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Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_coldfront
Released: July 8, 2010 Patch
(Engineer Update)
Developer(s): Eric "Icarus" Wong
David "Selentic" Simon
Aeon "Void" Bollig
Tim "YM"Johnson
Map Info
Environment: Alpine
Setting: Daylight, snowy
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×10  •  Mediumhealth.png ×6
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×6   •   Mediumammo.png ×8
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Coldfront overview.png

This article is about Community Coldfront strategy.

Note: It is recommended to read the main Coldfront article first to become familiar with the names of key map locations used in this article.

General strategy

  • This map has a wide variety of routes. Classes that can attain good height can use the routes leading up to the ledges at Control Point 3 to confuse enemies or dodge hordes.
  • There are medium health pickups on either side of Control Point 3. Use these for survival as they are comparably close to the point.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout


Attacking Control Point 3
  • As with all 5 CP maps, both teams rush to the middle at the start. Coldfront, however, plays differently to most maps of this style for a Scout.
  • The fastest route to the middle here is to run down the left hand side of the map the entire way.
  • Upon reaching the middle, Scouts are dumped straight into the action. Going on the point here is generally a bad idea due to how easily it can be spammed with explosives. This is a genuine problem for Scouts on this map as the main bulk of the team can arrive very soon after you.
  • Scouts should instead use the cover of the house and wooden boards to move around the point, attempting to protect the main bulk of their team from enemy Scouts, or if the opportunity arises, assault the Medic, Demoman, or other priority targets on the other team.
  • If nobody is watching it, jumping up onto a small ledge on the left hand side and then onto the elevated area on the enemy's side of the map can allow you to pick off stragglers from the mid-fight with ease.
Attacking Control Point 2/4
  • Once you're ready to make a move into the second point, hang around outside for a few seconds until your team is on the offensive. Enemy Scouts and other classes may attempt to sneak out behind to attack your Medic or try and back cap.
  • Once your team have moved in and you're satisfied the area outside is clear, making a move down the far right tunnel, or up and down the ramps on the left side is a good idea.
  • When inside the point, your team should be distracting the enemies, so you should be killing off enemy Scouts, and then picking off the classes which pose the biggest threat to your team's push. This should be relatively easy due to the explosives being laid down by your team.
  • Despite this, do not be surprised if you and your team are forced back out of the point from another wave of enemies, as this can happen often on this map, as such you should try and kill off the enemies as fast as possible.
  • In this area, the point itself is also quite open, so it is perfectly possible to run on and off it to help capture, while dodging any enemy attacks, or simply to create a distraction.
  • Your biggest threat here will be an enemy Heavy. If you see one, try and keep out of the way of his Minigun, get behind him, or just run away.
Attacking Control Point 1/5
  • This area is quite nice for a Scout to attack, it's wide open with lots of ways around the enemy, making it hard for them to trap you with explosives.
  • Of course, your main priority is to keep enemy Scouts off your team or from back-capping, and then to pick off any Demomen, Medics, Heavies, etc., that appear.
  • This area can be a problem if Engineers have built up Sentry Gun nests, so do check the area through the glass partitions and wait for your team to destroy them if this is the case.
  • The lack of glass behind the final point here makes it incredibly easy to jump on from behind, so if the enemies are not looking, you can easily grab your team a win here.


Defending Control Point 3
  • This is not a situation which arises often on this map due to respawn timers and the like.
  • If as a Scout you do find yourself having to defend the middle point, all you can do is watch the exits from the second point, so simply watch the side the bulk of your team is not watching so you can draw attention to the area if needed. Also using the Force-A-Nature, or just a double jump and crouch to gain access to the roof of the point and shooting down on the enemies is a valid strategy that will surprise enemies.
  • If you are on your own here the enemy team will not hesitate in moving out, so hiding on the walkways that allow entry to the point can put you in perfect position for a back-cap.
  • As a general tip, you want to stick with your team on this area; there are few opportunities to get behind the enemy, and your team will need all the help they can get holding the enemies back.
Defending Control Point 2/4
  • In this area Scouts should be watching the left hand tunnel and not much else. Your team will usually be holding the right hand side, and the middle area is spammed easily by your team should you ask them to watch it.
  • The most use you can be here is to make sure nobody sneaks into the point to attack your Medic, and perhaps attempt to sneak out of the stairs to the outer walkways from the middle area of the point.
  • As per usual when the enemy moves in, waiting in secluded areas to ambush them, or harassing and killing off weakened players is the order of the day.
  • Much the same applies to when you've been able to sneak out. However, if your team is confident they can hold off an enemy push, attempt a back-cap on the middle point, as it can force some of the enemy team to fall back to you, allowing your team to push out more easily.
Defending Control Point 1/5
  • The openness of this area works against a Scout on defense, you can watch the far left and right sides, but you run the risk of being killed by enemy explosives.
  • Here as a Scout, you will probably want to hide yourself somewhere to assault enemies as they come past you, or run behind them to back-cap the final point as your team holds the final point. At the very least, you'll distract the enemy for a short time.
  • Usual Scout tactics apply during an enemy push; keep out of the way of the ÜberCharge and harass anyone who you can get to.
  • If you have been pushed back all the way to your last point, you should consider switching classes.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier


Attacking Control Point 3
  • Rocket Jump onto the roof of the control point and then fire down rockets on enemies defending Control Point 3. This is very devastating for the enemy; often they do not expect it and a couple of well-placed rockets can take out the majority of the defenders. However, be careful of Snipers when on the roof of the control point.
  • Rocket Jumping up to the ledge on the left hand can ambush unsuspecting enemies who are attacking the middle point.
  • Since the middle control point is an enclosed area, doing overall damage is not a problem.
Attacking Control Point 2/4
  • Traveling down the left hand side of the map up the ramp to the Control Point will give you good visibility of the area and a height advantage against defenders. After taking damage and distracting enemies, retreat to the medium med kit to heal up and continue your assault.
  • If there is a Sentry Gun set up, try to use flanks where you can get a good view of the Sentry to attack it.
Attacking Control Point 1/5
  • The long sight lines can work in your favor, and the flat area is good for bombarding many defenders with splash damage.
  • If the defenders are standing on the point to prevent capture, bombarding the point with rockets is a good way maintain continuous damage, so they will either have to leave to get health or die defending.


Defending Control Point 3
  • Like attacking, rocket jumping onto the roof of the control point and firing down at the attacking force works very well at getting rid of the attacking team.
Defending Control Point 2/4
  • The left flank is a closed area which is good for suppressive fire against attackers if many of them are pushing from that direction.
  • If your team has a Sentry defending the point, try to kill enemies who are trying to stay out of the Sentry Gun's line of sight, or who are distracted and trying to attack the Sentry from a distance.
Defending Control Point 1/5
  • The right path is a good area for Soldiers to bombard any attacker that comes through. You will have the height advantage and will be able to see them coming.
  • Standing between the middle pillars and waiting for specific or important targets to show, like Medics, can pay off, especially the Medic has an ÜberCharge.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

General tips

  • There are a lot of side routes on this map, so make use of them.
  • Control Points 2/4 and 1/5 have wide open spaces, which makes you less effective.


Attacking Control Point 3
  • It is easy to get behind the house and flank the enemies if they are capturing or defending, and singe everyone on the point.
  • Avoid going to the point and flame everyone going to the health kits.
  • This area is very wide open so you may be at a disadvantage if Soldiers or Heavies see you coming.
  • Setting as many enemies on fire as you can and then retreating makes them fall back, as there are not enough health kits for everyone.
Attacking Control Point 2/4
  • As always, flank routes are important for surprising the enemy and getting up close.
  • If they have a Sentry Gun, there is little you can do. Try attacking it with a Shotgun or Flare Gun to distract the Engineer, until another class who is more effective against the Sentry arrives.
Attacking Control Point 1/5
  • Another wide open space, which can be bad for Pyros.
  • If the defenders see you coming, they will attack you before you get too close.
  • If your team has prepared an ÜberCharge, try watching the attacking force's back so that no Spies can interfere.


Defending Control Point 3
  • The Control Point, which is enclosed in a small house like structure with two entrances, is an ideal ambushing location due to how enclosed it is, and how hard it is to see around corners. Try to avoid standing out in the open near the fences however, as this is where Pyros are at a disadvantage due to their small range despite being near the health packs.
  • Hiding behind rocks or near the health kits is a good way to ambush people who are trying to flank your team or are low on health.
Defending Control Point 2/4
  • Clearing out the right flank with the Flamethrower by going around the boxes and dropping behind attackers.
  • If no attackers are coming through this way, consider going out the door to catch some attackers who are in the middle entrance off guard.

Defending Control Point 1/5
  • Again, this area is wide open and if an enemy sees you, he will attack you before you get close enough to deal damage.
  • Keeping Sentry Guns up is important for defense on this map; make sure that no Spies are able to kill the Engineers or destroy Sentry Guns.
  • If the attackers use an ÜberCharge to try to destroy the Sentry Gun, use the compression blast to foil them.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman


  • Consider using the Scottish Resistance on this map. The low number of access routes to each point combined with selective detonation can allow a capable Demoman to singlehandedly defend a point.


Attacking Point 3
  • Engineers often build in the central building containing the point, so taking the right hand pathway from your base lets you lob grenades and stickies at their encampments from a position of relative safety.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy


  • Because the battlements are so spread out, consider using the GRU on this map.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer


  • Your Sentry Guns are especially useful on the last two points to either side as the two points are located in a relatively enclosed space. However, all good positions are typically exposed, so be prepared to lose your Sentry if the opposing team makes a strong push.
  • When defending the mid point (either while capping it or when the enemy team is making a push), a Sentry Gun of any level placed on the enemy cliffs (those directly across from the control point) will often catch people off guard. You'll need to jump in order to place the Sentry correctly. This position covers the entire point and will almost certainly surprise several attackers, although once surpassed it can be easily spammed.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic


  • Because the battlements are so spread out and Sentry Guns have a high efficiency on this map, the standard Medi Gun is typically the best choice.
  • Make sure to watch out for Snipers at Control Point 3. They have a long line of sight on you.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper


  • Snipers have the highest efficiency on the middle point, as the entire area is open and exposed.
  • Inversely, a Sniper's efficiency drops dramatically on the last two points, as they are both located indoors.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy


  • Since this can be a very enclosing map at times, try to wait in corners for enemies to pass, and then stab them. While doing this, be sure to look out for enemies behind the target.
  • Take corners loosely on this map. You never know when an enemy Pyro will pop out in front of you.
  • If you can loiter around the enemy's first two control points. In this area is where you will find the most distracted enemies, which are easy backstabs.