Armored Authority

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Fall in, men.
The Soldier

The Armored Authority is a community-created cosmetic item for the Soldier. It is a black helmet with three silver stars across the front and a brown leather strip wrapped around the front brim.

Item set

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The General's Formals
Item icon World War Wednesday Bundle.png

No effect


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Refined Metal General's Formals weapon Possible Results
Item icon Refined Metal.pngx4 + Item icon Mantreads.pngItem icon Disciplinary Action.png =
Item icon Armored Authority.png Item icon Fancy Dress Uniform.png

Update history

June 23, 2011 Patch (Über Update)

  • The Armored Authority was added to the game.


  • The Armored Authority is meant to look like the M-1 helmet shell with parade liner that was worn by U.S. Army Gen. George S. Patton and Gen. Omar N. Bradley.
  • In the United States Army, the rank of Lieutenant General is represented by the three-star insignia.
  • This item is seen near the end of Meet the Medic, when the Medic steps on the Soldier's corpses.