Community Well (Control Point) strategy

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Well (Control Point)
TF2 Well Map.jpg
Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_well
Released: October 10, 2007
Variants: Arena and Capture the Flag
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Industrial
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Hazards: Trains
Deep Water: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×6  •  Mediumhealth.png ×5
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×6   •   Mediumammo.png ×11
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Well (Control Point) overview.png
This article is about strategy specific to the Control Point variant of Well. For strategy specific to the Arena variant, see Community Well (Arena) strategy. For strategy specific to the Capture the Flag variant, see Community Well (Capture the Flag) strategy.

This article is about Community Well (Control Point) strategy.

Note: It is recommended to read the main Well (Control Point) article first to become familiar with the names of key map locations used in this article.

General strategy


Attacking Control Point 2/4

  • These control points are the easiest points for the defenders to take back. Engineers must make sure to build Teleporters on the front lines so that the offense does not take too much time to get back to the front lines after respawning.
  • Make sure to look out for Sentry Guns when entering the building, as the hallway that you see when you first come in is a popular place to build guns, as is the room directly in-between the 2 hallways.
  • During the set up period, it is possible for Scouts to leap over into the enemy team's half of the map, by jumping onto the third point's Sniper balcony, then double jumping onto the train cars and over the enemies. If you trust your team to capture the third point, an unnoticed Scout can easily backcap the second and first points before the enemy can respawn and establish defenses, or at the very least stall them long enough for stronger offense to arrive. In a pinch, Soldiers and Demomen can achieve this with rocket and sticky jumps, but they are more likely to be noticed and are sitting ducks against the team likely huddled around point 3.

Attacking Control Point 1/5

  • This Control point is usually the easiest to capture if the enemy makes bad moves due to their lack of coordination and panic at this time. It is important to know that even though there are a lot of enemies in the area, there are also the same number of allies.
  • There are 2 tunnels leading to the room that control points 1 or 5 are located in. Be sure to watch for Sentry Guns in this area (specifically around the corner), as this is a very popular place to build them. If you manage to take out all the Sentry Guns in this area, there is usually no way for an enemy Engineer to rebuild a Sentry Gun due to your team occupying this area.
  • This is a great map for Spies to win capture points on, especially points 1 and 5. The point closest to the enemy spawn will often remain unguarded when the fighting is concentrated toward the middle of the map. A Spy can slip undetected to the rear of the enemy base, and if a quick push to take the second point is accomplished by the rest of the team, the Spy can simply step out of hiding and backcap the final point without taking a bullet. Spies can also have a fairly decent run of the enemy base if the Engineers are pushing forward with the rest of the team. Often, there will be unattended Teleporters near the enemy spawn points that can be sapped for easy points. This will slow down the enemy's forward advance and keep their Engineers busy.


Defending Control Point 3

  • This Control point is the most active one, so defending it is key to a quick victory. There are many ways in which to defend it, and many that must be utilized.
    • There is a Water tunnel in a small room under the Sniper deck that classes such as Spies like to come through. Just keep an eye on this at some points, even though it is not a very common way to travel.
    • The side entrances to the point are easily defended by a player (usually not a Sentry Gun, for they are too vulnerable at such an active point) on the lower level, or better yet standing on the control point.
    • The actual control point is most easily defended by a player or Sentry Gun standing on the Sniper deck facing the control point. Another good way to defend here is to place some Stickybombs here if you are playing Demoman. Although this leaves you little cover from your left, right, or rear while you are watching the point. If this is the case, then keep moving around to avoid Spies and watch out for any enemies coming from the side entrances. If you are on the enemy side of the neutral building, watch out for enemy Snipers on the Control Point 2 or 4 Sniper deck.
    • During the set up period, Soldiers and Demomen can propel themselves over the train cars on the outside of the neutral building, and into the midst of the enemy. Depending on the Soldier or Demoman's ability, he might be able to wreck havoc upon the enemy, especially if he targets the Medics and kills them before the enemies realize they're being attacked. However, this is usually suicidal against well-coordinated teams.
    • There is a small Sniper deck with open sides that a Sniper, Demoman, or Soldier can defend from. This area is most vulnerable from the Control Point 2 or 4 Sniper deck or the yard itself.
    • If a Scout is on the RED team, he can jump onto this platform and with careful practice and timing, double jump onto a lamp-post which is on the left side of the map and then they can double jump onto the stationary train car and reach the other side before the match starts. This platform is great for ambushes with any of the classes mentioned.

Defending Control Point 2/4

  • There is no perfect place to defend here, as it is a medium-sized open room, and in a chaotic situation you may find enemy defenders scrambling about in different areas. However some areas are significantly more advantageous than others. Here are some of the points:
    • The yard is a somewhat large area in front of the base between the base and the neutral building, and contains a few good places to defend:
      • A Sentry Gun or player can go behind one of the train cars on either side of the yard to hinder enemies coming through the center. It is very hard to assault this position without poking your head out to shoot unless you sticky or rocket jump onto the train car. It is even harder to assault when there is a sentry on both sides.
      • A Sentry Gun or player can also go to the side of the base's entrance next to the gate. While this works poorly on enemies coming in, it works very well on enemies coming out. By the time they open the gate and realize they are being shot, it is usually too late. The victim of the attack will either die or have to waste time going back for health.
      • As a less common defense approach, you can defend in the general area of the yard on the side of the train cars closest to the neutral building. This way, you will be close to the exits of the building to catch any exiting enemies off-guard. The only things to watch for then are enemies jumping down from the Sniper deck onto your head (almost quite literally), and enemies on ground level that just came from the opposite exit.
    • The inside of the base has about as many places to defend as the outside.
      • Standing next to the entrances will ensure a close-combat situation with an enemy trying to enter.
      • Standing on the elevated ledge around the lower lobby of the interior can be good for long-ranged classes and for buildings like Soldiers, Sentry Guns , and Snipers, but it does not support a very large area of defense. There are not a lot of visible areas that the enemy team travels through a lot that are easy for you to defend. Jumping down and ambushing someone from here may work, though.
    • Right in front of the door is a popular place to put a Sentry Gun, but it is easily taken out by a team of two: a door opener and a Sniper to shoot the Sentry Gun while the door is open.
    • If you go upstairs, there is a Sniper deck that overlooks that team's yard and the Sniper deck of Control Point 3.

Defending Control Points 1/5

  • If you build a Sentry Gun on the point, the gun is vulnerable from both entrances into the room but covers a large area, so it can push back or slow down invading the enemy long enough for players to confront them directly. If you do this, make sure you build a Dispenser near the Sentry to allow the guns to be repaired by an Engineer very quickly. It is also possible to put a Sentry Gun or player on the wall between the two entrances, but the player or sentry in question would have to cover and be vulnerable by a 180° angle. The sentry would also be incapable of attacking players hugging the wall on either side.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

  • The Scout Rush is not particularly a good idea on this map. Although the center control point is easy enough, the entrances to the bases can be easily covered by Sentry Guns, and the train yards are very heavily favored towards Snipers.
  • In general, tactics for this map are roughly the same as for Granary. Don't forget to watch the water!
  • Before the round starts, you can get over the stationary train cars on both sides using only your double jump. Jump onto the ground-level railroad lights that blink when the train comes, then do a double jump directly onto the stationary train car. The second jump has to be timed perfectly, and it may take a few tries.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

  • You can Rocket Jump over trains and box cars, allowing you to flank enemies and take them by surprise.
  • The water exit from your base to the middle point is a great way to get behind your enemy if they have forward Sentry Guns up. Also, using this path during Sudden Death can be very effective, as you will often come up behind your enemies.
  • You can rocket jump from the first floor of your first point up to the surrounding balcony of the second floor. This is a good way to get to the upper levels of your base quickly, if enemies are making a push from the top of your base.
  • You can use your rockets' splash radius to damage enemies who are in the Sniper balconies by shooting directly upwards. This way, you can injure or kill them without entering their field of view at any time.
  • Standing on top of the box cars will give you a significant advantage over your enemies (especially other Soldiers) by making it easier for your rockets to inflict splash damage. When you are on the box cars, be wary of enemy Snipers.
  • You can rocket jump into the rafters in the first point room. Doing so will help you to hide from your enemies and ambush them from an unexpected angle.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

  • Use underwater passages to reach the enemy side of Control Point 3, ambushing them. The bridges can be used to provide cover, as well as an area to breathe without being noticed. Players will rarely go underwater, so devastating ambushes can be achieved fairly easily from seemingly open areas. But remember that fire-based weapons do not work underwater, so try to carry the Shotgun and a melee weapon other than the Axtinguisher or Postal Pummeler when attempting such ambushes.
  • Skilled Pyros can use compression blasts to push enemies around Control Point 3 into the path of oncoming trains. This can be effective in turning the tide of a battle.
  • Pyros fighting on Control Points 1 or 5 can use the upper levels to ambush enemies in the area. Although keep Sentry Gun placements in mind when taking this path, as the entire area is in the open with little in the way of cover. The shadows and pillars on the upper levels can provide concealment at a distance.
  • The multiple levels at Control Point 2 and Control Point 4 provide ample opportunity for well-timed ambushes from above. They also provide cover when attacking or defending from the ground floor; for example, enemy Sentry Guns placed on the walkways above the points can be edged with the primary weapon.
  • The Flare Gun or Manmelter may prove useful when dealing with enemy Snipers in the windows between Control Points 2 and 4, and Control Point 3. It also works from a distance at Control Points 1 and 5 to ignite Engineers, Snipers and Heavies guarding the final control point.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

  • To defend the second point on Well, place your Stickybombs on the ceiling above the Control point. They will be hard to see and very difficult to remove. A single detonation will clear the Control point if you have them spaced correctly.
  • When assaulting the middle point, fire Stickybombs at it when entering the area. You can then use these to clear the Control point or defend it for your team.
  • Place Stickybombs on the blind sides of the pillars in the second room when the Control point is already covered. These pillars are typically used to hide behind by teams assaulting the Control point.
  • Place lines of Stickybombs along the sides of the boxcars. Attackers typically skirt along these as cover from Snipers.
  • You can sticky jump over the trains and box cars to ambush your enemies. This isn't highly recommended since you lose much of your health.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

  • Try to traverse the open areas of this map as quickly as possible, as Snipers will often have an easy time killing you. If possible try to travel underwater or use the train cars as cover.
  • The indoors areas of the various control points can constrict enemy movements and make them easier to kill with your Minigun. However, always be wary of potential avenues of enemy approach as they can
  • Control points 2 and 4 are great for the Heavy as they are both indoors, and they offer good cover while still giving little room to move for the Heavy's opponents. In particular, try to attack from the second or third floors, as you can drop down from above to ambush enemies.
  • One tactic that most people don't expect is a Heavy attacking from above points 1 and 5. In particular, when defending, you can drop down directly onto the point and hold off enemies fairly reliably. Whenever possible, try to use the elevated terrain to protect yourself against any Snipers at ground level.
  • Don't underestimate the third floor approach between control points 1/5 and 2/4. It's a small space with very few exits, a considerable number of ammo and health pickups, and considerable cover from most of the areas of attack while providing a few good firing lines in return, and thus it allows a Heavy to hold it nearly single-handedly. Consider camping in this spot if your team is being pressed from above. Spies love this area, however, so a little paranoia will not hurt.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

Consider placing a Sentry Gun nest in the following areas:

  • In the rafters over the first Control point. This position takes the longest time by far to set up, but if you get a Teleporter into the rafters, the enemy team will have a very hard time trying to destroy it. In order to build a nest here:
    • Jump in front of the cabinet on the second level (right side) and drop a Teleporter exit on top of it. Next, build your Sentry Gun on top of the cabinet, just before the rafters, and then jump up.
    • Alternatively, jump onto the trolley at the side of the cabinet on the second level (right side) and then up on the cabinet (you have to get timing right and make sure you're on the left side of the trolley). Next build your Sentry Gun on top of the cabinet against the wall, just under the ledge. Jump on top of the Sentry Gun and then onto the ledge.
      • Once you're up there, rebuild the Teleporter exit so you don't have to go through that procedure again. If you build the Teleporter exit all the way in the corner, it's not visible and almost impossible to destroy (barring the Demoman's Stickybombs, but he will have to know exactly where it is). From here, you have several good Sentry Gun positions. Just watch the line of sight to the Sentry Gun, as just about everywhere is a good spot.
      • Note that some people consider this an exploit.
  • On the little catwalks on either side of the second Control point. Build the Sentry Gun in the corners further away from the point (where the Health pack spawns). If you build them close to the Control point, a Demoman or Soldier can use splash damage to destroy them. By building them on the side of the opening further away from the Control point, you not only gain more attack area inside the Control point, but also cover it from most splash damage.
  • Behind the first set of boxcars (between Control point 3 and Control point 2). If you build the Sentry Gun about halfway down the boxcar, it can't be splash damaged unless a Soldier rocket jumps over the boxcar, or a Demoman shoots grenades at it. This one works wonders as an Offensive Sentry Gun as well.
  • Against the wall facing Control point 3, in the enemies' Sniper nest. Because it is such an unlikely position, it's very unlikely that the enemy will come from your side when attacking the Control point. They'll either be jumping or rocket jumping up to the Sniper nest (which is covered by the Sentry Gun), or coming up the closer ramps (also covered by the Sentry Gun). Just make sure it's all the way against the wall, and in front of the doorway.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

  • It may be effective to equip a Kritzkrieg, due to the fact that many times (in the case of the last control point) enemies will be all congested together, allowing a patient such as a Heavy or a Soldier to do massive damage to many enemies at once.
  • Beware of Spies jumping out of the water to attack your patient. You can look behind you while healing to effectively watch your patient's back.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

  • Above your own Control Point 2 are some windows that give a great view to the building housing Control Point 3. Try hanging back from the window to squeeze in an unexpected shot on enemy Snipers.
  • Crouching can enable you to take out Sentry Guns by firing underneath the carriages.
  • If attacking the last point as a Sniper, remember that your line of sight is better on the higher approach, but this leaves you open to any enemies who successfully flank you. Stay alert for enemies moving on the same level as you, as the trip up to the attic from the ground is usually a long one, and most will take the direct (i.e., straight across) route.
  • The small space at the front of the boxcars (the side touching the building) separating teams at Point 3 is often a preferred spot to snipe through before the match starts — thus, don't hug up against that wall or the gate unless you plan to counter-snipe.
  • If sniping out the windows in the direction of Point 3, don't forget to check the water — enemies may sneak out of there while you're not looking, and that can end badly if they know you're up there.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

  • An effective start rush is to disguise, then swim so you're under the grate just as the round starts. As the grate opens, you go up and immediately Cloak, then go into the central Control point 3 and over to the ramp on the far side. As you run up, the opposing force should already be in front of you and you're at the back of the CP area, so you can uncloak as you go up; then you'll be standing right behind a bunch of players who are typically busy firing at your teammates on the other side of the CP itself.
  • Lots of swimming: Swim out of your base and into the center of the map (where the trains pass), cloaking just as you pop out of the water. Remain invisible until you've reached the water entrance on the other side of the tracks. The water makes a great place to Cloak/decloak and change disguises unsupervised, as most other classes don't use the water tunnels at all. However, do note that coming out of water while cloaked makes a water-dripping outline appear for several seconds.
  • Fighting generally happens in clusters on Well, and when the middle point is being fought over, the first and sometimes second enemy points may be entirely undefended. This is a great opportunity for the patient Spy to capture points solo, especially the final point, which can be captured by a single combatant in two seconds. A Spy seeing his team pushing hard on point 2 can slip to the rear of the base and stay hidden, waiting for the moment point 2 is taken. Then he can step out of hiding and quickly backcap the final point, winning the round.
  • Since Well is such a long map, enemy Engineers will often drop Teleporter entrances outside their first spawn point, and then build their Sentry Guns near capture point 2 or 3. As a result, a Spy who manages to infiltrate all the way to the rear of the enemy base can easily score points by sapping these unattended Teleporters. Better yet, stand behind an exit Teleporter and stab people just as they come out.
  • When a point is being hotly contested, freshly spawned combatants on the offense (Soldiers, Heavies, Demomen, and Medics) will rush out of their spawn and hustle into combat, one after the other. A Spy waiting just outside the base can tag along behind them, backstabbing as he goes, often taking out an entire string of enemies who are too busy to look behind them.