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Steel Main.png
Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_steel
Released: August 19, 2008 Patch
(Heavy Update)
Developer(s): Jamie "Fishbus" Manson
Dan "Irish Taxi Driver" Merboth
Map Info
Environment: Industrial
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Hazards: Pit, Rocket exhaust path
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×3  •  Mediumhealth.png ×11  •  
Largehealth.png ×4
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×3   •   Mediumammo.png ×9   •  
Largeammo.png ×5
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Steel overview.png

This article is about Community Steel strategy.

Note: It is recommended to read the main Steel article first to become familiar with the names of key map locations used in this article.

General strategy


  • Every point has a large Health kit and large Ammo crate near them. Memorize their locations for when you need them!
  • Notice that whenever you're traveling your way along past B, there is a path that leads to E. One part of the team should go for A, B, C, and D while others go for E. This will confuse the defending team in what points to defend. You will also get more time to capture E while your other teammates capture the other four points.

Point A

  • The rocky outcrops on the ground route to the point provide as suitable platforms for Scouts and Soldiers to use in harassing enemies from above.
  • The rooftops in this area also serve for this purpose.
  • If you are on the hill, take note that you are not completely safe. Scouts, Soldiers, Demomen, and Pyros with the Detonator can easily make their way onto the hill, so always be on guard, even when ducking into cover.
  • If the team has a ÜberCharge ready, it is advised to take the hill route, for you instantly have almost complete coverage of the entire point.
  • Don't split your team up too much attempting to take E before A is captured. If not enough team members are concentrating on A, and instead are attempting to distract with capping E, the round may be lost early due to poor offense. If the RED team isn't being fazed by your attempts at E, give up on E and refocus on taking A.
  • Upon capturing A, as BLU, you will be presented with another route to circle around the RED team. Most classes can effectively utilize the background routes to catch defenders off-guard. Additionally, BLU members may choose to take the Point A-B corridor to regroup with the rest of the BLU team to contest B.
  • In competitive play, the RED team will usually leave Point A in favor of fortifying Point B. The BLU team will either launch a full offensive to capture Point A as quickly as possible, or have a Scout and Soldier to do this, while the latter of the team apply pressure to Point B.
  • When the point has been secured, beware of the doors that open next to the point. RED enemies may be waiting to ambush you.
    • Additionally, always check the room overlooking Point E near the Point A exit. Spies or Pyros usually like to hang out here.

Point B

  • Since the point is in an open-air area, Soldiers and Demomen can easily get the jump on enemies.
    • But also beware of enemies also doing this, as they also have the height advantage due to coming from higher terrain.
  • The stairwell outside the spawn is a good vantage point for Snipers, with the hut providing as effective cover too. Engineers may also like to set up and wrangle Sentry Guns here.
  • Be careful when leaving your spawn area leading to B. The RED team can place Stickybomb Traps on the rims of the door, so try and bait them into pre-detonating any sticky traps. Using the planks on the walls provides a good way to avoid incoming fire while getting the drop on enemies with a surprise attack around the corner to Point B.
  • After capturing A, it is often a good idea to send some of the BLU team through the large gate from Point A. This allows them to backtrack behind RED's defenses, which will force them to defend not only from the BLU spawn area, but also from Point E.
  • Since it's an open area with a wide access area to the point, save ÜberCharges until you are close to the point itself. Prioritize destroying any Sentry Guns as destroying them will allow the rest of the BLU team to push upwards and force RED out of the B Point arena.
  • Same principle as Point A, when you have captured the point, check the area outside the RED spawn for any enemies that are seeking an ambush attack. Be sure to check thoroughly for any RED teleport exits, as if one is active here, the RED team can easily backtrack behind the BLU team's offense.
  • At this time in the match, this is the ideal time for BLU Engineers to sneakily set up Teleporter bases behind the enemy lines, since the REDs are still concentrated in the forward spawn. By using the less-traveled routes, you can easily set up without anyone knowing. When the point is secured, you will have already readied a forward base to help the team push on.

Point C

  • The opening time of the gate along the outside route to Point C is slow, so it is advised to use the indoor routes to get to the point if you do not want to let the enemy team reestablish a defense.
  • The rocky mounds on the outside route provide effective cover and firing positions for Snipers. The corridor with the slow opening gate to C is also a good spot for teleporter exits. Use the elevated height advantage to rain down fire on enemy positions on Point C, and RED members leaving their spawn door.
  • The BLU Team has a total of 4 different routes to take to this point. Know them well, and use whichever one is appropriate for the situation at hand.
  • If you are not a Soldier or Demoman, it is advised that you take the walled ramp up to the point, rather than the stairwell next to it. If you use the stairwell, you are completely open to REDs on the ledges above.
  • In competitive play, capturing Point C is relatively unopposed as the RED team will usually not defend this point, rather setting up defense for Point E.
  • For the ÜberCharge, it is generally a better idea to take the long back route, going through Point D, to surprise enemies right outside their spawn point. This method can be crucial in a successful capture.
    • This can apply for any class/attack force that can easily throw the enemy team off-guard.

Point D

  • This point, again, has 4 different routes to choose from, though because some are right outside the RED spawn and across Point E; it is generally downsized to the two directly leading from A.
  • At this point, the round involves more close quarter fighting. Take note of this and change your class or methods of fighting appropriately.
  • Take advantage of the fact that because Point E is vulnerable, RED team is more likely to position their Sentry Guns and sticky traps on E rather than D. Use this knowledge to properly plan your push onto D.
  • ÜberCharges work very effectively on this point, since it is in a confined, indoor area.
  • You are constantly at threat from opponents from all sides when attacking D. Always be alert and attentive of the situation.
  • Take priority to secure the lobby area and control room linking Point A to Point D. By doing so, your team will force the RED team to one side of the map while you can freely rotate, while applying maximum pressure to Point D and E.
  • When taking the A-D corridor, avoid taking the control room corridor (Gate 3) to Point D. There is a window there that will alert the RED team of an incoming BLU team push onto Point D. Use the elbow connecting pathway (Gate 4) into D - It is much quicker, harder to identify and much more efficient.
  • In competitive play, BLU will not usually capture D. However, they may choose to start capping Point D and Point E at the same time to divert the RED team's defenses.
  • Be careful when taking the corridor linking Point C to D. RED team members are able to see you move down the corridor in their spawn, allowing them to gain the element of surprise from their spawn doors. Avoid sending too many team members at once to contest Point D through this corridor.

Point E

  • This point is accessible for the entire round but only becomes fully accessible for all classes when Point C is captured. While it is a plausible strategy to try and take it now, it takes longer to capture than it does with Point D closed. You are at more risk of being pushed into the pit, while capturing D creates guardrails on the walkways. The REDs also have their closest spawn exit shut off with D secured.
  • At the same time, capturing E point at any time forces the RED team into an ultimatum, and they will have to waste time and resources to get you off the point. If your team is having trouble capping one of the other points, have a go at E and force them to divide their impenetrable defense.
  • The windows by Point A serve as a vantage point to E, so they can be used to more easily eliminate any Sentry Guns defending E or serve as an effective sniping spot.
  • The pit is there for all to use. Try your best to fling REDs into the chasm below.
  • Because you now have secured a large portion of the map, it is easy to pressurize the REDs into submission. Never get overconfident, though. They can easily pull through with a good defense.
  • ÜberCharges are ill-advised on this point, due to the chance of falling to your death. Try using them as distractions from the side route rather than on the point itself.
  • Attacking this point at the very beginning of the round is a good way to surprise the enemy team, and if you get enough people on the point, you just might pull off a quick win.


  • RED should always have point E protected by a Sentry Gun or stickies; never leave it unattended, even if Point A has yet to be taken but especially after it has been.
  • The pipes and platform beneath E can be traveled down and built on. This is a useful spot for a Sentry Gun as it can cover the areas around the point.
    • Note, however, that when the walkways extend after Point C is taken; it obscures the Sentry Gun's sight, so it won't be able to cover the walkways. Keep this in mind.
  • Save your ÜberCharge for defending on top of the point itself, for obvious reasons.
  • It is a good idea to have one or two classes defending B from the very beginning, because the enemy team has to pass through there to back cap you.

Point A

  • Here, the routes BLU will take are easy to anticipate. You can easily defend both exits from one place.
  • Engineers should always build around the point, rather than up in front of the BLU spawn. You are closer to your own spawn and the BLUs are further away from theirs. Simple.
  • Use appropriate classes in this situation. Pyros are only effective on the point itself, and Spies will generally find it hard to be stealthy in this area.
  • Place yourself in a position where you can harass enemies at the spawn gates and keep an eye on the point; you never know when someone may take the other route behind your back.
  • Worse comes to worst and the enemies are capturing the point, you can try and hide behind the blast doors that open next to A when it is taken. This can provide for an effective ambush.
  • Remember to always keep an eye on E as well. If the BLUs do go for it, notify teammates and send an appropriate defense force to take care of the problem.

Point B

  • This now means that the BLUs have access to the rest of the base through more than one access point. It is a good idea, if no one else is doing so, to take precautionary patrols around the base, to see if any attackers are trying to sneak around.
  • The large Ammo crate right next to the point allows Engineers to quickly deploy their buildings. Try to always go for it before allies accidentally walk over it in the crossfire.
  • The windowed room above the small Health kit which overlooks the point is good for Soldiers and Demomen to defend while undercover. Snipers can also use this, but note that the windows are small and make it difficult to aim when scoped in.
  • Keep an eye on the corridor that leads to Point E whenever exiting the spawn. Enemies can have easily used the backdoor route and can easily get the jump on you if you're on the point.
  • Try not to venture out too far into the open area. Because of the cover, large Health kit and Ammo crate, and spawn room, it will be difficult to hold out for long without a Medic. Stay around the point.
  • If the point is being captured, try sneaking down the route to C as an Engineer or Demoman. Once the enemies capture it, you will have made a small base or sticky nest here, and this effectively blocks off one of their four routes for a period of time.

Point C

  • Because of the many access points BLU has now, it is more difficult to defend from one spot. Communication from this point on becomes vital in the team.
  • If the enemy team is capturing points at quite a fast pace, it may be good to set up defenses on D and E as precautions to slow their advance while they're preoccupied with C.
  • Note that Point C is elevated, thus the RED team has a protective height advantage. Use the sheltered corridor and stairwell to fire down at enemies.
  • When leaving the spawn door to Point C, there are two exits to Point C. Use both effectively - By distracting BLU by directly approaching the point from one exit, use the other exit to get behind them and launch a surprise attack.
  • Make good use of the cover provided by the paths near the point; it's easy to get picked off by Snipers on the rocky outcrops opposite your position.
  • There are small gaps in the rafters in the sheltered part above the point. Soldiers and Scouts can hide in these gaps to get the jump on people capping.
    • However, because they are quite in the open, do not rely on them for absolute stealth.
  • Remember, backdoor routes are there for you to use too. Sneak around the assaulting enemies to create awkward situations for them.

Point D

  • Since the style of combat changes to indoor environments, change your strategies accordingly.
  • Point D is only accessible by one route that doesn't go passed your spawn; assuming your spawn is properly guarded, it is easy to focus your defense at one point.
  • Note, however, that E is fully accessible to all now, so keep an eye on it too.
  • Use the Point E spawn exit to ambush BLUs from the side when they are attacking Point D.
  • Point D is surrounded by elevated paths from the spawn. Use the height advantage and cover provided.
  • Make it a priority to hold the BLU team back in the lobby area linking Point A to D. By controlling this corridor, the RED team can assert increased control of the map, forcing BLU to take disadvantageous routes like the corridor linking Point C to D.
  • Use the corridor linking Control Point C to D to your advantage ! A thin, crammed corridor next to your spawn room gives you invaluable information of a BLU push towards Point D, while allowing your team to set up traps like Stickybomb traps to eliminate large amounts of their team at once.

Point E

  • The final point is the hardest point to defend, but also the hardest to capture. Try to push it more towards the latter.
  • Engineers with their Sentry Guns should keep an eye out for Snipers and Soldiers across the chasm, especially in the windowed room from A. Use the Wrangler to scare them off or tell teammates to take care of the threats.
  • Remember, the point is harder to defend than before because of your main access to Point E being sealed off. Don't let this dampen your spirits; get in there as quick as you can from the routes still available to you.
  • When D is captured, try and disorientate any BLU members on the point. Use the top and bottom corridors linking C to E to fire Rockets and Stickies onto the point. The lower corridor can be effective as you are harder to spot by the enemy while you fire beneath them. The short corridor linking D to E is risky as the BLU team will anticipate your movement due to it being the shortest flanking route to E.
  • While you cannot circle around them, you can definitely flank them. Remember, the routes leading from Points C and D are still available to use.
  • Use an Airblast to knock enemies into the chasm below. Rockets and Stickies work too.
  • While Stickies cannot be placed on the walkways themselves, they can be placed on the ends or on the point itself. Position them to either knock enemies into the pit or outright kill them.
  • The room above the spawn with the medium Health kit and Ammo crate is a good vantage point for Snipers and Soldiers, and also a good recovery point when one takes too much damage in the crossfire.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

  • When attacking as a Scout, try to go for Point E with a few other players. If you are going alone, remember that RED can still get to point E from their spawn. You can get killed easily if you go alone with no protection, so ensure that a teammate either captures or defends E while the capture progresses. By putting constant pressure on Point E, you will help your team capture other points easier by diverting RED forces to the central objective.
  • If you are not going to Point E, then you will want to help your teammates destroy Sentry Guns by equipping Bonk! Atomic Punch. Stand near the Sentry (after drinking of course) to distract it to allow your team to demolish it safely. Using the Bonk! Atomic Punch in the corridor linking Point C to Point D is an effective idea to avoid taking large amounts of damage.
  • There are many narrow paths such as hallways on this map. These hallways will make it a lot easier hit enemies with the Flying Guillotine, Sandman, or Wrap Assassin than in the outdoor areas.
  • Under point E, there is a pit where enemies can be knocked into. Use the Force-A-Nature to knock enemies into the pit. Be careful though, enemies could survive the fall if they land on one of the pipes or the ledge that you can see under the point.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

  • Soldiers should go to point E when starting off; they can Rocket Jump to the point to capture it. Using the Rocket Jumper and Shotgun combo would work best so you do not loose health whenever you Rocket Jump over to the point and with the Shotgun, you still have a good way to defend yourself from enemies. If you would prefer having a Rocket Launcher to deal damage with, use the Gunboats to reduce your damage from Rocket Jumping that comes from any explosive weapon.
  • Rocket Jumping on this map is a good use of transportation if a Engineer is not supplying a Teleporter at the moment. Use the Rocket Jumper to travel quickly along this map without taking much damage. Again you will need an offensive weapon, so use the Shotgun. Another option of this would be to use the Gunboats.
  • Soldiers are great for taking out Sentry Guns on this map. Make sure a Medic is healing you and popping their ÜberCharge on you to be able to destroy Sentry Guns, and move forward.
  • The Pain Train is an excellent option on offense for Steel, as most of your time will be devoted to capturing points. Keep in mind that you will be taking extra damage against bullet weaponry, so ask your Medic to prioritize on Overhealing you to help negate this!
  • Using the Battalion's Backup can help your team survive on contesting points! Use it when either when your team is ready to push for the point or when strong enemies are capturing your point.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

  • Pyros on this map are great at defending. When an enemy is capturing E, you can force them into the pit using your Airblast. Avoid using this tactic when using the Backburner since you will use up 25% of your ammo doing this.
    • Pyros can get a similar effect at B and C, which can bring the enemy to lower ground.
  • Pyros can hide in small corners and turns that are around this map to ambush enemy players that are passing through. Use the Backburner when doing this so you can get Critical hits when you burn them from behind.
  • Offensive Pyros are not very helpful on the first three Control Points of this map, since these points are outside and are very open spaced. If anything, a Pyro should deflect any projectiles such as Rockets, Arrows, Grenades, or Stickybombs.
    • Keep in mind of the flank to other points once A is captured, balanced by the travel time. If you choose to take this flank route, look for 'backed up' enemies like Snipers or Medics who are hiding a bit before a point and take them out!

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

  • Demomen on this map are useful for defending, they can set up Stickybomb Traps around door frames and launch Grenades from long distances. Use the default Grenade Launcher to get a good distance with these Grenades and be able to bounce them off walls to destroy Engineer nests. For such Stickybomb traps, use the Scottish Resistance to set up more than eight stickybombs and be able to set them off at different times. This is useful to defend multiple paths that are going towards a Control Point.
  • It's actually possible for a RED Demoman to shoot stickies over the roofs into the BLU spawn area before the round starts. It takes practice and a lot of luck with respect to where players are standing, but it's always funny when a Medic drops a full ÜberCharge before the gate opens.
  • Demoknights are also well on this map since there are long hallways where they can use the Chargin' Targe to charge straight at enemies. Use these hallways to trap enemies from being able to avoid your charge.
  • Demomen can use the Sticky Jumper to jump onto point E when the bridge to the point isn't up yet. Use this to capture the point before the bridge is up.
    • The Chargin' Targe or Splendid Screen can also accomplish this, but make sure to attack once on the point so you don't fall down the pit!

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

  • Heavies are great for attacking on this map. Consider using the Brass Beast for its increased damage, this is great for destroying Sentry Guns and killing enemy players that are in your way.
  • A defending Heavy should defend E since enemy players can still get through here before capturing A. A Heavy should be the one defending here since few players go to E first and will be an easy kill.
    • The Sandvich will also help you keep position while staying full on health (and hunger!).
  • When a Heavy attacks, they should be going for Control point A to get more time for the team. It is useless for a Heavy to go to capture point E since there is no way for the Heavy to get on point E until point C gets captured by BLU.
  • When A is captured but B is not, the Heavy and Medic can camp the spawn door to E while the Soldier and Scout cap E and the rest of the team watches the flank. This works because a Heavy fires "from his head" and can hide behind the raised platform in front of the spawn door while shooting anything that comes out.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

  • When defending as an Engineer, defending points A, B, C, and D are great. You can easily stop the other team from gaining more time to capture E. Be sure to choose your Sentry spot wisely.
  • In competitive play, Point A is considered largely indefensible, so it is very common for Engineers to build at B during setup. Once Point B is captured, Engineers will usually begin to defend Point E.
  • Spies can be a problem on this map since they have multiple ways to get behind you after capturing point A. Make sure to use the Southern Hospitality to make invisible Spies visible by having the bleed effect on them.
  • Attacking Engineers on this map are useful since they can easily build a teleporter to point E from the start of the round. There is a small room near point E that they can camp in. This is an ideal spot since it contains a health kit and ammo kit. By setting up a Sentry Gun on the ramp overlooking Point E, the BLU team has a much higher chance of capturing E, as long as they can repel attacks from the RED team's spawn door to E.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

  • When Medics are attacking, they should be using the Default Medi Gun or Quick-Fix. You will need these types of ÜberCharges to destroy Sentry Guns. Medics should be going with Heavies that are gaining more time by capturing points A, B, C, and D.
  • Using the Kritzkrieg's ÜberCharge on Heavies is not useful since the Heavy should have normal ÜberCharges to take out Sentry Guns. Using the ÜberCharge of the Kritzkrieg on Soldiers when killing enemies in long hallways is good since the Critical rocket will kill multiple people at once.
  • Defending Medics should always stay near teammates since there could be Spies roaming around the map. Healing a Pyro or a Heavy using the Huo-Long Heater are the best choices.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

  • Snipers on this map are best at defending points D and E with the Huntsman. Shooting your arrows down the long hallways located near here has a better chance of hitting enemies with your arrows.
  • Whenever an enemy is attempting to capture E, while B is still locked, you cannot forget that you have a Sniper spot in the spawn that looks into the room where point E is. This is an ideal place to switch from defending point A to E at times whenever it is needed.
    • If you are having trouble getting any shots on the attacker(s), ask your team for assistance! The first spawn has easy access to E by taking a right when spawning, making it easy for your team to jump in and help.
  • When defending C, help your Engineer(s) out by taking out any enemy Snipers, as they have good sight lines for many possible sentry nests. That said, it also means you will have a harder time sniping a bit more safely/securely if you don't.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

  • Attacking Spies are very useful on this map. They can take the multiple paths given to get behind Engineer nests and enemy Medics. Use this to weaken the opposing team's defense.
  • Using the Dead Ringer's Cloak on this map is useful to fake your death whenever you need to. You can easily flee to another area before an enemy catches you.
  • When defending, up until C is unlocked, it is highly recommended to use the Cloak and Dagger. Due to the lack of sufficient flanks to pass the enemy team reliably, you can stay cloaked in a corner, and uncloak whenever a vulnerable target appears.