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The Soldier on KritzKast
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KritzKast Podcast is a general Team Fortress 2 podcast. It began on August 22, 2008 and continues to this day. Episodes are aired on a weekly basis.


Main Four hosts, (L-R) Chronos, Tempest, B00bies, and (Front) Agro.

Former hosts

  • Dr Zaius (last appeared on episode 16)
  • Keef (last appeared on episode 10)
  • Sm0ke (episode 1 and 13)
  • Azulmono55 (episode 15 to 22)
  • B00bies until Episode 155.

KritzKast Podcast Live

KritzKast Podcast Live is a weekly event every Sunday. Warming up starts at 20:00 GMT (GMT+1 during Summer) where visitors can join the chat and view the show live as it is being recorded.


KritzKast Podcast has interviewed developers and community contributors, notably:

Player of the Week

The Player of the Week award is given by the Kritzkast hosts every week to an individual who has made a significant effort to better the Kritzkast community or the Team Fortress 2 community as a whole.

List of past Players of the Week

  • IncommingDave
  • Xander
  • Azulmono55
  • Gilrean
  • Jox - Tails
  • Sarkoth
  • Chloe - ask Keef
  • Reapey
  • Chronos
  • Arhurt
  • Tempest
  • Sm0ke
  • Jox
  • Miss Meow
  • Reaper
  • Robin Walker
  • Alex
  • Jenny Bliss
  • Ladies
  • Avarice
  • AyesDyef
  • Trigonometry Happy
  • Alternate22
  • robz48
  • Munchems
  • Postman Pat
  • Jackmanlol
  • EvilGenius666
  • Johnny Napalm
  • Valve
  • Kevin Walker
  • Matt / Earl_CG
  • PlasmaBirds
  • Jacob Randolph
  • Sir Ludvig Von Meatball
  • Bolmedias (Bolly)
  • Born Acid
  • ]R9[Pinky
  • Luffy
  • Maffu
  • Gambit
  • Overlordor
  • Carnifex
  • KazTurkey
  • Mino
  • Floor_master
  • Timmy Turner
  • Drunken_f00l
  • Darkness
  • RubberduckZilla
  • KennyWhee
  • Tim Ingham
  • Jason
  • jimbomcb
  • The Guard
  • Mumbles
  • Ducky
  • Chrumblehop
  • Westy
  • Colonel_Tighlon
  • Generic Name
  • WingspanTT
  • ChoZo
  • Bcarr
  • KragNoroK
  • gyrothecopter/PyroTheDragon
  • save_us.626
  • Clan Planet
  • VIQun
  • Albion
  • Nurfed
  • Lord Benjamin
  • TheSterlingSpy
  • Ashkan
  • Uncle Shortbus
  • KnifeWish
  • Akuago220
  • Phantom_Theft
  • Sir Jaspero
  • b00bies
  • madpersonnet
  • Lil Chew Chew
  • Swedish Santa
  • Mister Mild
  • Zbot
  • Ryan Baxley
  • Codename
  • Yuri Prime
  • Arseofdarkness
  • eXtine
  • Onii-Chan
  • Ruskeydoo
  • Commander Harpo
  • Jake
  • Falco
  • Phantom Hybrid
  • Tito Shivan
  • Adnelle
  • Wolfie
  • Daystar
  • Eilavamp
  • Trent
  • Stevoisiak
  • Fudgedoodle
  • Pogo
  • John Damitz
  • Neph
  • Elbagast
  • ExplosiveBoy
  • Sterling Layman
  • enigma
  • Semper
  • Threnodi
  • joejoe347
  • Harrison Krix
  • SirKemper1
  • Dr Daman
  • KatieKillz
  • Tom Sawyer
  • ShadowForce75
  • Scout pilgram
  • Dranearian
  • J0rD4n9001
  • Bradersval
  • DustyOldRoses
  • Benjamoose
  • Mnemosynaut
  • Ashkan
  • STAR
  • Angel
  • BubbleBobbler
  • Jerma985
  • Brandon
  • Koolaidman64
  • Brian Montoya
  • kocka
  • Skyride
  • Teharan
  • John Damitz
  • TheAceofDave!
  • Qrumyum
  • Joaquin
  • Lefty
  • TheWheelsB
  • SSG Lerner
  • MaxofS2d
  • Randall Glass
  • 3DPixel127
  • AnAkln
  • neodement
  • TF2 in MC
  • TheMinttu
  • Deity Link
  • Hitman Sparky
  • Tay Zonday
  • Vincenator
  • Zoomb
  • RR ladies HL
  • Penguineer
  • SuperSoupy
  • The Fans
  • Benjamoose
  • MagicalKillaCow
  • SteamRep
  • Dr. Face
  • Populous89
  • Lord Illusion
  • J J Abrams
  • Bluee
  • theharribokid
  • SaraLouise88
  • DrFallen
  • VainGlory
  • Treythepunkid
  • NeoDement
  • Evil Ninetales
  • RedXM


KritzKast Podcast frequently runs competitions and contests.

AudioSurf competition

The first official contest asked AudioSurf players to get the highest score on the Christmas "Kritzmas" special edition of the show. The winner of the Pro competition was awarded Player of the Week status. The winner of the Elite competition received a Kritzkast Podcast t-shirt and a pack of TF2 trading cards. The trading cards were supplied by PCFormat.

Design a T-Shirt competition

This was a competition to design a new logo for the KritzKast store. The winner had their design made up and sent to them together with a pack of TF2 trading cards. The trading cards were supplied by PCFormat.

KritzKast Heavy Boxing Tournament competition

The KritzKast Heavy Boxing Tournament was a Heavy-only boxing match. The competitors were split into groups and pitted against one another with the winner from each group going on to the final at the end of the week. The winner, vertex » Dav1dd, walked away with a complete set of trading cards and two Refined Metal.

Meet the Demoman - Uncensored

Meet the Demoman - Uncensored was a Kritzkast Podcast competition to guess what the Demoman said during his censored speech in Meet the Demoman. There were three categories players could enter: funniest (clean), funniest (not so clean), and most accurate to what was said in the video. This competition was featured in the October 26, 2010 entry on the TF2 Official Website.

The winners were announced on January 16, 2011 on their 100th podcast. Whilst no announcement has been made on their official page, their YouTube channel has been updated with a video about the winners. Kritzkast Podcast themselves had a "genuine Scotsman" do the dubbing of the censored section in Meet the Demoman.

The winners were:

Most accurate to the script: "fuckin' monsters in the loch ness" - by Chris Sedgwick

Funny (Clean): "flame retardant cross dressing arsonists" - by David Weaver

Funny (Not Clean): "Fucking sports you play with your member out" - by Dean O'Coin

Lo-Fi Longwave distribution event

In episode #120, it was revealed that "something big" would be announced at the end of the live episode on June 12, 2011. A page subsequently appeared on their website counting down to the time of the announcement. At the end of the countdown, it was revealed that anyone who had joined the KritzKast Podcast Steam Group prior to the June 12th podcast would have a chance to earn a special Team Fortress 2 item by completing a KritzKast Podcast-related quiz. Players who had been in the group prior to the end of May need only supply two correct answers, all other players would need three. By not specifying how many correct answers were needed nor indicating a player's score the hosts hoped to limit the creation of forum posts specifying correct answers. Those who passed the test were awarded a Vintage Lo-Fi Longwave.

During the podcast, the hosts explained that Valve had previously offered them a chance to collaborate on a podcast tie-in item, but they had initially turned down the offer. They eventually decided that it would be worth it only if the item and its obtainability were designed with the intent of rewarding loyal fans of the podcast. Hence, the Steam Group and quiz requirements were implemented.

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