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Y'all take that, rocket-boy.
The Engineer

SpaceChem Pin är ett promotional- samt diverseföremål för alla klasser. Det är en pilotknappnål med SpaceChem-emblemet i mitten.

SpaceChem-knappnålen kan tillverkas med material som erhålls genom att låsa upp Framsteg i spelet SpaceChem.


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Mustachium-Tacka Rymdmetallskrot SpaceChep-pin
Item icon Moustachium Bar.pngx3 + Item icon Spacemetal Scrap.png = Item icon SpaceChem Pin.png

Update history

April 28, 2011 Patch

  • The SpaceChem Pin was added to the game.


  • The pin disappears upon death.


  • Several people have received this item without owning SpaceChem, with some even receiving it twice.
  • Despite the fact that this can only be obtained by crafting untradable achievement items together, the SpaceChem Pin is tradable.
  • The description to the pin is a reference to a stage in SpaceChem called No Employment Record Found on Atropos Station.


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