Community Powerhouse strategy

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Community Powerhouse strategy
Cp powerhouse.png
Basic information
Map type Control Point
File name: cp_powerhouse
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Industrial
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Deep Water: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×7   •   Mediumhealth.png ×8   •   Largehealth.png ×2
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×3   •   Mediumammo.png ×10   •   Largeammo.png ×2

This article is about Community Powerhouse strategy.

Note: It is recommended to read the main Powerhouse article first to become familiar with the names of key map locations used in this article.

General strategy

  • As this map has three control points instead of five, capturing goes a lot faster. Make sure that the middle control point is protected or else the battle can easily swing in the opposite direction.
  • This map has many different paths you can take. If one doesn't work, use another.
  • Due to the nature and layout of the map, it's very common for a prolonged stalemate to occur. Be sure to keep an eye on your team's class balance so you're not unbalanced.
  • Because of Powerhouse's stalematey nature, actual coordination will be needed. Don't be afraid to hop on the mic and help direct play. The best team falls apart without communication.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

  • The middle control point is fast to capture and can easily turn the tide of the battle. When the enemy team is pushing, try to sneak by and capture the point.
  • Make use of alternative routes to flank the enemy team.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

  • Try to rocket jump through the team side windows. You can quickly get the drop on enemy Snipers harassing your team.
  • There are many chokepoints throughout the map. Spamming rockets to keep the enemy team at bay can help your team regroup and strategize.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

  • Use your airblast to keep the enemy team off the middle control point. Try to push them into the moat to slow them down.
  • A Phlogistinator can be deadly in confined spaces. Team up with a fully charged Medic and wipe out their team!
  • Equip the Homewrecker and become your Engineer's best friend. Keeping his sentry nest and teleporter up will help your team win the round.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

  • Many of the corridors are narrow, so use your Grenade Launcher when possible.
  • Get sticky traps on the control points whenever possible. As the map only has three points they can be captured fast.
  • The Iron Bomber can be useful for dealing big damage and chip damage against enemy teams, especially with the lack of roll on grenades. Use it like you would the Stickybomb Launcher with deadly results!

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

  • In close firefights, use yourself as a tank to help your team push forward.
  • As a Heavy, you're a great Medic buddy. Keep him alive and feed him sandviches when he's weak.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

  • The last control points have plenty of spots to cover with your Sentry Gun. Set your sights to defend the point as much as possible.
  • There are plenty of rooms to hide a Teleporter Exit in. Look for an area that is not getting much action.
  • Teleporters win games. Make sure you've got a teleporter up and running at all times. Every second shaved off for getting your teammates to the battlefield is crucial.
  • A Eureka Effect loadout can be very powerful on this map.
  • Because of the space between mid and last, incremental territorial gains will be key. Be sure to keep your engie nest moved to keep pace with your team.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

  • Like most other maps, your survival is crucial to the team's survival. Pocket your team's top players to stay alive and lead your team to victory.
  • Use your microphone and help coordinate your team. Let them know what your Uber percentage is and when enemies are converging on your team.
  • Assist the team in pushing for the middle control point. That point is going to be the main area for fights, and your healing can make the difference between victory or defeat.
  • Assist in the main push for the final control point. There are lots of tight corners where teammates can get heavily damaged.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

  • There's a windowed room on the upper floors of each team side that gives you a complete view of the middle control point area. Use it when possible to prevent captures and to protect your team. However, be aware of enemy Spies who can easily sneak past your team using the many flank routes.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

  • Sentry nests can be tricky to bust on this map for the other classes. Try to help your team by destroying the Engineer's nest.
  • Teleporters win games. If you find your team stuck defending your last point, go behind enemy lines and take out their teleporter entrance. Your team will thank you.