Community Barnblitz strategy

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Community Barnblitz strategy
Basic information
Map type Payload
File name: pl_barnblitz
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Alpine
Setting: Daylight, Snowy
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×8   •   Mediumhealth.png ×6   •   Largehealth.png ×2
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×1   •   Mediumammo.png ×5   •   Largeammo.png ×9
Map Photos
Menu photos pl barnblitz.png

This article is for learning how to play more effectively on Barnblitz.

General Strategy (All Classes)

  • As with many Payload maps, stay with the cart. It will allow you to win the game faster and the bonus health and ammo regeneration can keep you in the fight.
  • Use the many height variations and building scattered throughout the map to give yourself either an offensive or defensive edge.
  • Due to all the buildings and varied areas on the map, Spies will find it very easy to hide, always keep an eye out, or Spy-check often.
  • The map has a lot of varying paths with many ways to get to one point, try using a path that is not being covered, it will give you some safety when moving and your attacks will come as a surprise.
  • Barnblitz has many choke-points and closed-in areas, use these to your advantage to deal large amounts of damage to enemies who will not have a chance to escape.
  • The map has a relatively large amount of health packs and ammo pick-ups, knowing where these are located and how to get to them quickly can save you in a bad situation.

Class-specific strategy

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

  • Use the map's closed-in areas to chase and attack enemies, as they will have no way to dodge your Scattergun spread in such a closed in area.
  • The map's high points can be used to escape enemy fire and also to preform surprising aerial attacks.
  • Along with the small, closed-in areas, Barnblitz has a few wide open places, use these sections of the map to dodge incoming enemy projectiles.
  • Your speed and close range power will allow you to use the map's alternate routes to preform quick and devastating surprise attacks.
  • You are most effective on the cart, as your ability to push twice as fast will help the team, and the health and ammo regeneration can help you out of a tight spot.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

  • Your ability to rocket jump can make very effective use of the maps high points, allowing you to get to an important position quickly, and even rain rockets on the opposing team.
  • When attacking, the enemy Engineers will set up buildings in places such as the corner of buildings, since players tend to gather around these buildings, use your Rocket Launcher's splash damage to inflict wide-spread harm.
  • The map's tight areas will help you greatly, as enemies will have no ability to dodge your rockets.
  • Stay alert, your large battle presence and high damage output will make you priority, and attacks can come from any direction on Barnblitz.
  • On defense, helping a friendly Engineer hold a point could be very helpful, as Demomen and Soldiers can attack a Sentry Gun outside of its range.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

  • The maps choke points and closed-in areas are a great advantage to you, as you can set up ambushes and contain enemies very well.
  • Using the elevated areas as a Pyro could prove effective, you can use your airblast to reflect incoming fire, deter enemies, as even jump down into the fight to cause damage and chaos.
  • Using the map's varying routes, you can often show up behind an enemy team, surprising them, dealing damage, and causing them to loose focus on the objective for some time.
  • Engineer buildings are crucial on Barnblitz, use your airblast to reflect incoming enemy projectiles and protect the Sentry Gun.
  • Often times in the wide open areas of the map, players will gather around a Medic or another common point, use this to your advantage to cause wide-spread fire damage.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

  • As with many Payload maps, setting sticky-bomb tracks along the tracks is a very good idea.
  • The map has many buildings, tight areas, and blind corners that you can use to create highly effective sticky-bomb traps.
  • Using the many elevated points on the map, a Demoman can lob grenades down onto enemy teams and cause a large amount of damage.
  • Some health packs and ammo pick-ups are used very often, take advantage of this and set a sticky-bomb trap around them to surprise enemies.
  • Some walls and obstacles on Barnblitz will not fully block the explosion of a sticky-bomb, place traps on one side of these obstacles to create unseeable traps that still cause a lot of damage

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

  • As with many of the Payload maps, staying with the cart as a Heavy is very effective, as you can remain pushing by taking prolonged damage and regenerating health and ammo from the cart.
  • A Heavy ambush is a very powerful tactic, make good use of the map's many corners and buildings to give your enemies a surprise as they enter a room or come down a path.
  • There are a few paths in Barnblitz that most players tend to take quite often, occupying these routes can cut them off from their objectives while your team is able to push through.
  • On defense, during a large-scale push, it could be helpful to defend a friendly Sentry Gun, adding on to its firepower with your own and absorbing some of the damage.
  • Using some of the map's varying paths, you can easily show up behind an enemy team, your high damage output and health pool will make you a formidable force, while weaker classes will scramble for cover.
  • It could be very useful to push farther up the map, as either team on offense or defense have a very small and enclosed spawn area, making it easier to trap them

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

  • Engineers are very effective on Barnblitz, making use of the map's enclosed spaces and rooms can really help as enemies will sometimes not be able to see a Sentry Gun before it begins to fire on them.
  • Placing Sentry Guns beside the track can really help, as enemies will have to take them down before advancing.
  • Taking advantage of the elevated areas in Barnblitz by placing Sentry Gun high up can be very useful, as the Sentry Guns will fire on enemies will perfect accuracy, while the opposition are struggling to hit it.
  • Placing mini-Sentry Guns can be very effective, as they can harass enemies in the open areas of the map, while providing damaging ambushes in its tight hallways and choke-points.
  • Being unorthodox on Barnblitz is very effective, due to the fact that there are many diverging paths, you can make good use of them by placing Sentry Guns in useful but unexpected places.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

  • Above all, stay alert, as a Medic your a high priority and an important asset to your team, be expecting attacks from every direction on Barnblitz.
  • Although it is important for you to provide support on and around the cart, other who are not getting health regen from pushing may need healing more than those who are on the objective.
  • When pushing up with a group try to give everyone around you an overheal, it will take a while for your allies health to return to normal and it could keep them alive while you focus on more important target.
  • Avoid being caught alone in open areas and closed in rooms or hallways, Snipers can make quick work of you out in the open, and Spies can hunt you down through the hallways.
  • Always stick with another player, as a Medic you have low combat capabilities, by staying with another player such as a Soldier or Heavy, he can protect you and you in turn can heal him.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

  • With a combination of wide open spaces and cramped choke points, a Sniper can not only get a clear view of everything that is going on, but can predict where people will be showing themselves.
  • Use the varied buildings and elevations to give yourself an edge by hiding from view, and finding a good position where you can get a good scope of everyone on the battlefield.
  • As with many Payload maps, it is good to stay in a position where you have a clear line of sight on the cart and those pushing it, players pushing the cart often move slow and are unaware of players in the distance, a perfect target.
  • Keep a sharp eye out for enemy Spies, they can be especially deadly on Barnblitz due to the varied terrains and great hiding places.
  • Positioning yourself around a sentry nest could prove to be a good move, as the Sentry Gun will give you added protection while you take out enemies out of its range.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

  • Use the map's varied elevations and many side paths and buildings to not only come from unexpected places, but to also escape danger.
  • Taking out defending sentry nests is crucial to winning the game, as a Spy these should be one of your top priorities as they can hold your team back with ease.
  • As with many Payload maps, people usually congregate around the cart and are focused on what is ahead, use this to make easy backstabs on offenders.
  • Along the Payload cart tracks, there are many buildings and side passages, use these to wait until a good moment to attack.
  • The elevated areas on Barnblitz can give you a very good view of the battlefield, use these positions to relay information to your team and pick off enemies with low health.