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CTF Turbine Center.png
Basic Information
Map type: Capture the Flag
File name: ctf_turbine
Released: June 19, 2008 Patch
(Pyro Update)
Variants: Turbine Center
Developer(s): Flobster
Map Info
Environment: Industrial
Setting: Indoor
Bot support: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×2  •  Mediumhealth.png ×4
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Mediumammo.png ×4
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Turbine overview.png

This article is about Community Turbine strategy.

Note: It is recommended to read the main Turbine article first to become familiar with the names of key map locations used in this article.

General strategy

It must be noted about this map is that there is no "sewer" through which players can sneak in and out of both bases. The Intelligence must travel through the Turbine Room of the map to be captured. This can make control of the middle much more effective than simply attempting to defend the Intelligence room. Unlike some other CTF maps like Double Cross or 2Fort, Turbine's middle is very open without a chokepoint like a bridge; there is also no "Sniper deck" that is difficult for most classes to access. A team that turtles and cedes control of the middle to the other team is going to have a much harder time. A team with a group of Engineers that successfully fortifies the central room of this map can be devastatingly effective.

  • It is common to see Demomen placing sticky traps on either side of the sliding steel doors, depending on which team they are on. Sticky traps are also commonly seen in the air vents. Even Spies are vulnerable to this tactic as the Demoman laying these traps often detonate them as soon as they see the doors open, regardless of whom they see. Invulnerable players and Demomen using the Scottish Resistance or Quickiebomb Launcher are particularly useful to trigger or destroy enemy sticky traps at little risk to themselves.
  • Another common tactic of Demomen camping the middle area is to stand outside of the health pack area and to shoot grenades through the enemy team's vent. It is almost impossible for the enemy to dodge these grenades. This tactic can suppress the enemy as they cannot use the garage doors and using the vent route will result in heavy damage.
  • Players should consider temporarily switching to their melee weapon when travelling through either team's vent because of the constricted nature of the vents. Opponents will have little room to avoid a series of melee attacks without dying. This strategy can also be used for Spy checking in this area.
  • It is possible to get onto the small ledge of the Intelligence room directly over the guard rails by jumping as a Demoman with a sticky/grenade jump, a Soldier with a rocket jump, a Scout with the Force-A-Nature, an Engineer using a Building as a prop to jump from, or simply crouch-jumping onto the small cart. This spot is useful as a Demoman to defend the Intelligence.
  • Running around one of the turbines in the main room can provide some momentary cover. This tactic works best against Heavies, and hopefully with that extra time, a teammate will have disposed of the enemy.
  • All classes can climb onto the platform on the lower floor path to the Intelligence on either side by jumping onto the prop and then onto the platform. Players used to have to take advantage of a clipping texture to get onto the platform, though after an update the clipping texture was removed and was replaced by a prop.
  • Falling from the deck overlooking the Turbine Room to the floor will result in minor fall damage, making for a risky Escape Plan. However, this fall damage can be bypassed by landing on any part of the Turbine or crate below. Jump onto one of the turbines from the deck at risk of taking a lot of spam damage if you need to make a quick dash to the health or don't want to risk taking Sniper fire.
  • A good Demoknight can be very devastating in the vents due to the confined space; don't forget to use your Grenade Launcher or alternative for long shots though.

Controlling the Turbine Room

As previously stated, the Intelligence must pass through the Turbine Room to be scored. Therefore, the team that controls the main room can exert pressure onto the enemy team while simultaneously defending their own Intelligence. Engineers and Demomen are essential to this process. Demomen can set up sticky traps outside of the steel door that leads from the enemy spawn to the Turbine Room. With the spawn exit cut off, an Engineer can set up a Sentry nest outside the hallway exit, boxing the enemy team in. Be sure to set up Teleporters to keep constant pressure on the enemy team.

Even with adequate control of the Turbine Room it is still possible to lose a match. An enemy that makes good use of the Health kits on each side of the space can reach the safety of their own corridors despite an effective defense, so it is important to either control the area surrounding the kits or to have a plan in place if an enemy makes a dash for one. The kits are located in small indentations in the wall, so explosive weapons can be very effective in taking out healing enemies due to the concentrated splash damage caused by the close confines. If multiple Demomen are present, ask for one of them to patrol the health kits while the other monitors the steel door.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

  • As with all Capture the Flag maps, an early team of Scouts can easily swarm the enemy Intelligence room before a defense is set up, granting one or two captures.
  • Strafing is a good idea because of the presence of Snipers on the platforms. Switch to the Bat when going through the vents, but be careful of explosive or heavier classes that are devastating in such a confined space.
  • Using double jump in this map it is possible to reach places other classes can't as fast. This can be effective when opposing Engineers, Medics, Snipers, Heavies and Pyros in offense or defense.
  • Take advantage of the turbines and shipping containers in the Turbine Room. Use them as cover, for taking high ground or for getting across the room while avoiding encounters and evading crossfire.
  • Avoid travelling through the vents if the enemy is in the respawn area or if they are swarming around the central room. With nowhere to run or dodge, it may mean death.
    • However, using the Sandman in the vents is very effective. The enemy will have almost no room to dodge, devastating lighter classes.
    • Flying Guillotine is also effective provided you have an easy escape after throwing it. This can whittle down enemy health while another class finishes them off.
  • Successfully making through the enemy vent allows you to get behind enemy classes leaving spawn; this is a great way of taking out pocket Medics before they become a problem.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

  • From the large central room, it is easy rocket jump up to either team's deck to surprise enemies from there.
  • When attempting to capture the enemy's Intelligence room from the lower route, fire around the corners to get rid of any Sentry Guns set up there. A Sentry Gun placed in the back of the room can often be easily destroyed from outside of its range.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

  • Pyros should Spy-check near the vents and the hallway to the Intelligence room as well as the corner outside of the respawn door closest to the Intelligence room.
  • Due to their high damage output, a Pyro in the vents can be useful for more than just Spy checking. A single Pyro can bar all light classes from the vent entrance, and a Pyro skilled with the Compression blast can easily make the route completely off-limits to anything but an organized push. The Flare Gun, Detonator or Scorch Shot are also great options to provide a defensive pushback. The vents are a long, straight pathway that will be occupied in width by all classes, creating a perfect corridor to land shots with flares. Enemies will tend to retreat and seek healing, but beware other Pyros who will be resistant to the afterburn damage and can push through your shots.
  • In general, Pyros on Turbine will play one of two roles. More commonly, they are used in competitive matches for their Spy checking abilities to defend the Intelligence room, but on public servers, Pyros can also be used as forward support/offense, keeping Medics safe from Spies, extinguishing burning teammates and deflecting projectiles with their compression blast.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

  • The steel doors leading directly into the spawn area are a highly trafficked area, and as such is generally a good place to place sticky traps.
    A Sticky trap for a Demoman conducting defense. It cannot be seen from the other side.
  • The vents of either team can be ideal for sticky traps, with their enclosed spaces and sharp turns. Putting the stickies near or on the roof can help avoid them being knocked around by explosives. If caught in the vent while laying a trap, switch to the Grenade Launcher. The tight passageway means that the enemy will have little strafing room and the grenades will easily hit.
  • The hallway leading to the Intelligence is a prime choice for hidden Sticky traps, particularly with the Scottish Resistance.
  • The Sticky Jumper can be used to get on higher platforms to take a shortcut through the vents, where the Loch-n-Load can clear the path. When sneaking up on unaware players, the Ullapool Caber can kill Soldiers, Snipers, Scouts, or other Demomen in 1 hit to clear the way for you, but be aware, the Sticky Jumper can't do any damage to players or buildings, so don't take the shortcut to the opposing team's Intelligence room, or else you may get showered with sentry bullets and rockets. In addition, players using the Sticky Jumper cannot carry the intelligence, so be sure to have team support if you are using this strategy.
  • The high ceiling and open space of the middle allows for versatile use of the Base Jumper and can enable air raids on the enemy team. One should be cautious of Snipers while using this strategy, as the slow descent of the Base Jumper's parachute provides a good window for a well aimed Sniper to land headshots and cut an air raid short. The presence of Sentry Guns should be minded too, as the slow descent will make you an easy target and any maneuvering will be made difficult by the Sentry Gun's knockback effect.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

  • Turbine is a great map for the Heavy. The map is small and has plenty of corners, meaning that enemies will have a hard time avoiding the Minigun. For example, the narrow vents would be a good spot to trap enemies in a shower of bullets. If you are planning on using the vents, Natascha is highly recommended. Enemies will have no place to dodge and the slowdown will make escape almost impossible. On defense, if no Sentry Guns are deployed, the Brass Beast or Tomislav is especially useful. The Huo-Long Heater is also a great deterrence against Spies and vent raiders, creating a ring of fire that will discourage enemies from getting up close.
  • Since there are no areas that are completely safe from enemy fire, think carefully before eating a lunchbox item. Generally the safest place to do so is among teammates or near a friendly Sentry Gun. If there is a break in the action, consider tossing down a lunchbox for a quick heal. Medium Health kits are awkwardly located and could place the slow Heavy in a dangerous situation if he were to make a run for one while taking fire.
  • Be careful when out in the middle area. While the blockades will stop most enemies, Scouts, Spies and Pyros can be devastating with a surprise attack from behind.
  • If unneeded for defense of the steel door, try to navigate to the exit of the enemy vent. Demomen and Soldiers have difficulty defending this spot from the floor of the main area, so a well-placed Heavy could help pick up the slack and effectively confine the enemy team to their side of the map.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

  • Engineers will do best working in teams on this map, as there are no Sentry Gun spots that do not have some disadvantage to them. When playing Engineer on Turbine, always mind fellow Engineers and lend them a hand if possible, especially with Sentry Gun setup. Demomen and Engineers can often work wonders together, with Engineers setting up in the Intelligence room and Demomen clearing out the vents and the hallway of any intruders.
  • In the hallway to the Intelligence, Engineers should get up onto the platform and build a strong defense there as most players will assault from that direction, due to the fact that they will not have to travel past the enemy spawn point. It is easily reached by jumping onto the prop next to the platform. This does leave the Vent and Resupply Area clear, allowing a good Scout to drop down the Vents and exit through the Resupply Area.
  • A good Sentry Gun spot in the Intelligence room is to the left of the Intelligence, facing the wall separating the two doorways into the hall that leads to the Turbine Room. The Sentry Gun cannot be hit or seen with the correct placement, but it will still cover most of the room and kill enemies who drop down from the vent.
  • A risky, but effective move is to build a nest in the enemy's vents. This will allow the team a swift route from the respawn area to the enemy Intelligence room. Beware though; an ÜberCharge Heavy will devastate such a setup in such close quarters. Also, this should not be attempted if the enemy has a Sentry Gun in their Intelligence room.
  • Another good spot to place a Sentry Gun is against the wall, to the left of the stairs, facing the small medkit. However be aware of enemies travelling through the vents, a Soldier can devastate a Sentry Gun with well-aimed shots, which may be unable to detect the attack.
  • A strategic place for a Teleporter Exit is near the vent exit that drops into the Intelligence room. This will likely expose any enemies who are coming through the vent, as most cannot resist taking down the Teleporter Exit. The exit can be of use to teammates, as well, as it can be used to help them clear out the vents or go through the hallway to the Intelligence room.
  • If the team manages to push the enemy team back to their spawn or Intelligence room, Engineers should jump onto the containers in the main hall and build Sentry Guns there. One on each container is a nearly unbreakable defense.
  • Engineers should build Dispensers and Teleporter exits at the own-team-faced side of the containers to provide quick movement and fast reloading/healing.
  • While a Sentry Gun is in the indent in the wall to the left of the stairs near the respawn area, a Dispenser built is just in the bend leading to the Intelligence room will block opponents from seeking shelter from the Sentry Gun.
  • Using the Wrangler with the deck may be a good idea. Place a Sentry Gun or Mini-Sentry Gun on the top platform in the Turbine Room. This will allow more control than an unwrangled Sentry Gun, as the opposite end of the Turbine Room is beyond the range of any Sentry Gun.
  • Turbine's open middle allows a lot of versatility and opportunities with the Rescue Ranger to repair buildings from a distance. Often you will find your buildings under fire and no way to reach them in time to repair them with a Wrench, having the Rescue Ranger repair from a distance can buy time for your buildings if you have moved away from them. Consider using this option if you find the other team stocked with classes that can do consistent ranged damage, such as the Soldier or Sniper.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

  • ÜberCharge is essential to breaking through enemy defenses. Both passages to the Intelligence will be heavily guarded, either due to Sentry nests or proximity to the spawn. A charge from the Medi Gun will allow an initial bypass, hopefully skipping over the heavy front-line defense and allowing the pocket access to the Intelligence and straggling enemies. A charge from the Kritzkrieg can cause havoc around the spawn, critical stickies or rockets holding the majority of the enemy team in place as a Scout or third party makes off with the Intelligence.
  • Due to the open nature of the map, continuous movement is key. Avoid Snipers and spam by strafing constantly and be prepared before entering tight confines such as the vents or the staircase leading to the enemy spawn.
  • A common tactic with Engineers is to build their nest right on the intelligence. They are often difficult to destroy without a proper ÜberCharge, and result in stalemates. However, using the Quick-Fix's ÜberCharge on a Scout to dash in and out of the Intelligence room generally works in securing the Intelligence out of the room. If there is enough coordination with the Medic and Scout, this can prove an extremely effective off-the-wall tactic.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

  • There are two areas on Turbine that Snipers are very effective, the hallway that leads from the Turbine Room to the Intelligence room and the Sniper deck overlooking the Turbine Room. Both cover the Turbine Room and opposing Sniper areas. The deck is supplemented by a glass wall that can be used for cover.
  • Underneath the battlements leading to the vents in the Turbine Room is a surprisingly good place for Snipers to sit. On the left side, Snipers can walk back behind the door and into their spawn area if enemies get too close, and the right side (the path to the Intelligence) gives the Sniper a very good shot at the door where many players will exit their spawn area.
  • The Huntsman can be devastating in the vents. The enclosed space combined with a good sense of judgment will yield easy kills.
  • Due to Turbine's small size, Jarate is very effective. Throw it from the Sniper decks at potential high value targets. However, it can smash into the roof if aimed too high.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

  • Wait for a teammate to open the steel door, Cloak, and head out with them. Wary opponents will be tipped off to a Spy's presence if they see the door open with no visible players around. The Spy's Cloak is sufficient enough to allow safe crossing of the Turbine Room.
  • Traversing through the vents allows Spies to easily Backstab any enemy running down the stairs from respawn. Also, the vents provide an effective means of infiltrating the enemy base. Beware, in such tight quarters, detection is very likely if confronted, even if Cloaked or Disguised.
  • When you are disguised, don't go directly to the enemy's Intelligence room, where they will know you are a Spy. Instead, try to blend in with the opposing team and disguise near the steel door.
  • With the Cloak and Dagger, one can jump on the turbines and stay there to recharge their Cloak.
  • With the Cloak and Dagger, one can straddle the edge of the upper walkway to recharge their Cloak. Though this is a risky maneuver as enemies jumping off the walkway can bump into you. To minimize this, use this tactic by the ends of the platform, as most players jump off near the center of the platform as they exit the vents.
  • Spies can take advantage of the many corners and sight breakers in this map to trick enemy players into thinking they turned corners when they did not. Cloak as you round a corner or break an enemy's line of sight and quickly turn back the way you came. Most of the time enemy players will round the corner or structure and keep running, as they think you went in that direction.