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Only found in crates, Strange Parts will help you study specific aspects of (what I charitably call) your performance in battle by letting you customize your favorite Strange weapon. Now you're free to track the number of enemies you gib, projectiles you reflect, heads you've shot, and more.
The Administrator

Strange Parts are exclusive tools that are only obtainable via crates, with the exception of the Full Moon Kills, Halloween Kills, and Robots Destroyed During Halloween parts which can be found as a random drop. Strange Parts can only be used on Strange weapons, cosmetics and Power Up Canteens. They allow players to track additional statistics such as number of headshot kills or buildings destroyed.

Up to three Strange Parts can be applied onto one Strange item. Certain Strange Parts cannot be used on certain weapons; for example, the Headshot tool cannot be used on a Strange Wrench. When applied, it will not count any previous stats. Strange Parts can be individually removed from a weapon using the Restore button in the backpack, allowing the player to remove a strange part of their choosing; however, a part which has been removed will not be returned to the player, and instead will be permanently lost.


Certain parts are only compatible with certain weapons. A table of the restrictions is given below.

These restrictions are based on specific attributes listed in the items_game.txt file, which do not necessarily reflect weapon functionality. The tables below and elsewhere in the wiki are based on these attributes.

There are some mismatches between weapon capabilities and strange part compatibility which are not bugs, strictly speaking. E.g. the Medi Gun can be used to extinguish team-mates, but it isn't possible to apply the Allies Extinguished strange part to a strange Medi Gun. In this case, it's probably because the Medi Gun takes a few seconds to extinguish burning teammates, but all the weapons that are compatible with the Allies Extinguished strange part work instantly; only the latter mechanism is tracked by the strange part.


See also: Crafting

As a crafting ingredient

Strange Part Strange Count Transfer Tool
Item icon Strange Part.pngx2 = Item icon Strange Count Transfer Tool.png


Update history

March 22, 2012 Patch
  • Strange Parts were added to the game.
  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Gib Kills, Airborne Enemies Killed, Heavies Killed, Buildings Destroyed, Projectiles Reflected and Headshot Kills.

April 17, 2012 Patch

  • Added the ability to remove Strange parts via the Restore button in the backpack.

April 27, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Posthumous Kills, Allies Extinguished and, Full Moon Kills.

May 17, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Demomen Killed, Soldiers Killed, Domination Kills, Revenge Kills, Critical Kills and Kills While Explosive Jumping.

May 31, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Strange Part counters watched in-game now appear in a dim-gray color.

June 27, 2012 Patch

  • Fixed Strange Part Projectiles Reflected not tracking grenade and sentry rocket deflections.

July 2, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Part: Full Moon Kills.

September 4, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Scouts Killed, Cloaked Spies Killed and Sappers Destroyed.

October 9, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Engineers Killed, Robots Destroyed and Low-Health Kills.

October 26, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Halloween Kills and Robots Destroyed During Halloween.

December 20, 2012 Patch (Mecha Update)

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Defender Kills, Snipers Killed, Pyros Killed, Underwater Kills, and Kills While Übercharged.

February 14, 2013 Patch

  • Fixed "Low-Health Kills" strange part also counting kills after the player had died.

March 12, 2013 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Medics Killed, Tanks Destroyed, and Long-Distance Kills.

June 19, 2013 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Medics Killed That Have Full ÜberCharge and Giant Robots Destroyed.

August 27, 2013 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Robot Spies Destroyed, Kills During Victory Time and Kills with a Taunt Attack.
  • [Undocumented] Added schema for Strange Part "KillEaterEvent_UniquePlayerKills".

October 29, 2013 Patch (Scream Fortress 2013)

  • Strange Part: Kills While Ubercharged can no longer be applied to Strange Equalizers and Escape Plans.

December 6, 2013 Patch

  • Added Strange parts that can be applied to Strange cosmetic items.
  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Spies Killed, Unusual-Wearing Player Kills, Burning Enemy Kills, Killstreaks Ended, Freezecam Taunt Appearances, Damage Dealt, Fires Survived, Allied Healing Done and Point-Blank Kills.

June 11, 2014 Patch

  • Fixed being able to apply the Strange Part: Buildings Destroyed tool to the Flying Guillotine

February 11, 2015 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Parts: Not Crit nor Mini-Crit Kills and Player Hits.
  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Cosmetic Part: Assists.

August 18, 2015 Patch

August 27, 2015 Patch

December 17, 2015 Patch (Tough Break Update)

  • All Strange parts can now be applied to Strange cosmetics items.

December 22, 2015 Patch

  • Strange Part: Kills While Explosive Jumping can now be applied to Strange Grenade Launchers.

August 29, 2016 Patch

  • Strange Part: Allies Extinguished can now be applied to Strange Sydney Sleeper rifles.

March 28, 2018 Patch #1

  • Fixed the Deflect Projectiles strange part not counting deflections.

September 16, 2021 Patch

  • Updated description of the "Strange Part: Player Hits" item to match its name.


  • The Strange Part: Buildings Destroyed can be applied to the Chargin' Targe, but cannot raise the counter, even by killing an Engineer hauling an active building.
  • The Strange Part: Critical Kills cannot be applied to the Ullapool Caber, even though it can be crit boosted.
  • The Strange Part: Critical Kills cannot be applied to the Conniver's Kunai, even though it can deal critical damage upon backstabs as all other knives do.
  • The Strange Part: Critical Kills cannot be applied to the Sydney Sleeper, even though it deals mini-crit damage.
  • The Strange Part: Gib Kills cannot be applied to the Detonator or the Scorch Shot.
  • The Strange Part: Kills While Explosive Jumping can be applied to the Mantreads, but cannot raise the counter, because the weapon requires landing to deal damage.
  • The Strange Part: Kills While Explosive Jumping cannot be applied to the Panic Attack, Splendid Screen or the Persian Persuader.
  • The Strange Part: Kills While ÜberCharged cannot be applied to the Equalizer or Escape Plan, even though a Medic can freely ÜberCharge a Soldier who is wielding them.
  • The Strange Part: Posthumous Kills as applied to the Wrap Assassin only increments the counter on direct impact kills with the bauble, and does not count kills from the bleeding that results afterward.
  • The Strange Part: Players Hit doesn't raise counter if the enemy was killed on a hit.
  • The Strange Part: Tanks Destroyed can be applied to the Flying Guillotine, despite not being able to damage tanks. The counter can still be raised if you recently damaged a tank and then hold the Guillotine when the tank dies.


  • Any parts applied to Engineer wrenches will only count actions with the Wrench and not with any built Sentry Guns.
    • Parts applied to cosmetics will also not count Sentry Gun kills unless the Sentry was wrangled.
  • Servers using an altered tf_playergib setting will not change the way the Gib Kills counter is counted, only kills that would normally gib will still be counted. Likewise, killing a player who is wearing a Bombinomicon will not increase the counter of a Gib Kills strange part.
  • All the strange Flamethrowers do not count gib kills with deflected rocket/grenade, headshots with deflected arrows and kills while explosive jumping on deflected enemy explosives, nor do they track healing done with reflected Crusader's Crossbow bolts. As a result, respective Strange Parts can not be applied.
  • Destroying Sappers with any Strange Engineer wrenches will not increase a buildings destroyed counter, however destroying Sappers with a Strange Homewrecker or a Strange Neon Annihilator will increase a buildings destroyed counter.
  • Other than strange parts that are directly related to destroying Mann vs. Machine Robots or tanks, strange parts cannot gain points for killing MvM robots. Strange parts that do not rank up based on kills, such as Strange Part: Allied Healing Done, will continue to track statistics normally in the MvM game mode.
  • 'Posthumous' is the act of, in Team Fortress 2, killing someone after you die, for example, a Pyro sets someone on fire, then dies, if the burning player dies from the afterburn before you respawn, it's counted as a 'Posthumous' kill.
  • The Strange Part: Robots Destroyed will track both MvM robot kills, and Bots. However, kills on Bots will not be tracked by the weapon's default kill counter, and will only be tracked from the Strange Part.


  • The filename of the backpack icon for the Strange Part: Taunting Player Kills, strange_part_conga_killer_large.vtf, suggests that it was originally planned to track the number of Conga dancers killed.