Similarly, the close confines remove the range advantage of Snipers.
    • When traversing from Control Point 3 to either points 2 or 4, it is recommended to use the garage area, as it provides cover against Snipers. Inversely, try to use the drop-down when traveling the opposite way to ambush enemies.
    • Spies are a common threat on Granary. Watch your back, since you will draw a lot of attention very quickly on those points, and they can use multiple avenues of approach to get behind you.
    • Take advantage of the two-level nature of the points to try to attack enemies from above. While it can take time to traverse the stairs, it can give you an element of surprise, as well as more choices for escape or continued advance.
  • Control points 1 and 5 can be difficult for Heavies. When defending, Snipers can attack from the windows overlooking the point from points 2 or 4, so exit through the farther, left-side door if a Sniper is known to cover the area. The pipes can be used as cover against Snipers, as well as any other classes trying to use the height advantage against you.
  • The map's natural choke points in the various inter-point areas are excellent areas for the Heavy to lay in suppressing fire, but your slow speed in turn makes it easier for you to be suppressed. Work with your team and take the initiative. If you're attacking while the enemy is still moving to engage you, you have a leg up on damage.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer


  • Due to the layout of Granary, there are few 'good' Sentry Gun placements. The few that are very good are:
    • On the second level of Control Point 2 or 4.
    • By the machinery at Control Point 2 or 4.
    • On the containers at Control Point 3.
    • Under the ramp/pipe at Control Point 1 or 5.
  • When placing Sentry Guns on the containers at point 3, try to place it so that the gun can fire into the door at the top of the enemies' ramp room. This way, Soldiers cannot use this as cover to dodge in and out of to get a straight shot on your gun. This also covers both entryways, and makes it hard to splash damage without getting right underneath it.
  • A good place to put a Teleporter exit at the start of the round is at the end of the chute corridor just behind the 2 wooden crates. Enemies will not see the teleporter when they come up the stairs and your team can quickly jump down the chute and start fighting.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic


  • In Granary, there are several patches of flat, open terrain that provide little or no cover whatsoever. Take great care and watch yourself when traversing these areas, and do not hesitate to inform your team of enemies approaching from a distance.
  • The cramped quarters of Control Points 2 and 4 make the use of the Kritzkrieg ideal. A well-timed push with a Soldier or Demoman can quickly clear enemies off the point, whether you are attacking or defending.
  • When attacking or defending the central point of Granary, take great care to watch each entrance that the enemy could take. Use the open space of the area to avoid Soldiers and Demomen attacking from the crates overlooking the point itself.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper


  • Due to the relative ease of travel for Spies on Granary, with numerous avenues of approach and escape, Snipers should take extra precautions against Spy attacks. Try to avoid sniping without some (genuine) teammates nearby; otherwise the Razorback may be a more viable option.
  • Granary can be a difficult place for Snipers at times. Various spots around the map are suited for long-range sniping (e.g. Points 1, 3 and 5), whereas others are better suited for close-quarters combat (e.g. Points 2 and 4), so it may be wise to switch between the Rifle and Huntsman depending on where your team is currently attacking/defending.


Attacking Control Point 3
  • The center point offers only a few options. While the ledges overlooking the point are an obvious perch, these are watched intensely for Snipers, not to mention in perfect line of sight for Soldiers and Demomen on the crates. The wall close at the Sniper's back allows explosive damage to splash onto him easily, and the lack of cover only compounds it.
Attacking Control Points 2/4
  • These points, as well as the areas between them and the central point are troublesome for the Sniper. The area there is usually quite close and provides several advantages to the defenders of those areas. Snipers wishing to assault this area would be better served with the Huntsman than the Sniper Rifle.
Attacking Control Points 1/5
  • Points 1 and 5 have long sight lines and several spots to shoot from. Most players will expect Snipers to attack from the window overlooking the right-side exit (when viewed from the last point), but this leaves Snipers vulnerable to any enemies that manage to make it up the catwalk or pipe, or worse yet, rocket-jumping Soldiers. The left-side exit (right for the attacker) is less expected as it is further from the point, yet still provides line of sight for most of the area, including a peek behind the defensive wall on the left. Remember that the struts for the pipe will block some of your line of sight in such a case.


Defending Control Point 3
  • Sniping from the entrances to the point can be utilized, but keep in mind that this will usually only allow targeting a small portion of the other team.
Defending Control Points 2/4
  • Much like attacking, the lines of sight are short and the action around the point is hectic, giving the Huntsman more advantages in this area over the rifle.
Defending Control Points 1/5
  • Defense on points 1 and 5 is far easier for a Sniper, with the back right corner behind the wall being a common spot to hide in, allowing occasional picks through the right side door. Other spots used can be on the left door just outside the defending team's spawn, or on the pipe in the middle of the area, though the most common is the previously mentioned right side.
  • If defending, watch the window to Point 2/4, the catwalk along the pipe, and the right-side entrance (from defense's view) carefully. The first is ideal for enemy Snipers and Soldiers to attack the defenders as they move to protect the point, the second is the fastest approach to the point, and the third is where the largest pushes (i.e. Medic and Buddy combos) will usually emerge. As your opponents have a height advantage, be careful of headshots that may hit over the wall usually used as cover when defending the last points.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy


  • Try using the drop-down when moving towards Control Point 3 from points 2 or 4, as it can save time and Cloak charge, as well as have a smaller chance of alerting enemies.
  • When ambushing with the Cloak and Dagger, stand on containers at Control point 3. Enemies are less likely to expect attacks from above them than in front of them. Be wary of enemy Snipers on the opposite side of the map, however.