Whale Bone Charm

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Whooooweee, would ya look at that!
The Engineer

The Whale Bone Charm is a promotional cosmetic item for all classes. It is based on the whalebone charms from the video game Dishonored.

This item was awarded in Genuine quality to players who pre-purchased Dishonored on Steam before October 9, 2012.

Update history

September 27, 2012 Patch

  • The Whale Bone Charm was added to the game.

November 16, 2012 Patch

October 22, 2013 [Item schema update]


  • The item's description mentions Dunwall, which is a port city with a thriving fishing economy that serves as the central setting for Dishonored.
  • Two Whale Bone Charms and a Lacking Moral Fiber Mask can be found as props in the map Watergate.


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