Moustachium Bar

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The Engineer discovering new elements

The Moustachium Bar is a promotional crafting ingredient. It is represented by a stack of six roughly-casted, dark-golden ingots.

This item is awarded to players who earn the SpaceChem achievements Moustache Research Assistant, Moustache Scientist, and Director of Moustache Research.


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As a crafting ingredient

Moustachium Bar 'Fish' Fishcake
Item icon Moustachium Bar.pngx3 + Item icon 'Fish'.png = Item icon Fishcake.png
Moustachium Bar Spacemetal Scrap SpaceChem Pin
Item icon Moustachium Bar.pngx3 + Item icon Spacemetal Scrap.png = Item icon SpaceChem Pin.png

Related achievements

SpaceChem.png SpaceChem

Moustache Research Assistant
Moustache Research Assistant
Beat the assignment "Moustachium 602".

Moustache Scientist
Moustache Scientist
Beat the assignment "Moustachium 604".

Director of Moustache Research
Director of Moustache Research
Beat the assignment "Moustachium 608".

Each bonus Australium level beaten in SpaceChem grants Moustachium Bars. Completing 602 grants 3 bars. Completing 604 grants 1 bar. Completing 608 grants 2 bars.

Update history

April 28, 2011 Patch

  • The Moustachium Bar was added to the game.


  • In SpaceChem bonus levels, it is shown that Moustachium is a molecule made by several configurations of the Australium element.
    • The achievement icons for obtaining Moustachium depicts two kangaroos boxing, a reference to Australium's electron configuration.

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