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Arena lumberyard event.png
Basic Information
Map type: Arena
File name: arena_lumberyard_event
Released: October 5, 2021 Patch
(Scream Fortress XIII)
Variants: Lumberyard
Developer(s): Liam "Diva Dan" Moffitt
Benjamin "blaholtzen" Blåholtz
Alex "FGD5" Stewart
Seb "Tianes" Necula
Aeon "Void" Bollig
Erik "Colteh" Coltey
Map Info
Environment: Halloween
Setting: Night
Hazards: Pitfall, Pumpkin bombs, Skeletons,
Horseless Headless Horsemann
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Healthbar.png ×4  •  Healthpie.png ×2
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Mediumammo.png ×4   •  
Largeammo.png ×4
TF2 crosshair.png Special: Gargoyle Ghost.png
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Graveyard overview.png
Map Stamp
Item icon Map Stamp - Graveyard.png
Supporters Leaderboard
Welcome to Graveyard, a fresh, spooky new take on Lumberyard! When you die, your spirit leaves your body, haunting your enemies and healing your allies! Track your teammates through walls, fly to their position, and float around their body to provide the benefits of a level 1 dispenser! Will you group up and stack heals on a strong player, or pair up with a more frail friend to save them in their time of need?
Graveyard publicity blurb

Graveyard is a community-contributed Arena map released during the Scream Fortress 2021 update. It is a Halloween-themed Arena map where the mercenaries fight for control of a recently installed crematorium inside a Charnel Church.

Similar to Lumberyard, the objective of this map is to kill all other players on the enemy team or capture the central control point once it is unlocked. Differing from conventional Arena maps, however, once a player dies, they become a miniature Dispenser-like ghost rather than spectating. As a ghost, players can passively heal their teammates and restore ammo similar to a Level 1 Dispenser. They are able to freely "fly" around, and can also say "Boo!" when using primary fire or attempting to use voice commands.

To win a game, a team has to win 4 rounds either by capturing the control point, or killing the entire enemy team. There is a 25% chance for a round to start with a Skeleton King. A Rare Spellbook also spawns 50 seconds after the round starts. After a minute and 10 seconds have elapsed, the control point becomes active. If both teams are still alive after another minute passes, the Horseless Headless Horsemann appears. If both teams are still somehow alive, the round ends in a stalemate.

Graveyard was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


  • Spawn Rooms: Both sides of the spawn room have an exit, one that goes straight ahead towards the central building, and the other door heads to a smaller tower shaped building, which has a stairway leading towards the roof of the central building, where they can enter the building through the upper floor.
  • Charnel Church: The central building houses the Crematorium (control point) and is mostly symmetrical. It is a two floor building containing multiple entrances. Its main entrances are the garage doors which open when the point is available for capture. There are two other ground entrances on both sides which enter to the side of the capture point. On the second floor on each side are two entrances, one from the roof, and one from a bridge which connects to the spawn houses.
  • Mountain Side: The area to the left of BLU spawn (right of RED spawn) which curves around the Central Building.
  • Cliff Side: Opposite to the mountain side (and the opposite direction from team spawn). Contains a log that bridges over the pit. Two small sheds are also found near the cliff. These are dangerous to fight around as falling off the cliff means death.


Main article: Community Graveyard strategy

Update history

October 5, 2021 Patch (Scream Fortress 2021)
  • Added Graveyard to the game.

October 14, 2021 Patch

  • Fixed missing beacon particle to signify rare spell spawn locations.
  • Fixed an issue with custom HUDs interfering with the map's own HUD.
  • Fixed middle doors shutting themselves when blocked by a player.
  • Fixed various props z-fighting inside of walls.
  • Fixed instances of the announcer lines playing over the Merasmus' announcer lines.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to remain in third-person at the beginning of a new round.
  • Fixed spells dropped by the skeleton king persisting between rounds.
  • Fixed pumpkin bombs generated from spells persisting between rounds.
  • Fixed server lag caused by dynamic props.
  • Reworked various VO to use new soundscript entries.
  • Merasmus will now react to player deaths with varying degrees of sarcasm.
  • Pumpkin bombs will now all refresh simultaneously at the start of every round.
  • Added a "No entry" sign to the middle doors.
  • Smoothed surfaces around the map to ease flying around as a ghost.
  • Increased sound of the ghost Dispenser to improve healing feedback.
  • Extended the warmup periods by 5 seconds (now 15 seconds).
  • Nature & Wildlife preservation measures.
  • Removed the Observer.

October 28, 2021 Patch

  • Fixed a missing material in RED spawn
  • Changed the ghost particles in the 3d skybox
  • The team-colored ghosts that appear on round win now last longer and are more plentiful
  • The constant, purple-colored ghosts are now less abundant
  • Added various clipping improvements around the map
  • Added smoke to the chimneys
  • Added a line of sight check to the ghost Dispensers so you can no longer provide benefits through walls
  • Removed the Observer

October 9, 2023 Patch #1 (Scream Fortress 2023)

  • Updated arena_lumberyard_event to fix problems with the materials


  • A number of tombstones in the play area have epitaphs making in-jokes about particular "deaths" within Team Fortress 2.
  • If a player shoots at various hidden skulls around the map during a round, the Horseless Headless Horsemann doing the Thriller taunt, MONOCULUS, and a couple of Skeletons doing the Conga and Kazotsky Kick become observable on the out-of-bounds arch bridge for the rest of the game.[1]
  • Internally, Graveyard is actually a Player Destruction map, with careful usage of map entities to recreate Arena.[2]



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  2. Steam Workshop page, noted under Technical Notes.