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Pl cashworks final1 08.jpg
Informações básicas
Tipo de mapa: Carga Explosiva
Nome do arquivo: pl_cashworks
Adicionado em: Atualização de 12 de julho de 2023
(Atualização das Férias de 2023)
Desenvolvedor(es): Wojciech "eerieone" Michalak
Moritz "moe012" Horn
Sean "Artesia" Pennock
Informações do mapa
Ambiente: Alpino
Cenário: Dia, ensolarado
Perigos: Abismo
Compatível com bots: Sim
Itens do mapa
Healthico.png Kits médicos: Smallhealth.png ×10  •  Mediumhealth.png ×14
Ammoico.png Caixas de munição: Mediumammo.png ×16   •  
Largeammo.png ×8
Imagens do mapa
Imagens da tela de carregamento.
Vista aérea
Cashworks overview.png
Selo de Mapa
Item icon Map Stamp - Cashworks.png
Classificação dos apoiadores

Cashworks é um mapa de Carga Explosiva de estágio único criado pela comunidade. Um elemento de destaque do mapa é o cofre enorme no ponto final. Após o último ponto ser capturado, o carrinho explode e destrói a porta do cofre, revelando um depósito enorme de Austrálio.

Cashworks foi contribuído à Oficina Steam.


  • A Plataforma de Carga: O primeiro ponto de captura situa-se debaixo de um prédio alto na base de rampas em ambos os lados. Também se encontra após um declive estreito sustentado por um prédio alto e uma parede de pedra com uma parede/plataforma.
  • A Ponte Suspensa: O segundo ponto de captura, localizado no fundo de uma colina longa por onde os trilhos serpenteiam no lado BLU. A área inclui várias beiradas altas e caminhos elevados e é bastante estreita quando comparada a outras partes do mapa, abrindo em um espaço aberto maior após o ponto.
  • A Central Elétrica: O terceiro ponto de captura fica logo antes de uma ponte de madeira que leva ao ponto de captura final. Há desfiladeiros grandes logo após o ponto nos quais é possível arremessar inimigos. O carrinho passa pelo interior de um prédio, sobe um pequeno aclive e passa por baixo de uma ponte conectando dois prédios para alcançar este ponto.
  • O Cofre: O ponto de captura final, posicionado em frente ao cofre RED que é aberto após a explosão final. A equipe BLU deve empurrar o carrinho através da ponte de madeira pela base RED final para alcançar o cofre.


Artigo principal: Estratégia da comunidade para Cashworks

Histórico de atualizações

Atualização de 12 de julho de 2023 nº 1 (Atualização das Férias de 2023)

  • Adição de Cashworks ao jogo.

Atualização de 12 de julho de 2023 nº 2

  • Correção da possibilidade da equipe RED entrar na sala de renascimento da equipe BLU.

Diário de alterações

Este é o diário de alterações do mapa antes de ser adicionado ao jogo.
Diário de mudanças:


  • Fixed DX8 error where map would crash the client due to a false dx8-backup texture
  • CP4 crate with ammo can now be entered without crouching
  • Area in front of the Vault is now buildable



  • Fixed ED_alloc entity overflow crash by reducing the dynamic entity count
  • added stairway to the raised platform on CP4 to allow a better fortification
  • added closing gates on Blu´s forward Spawn after CP3 gets captured to direct the player flow correctly
  • minor various adjustments



  • once again framerates via func_occluder
  • added final fx-explosion by jive turkey
  • added 3d-eagle-model by Nik instead of eagle-texture
  • readjusted vault-explosion-sound by Tomster
  • slightly reduced respawntime for RED to defend CP3&4
  • changed ammopack at CP3 to a full-ammo-pack
  • changed some visuals at construction site
  • slight visual changes on building 03
  • tons of minor visual bugs corrected
  • big crate near CP4 is now accessible without having to duckjump, just walk in
  • added ammo-pack there to support defensive structures at that point



  • improved framerates as good as possible
  • merged 2nd and 3rd BLU spawn to one spawn:
    • makes the engi´s life easier
    • gates prevent spawncamping
  • pushed CP3 further to the bridge, provided sentrypositions, decreased respawn by 1sec for RED
  • imported custom cap-point-signs with new alpine-logos
  • renamed CPs to loading dock, serpentines, power house, vault
  • minor skybox changes
  • fixed stickies not sticking to ground at last CP
  • fixed people getting stuck in underground RED spawnroomdoor
  • enlarged some doortriggers for smoother opening
  • decreased explosion radius
  • several lighting-adjustments
  • fixed radius where people get smashed by the door
  • several minor visual changes and object adjustment
  • many many small changes not worth an own "*"



  • hopefully fixed entity overflow crash
  • reduced file size by 20mb
  • eagle screech less frequent
  • fixed teleport selfdestruction on final point area
  • fixed names of CPs
  • applied alternative teamlogos to model
  • made middlepart of bridge less narrow
  • small texture changes

known issues:

  • some texture-errors due to inexperience with lightmaps, need to finetune that
  • whatever you see, plz report



  • added rotating eagles with sound and rotating clouds in skybox
  • added new teamlogos for RED and BLU, enjoy!
  • entierly reworked interior of vault
  • vault-door is now falling out to the front, smashing whoever comes in its way, making appropriate sound
  • u got now a small window to escape the explosion, good luck!
  • reedited underground exit from BLUe initial spawn and the building to the right
  • made first building on right less ugly
  • moved CP1 a little nearer
  • small edits on buildings in sector 1
  • gave more room to pass the cart on the serpentines
  • moved CP2 a little bit further away
  • decreased respawntime for RED for CP2 & CP3
  • edited buildings at CP2 to make them more intuitional and less complicated
  • minor trackchange on way to CP3
  • moved CP3 a small bit further, made it more defendable
  • on CP4 opened up another sentry position, unified the doors leading out of of the Spawnroom
  • platform above CP4 is now again accessible for RED via duckjump
  • expanded trigger_hurt so people wont exploit jumping down the balcony and trapping people
  • pimped up some empty rooms and unfinished looking areas



  • Added Thumbnail for Quickserver-list
  • Adjusted Respawntime for Red for 2nd to last CP
  • moved 1st Blu forward spawn, deleted route to other side after CP2 is taken to slightly increase traveltime for BLU to 3rd
  • tweaked and added sentryposition at CP2
  • added route to CP3 for BLU
  • added cover for sentryposition at CP3 and CP4
  • boosted and added healthkits and ammopacks
  • minor architectural changes
  • added gold_displacement to vault-treasure
  • further detailing
  • aligned several textures



  • Improved Bankvault Model/Animation/Texture
  • Addad valve´s explosions to the scene (parts hanging midair are due to the fact that its preanimated)
  • Fixed the Teleport-Self-Destruct problem, if it still happens, tell me where plz
  • Changed Timer allowing to go above 10 mins playtime on the clock
  • Further optimization
  • General Clipping improvement
  • Pimped the skybox
  • Changed rocktexture
  • Added Red Logo Spray

First Section:

  • Added platform right side before the CP
  • Added 2 small shack on left side behind house
  • Adjusted view distances

Second Section:

  • Narrowed down the platform protecting the CP, added small platform at middle pillar as sentryposition and protection for BLU
  • Remodelled the serpentines, much smoother now
  • Simple changes at houses at bottom

Third Section:

  • Removed invisible stair-clipping

4th and Final:

  • Right side bottom floor door is now opening both ways
  • Right side, platform, added some cover, medipack is now medium
  • Right side RED spawn is now a little more separated
  • added roofstructure to left side of bank vault
  • added large box to the balcony over the pit for giving BLU a more advanced sentryposition
  • made it harder to camp the bridge
  • changed gold-texture



  • ADDED CUSTOM EXPLOSION / VAULT IS OPENING NOW (explosion will be improved)
  • ADDED GOLD (will increase the amount of gold if its not to fps-expensive)
  • optimization pass 2 , getting +20-40fps on 1600x1200 full details
  • adjusted view distances (too short ones will be readjusted)
  • moved up CP2 to the rocky turn to make it easier capable, added some more architecture there
  • moved door leading to right route to CP4 to make the opening less campable
  • moved up right ledge at CP4 to concentrate more on final area than cart at bridge
  • one-way door where you could get stuck corrected now
  • added and varied orientational signs (slide up like in Badwater Basin)
  • cut the stairs and connection to upper area at CP4
  • added glass in tollbooth
  • corrected door to CP4 where you could get stuck
  • long tight bridge to CP4 is now an instable looking primitive rope-bridge
  • reconstructed RED forward spawn to make it less campable and less attractive for Snipers
  • playerclip-ceiling is now higher, allowing higher rocketjumps
  • deleted some fps-hurting props
  • RED cant directly access BLU´s alternative route to CP2, gates open after CP2 is taken
  • added BLU forward spawn, after CP2 is taken
  • moved up BLU forward spawn, after CP3 is taken
  • changed layout of RED forward spawn, too sniperfriendly
  • various clipping-optimization



  • additional clipping at doorways
  • added a small balcony when you cross the ditch to CP4
  • added 30 seconds for initial game time
  • REDesigned area at CP3
  • added trigger_teleport to RED forward spawns, so once they are captured, RED players in spawn will be teleported to the next spawn
  • added cover against Snipers going down the serpentines
  • widened initial bridge at BLU spawn and added stairs
  • blocked way too long sniperlane at 1st section
  • moved up 1st & 2nd CP to make it easier to cap, widened the passage at CP1
  • elevated RED forward spawn, so engies arent able to access locker to rebuild Sentry Guns too fast to lvl3
  • to compensate that, replaced ammopack behind tires with large ammopack and medium health
  • eradicated too strong defensive position on logs after CP1
  • turned several entities to props_static, shouldn't throw weird shadows anymore
  • restructuRED 1st and 2nd building at first section

PL_CASHWORKS_A3c (11-19-08)


  • increased RED respawntime by 5 seconds (sorry for the inconveniance, spawntimes are nasty)
  • minor clipping changes

PL_CASHWORKS_A3b (11-17-08)


  • decreased spawntimes for RED, because spawntime rose to 25-30s
  • corrected water in canal

PL_CASHWORKS_A3a (11-17-08)


  • increased RED spawntimer for CP1
  • fixed exploit of missing clipping at the giant rock at the old raised tracks
  • fixed exploit of missing clipping above BLU spawn
  • added signage to path leading to CP2
  • adjusted, added, repositioned med + ammo packs
  • optimized movability at BLU sawmill
  • made it less easy for RED to camp the alternative route to CP2
  • added ramp after the shortcut through the sawmill leading to CP3
  • removed the one-way gates at alternative route to CP3
  • added barricade at last turn to provide cover and block line of sight for Snipers
  • changed warning lights at final points vault to static
  • rearranged right house before final CP to provide better cover and staging area for attackers
  • retextuRED windows in right house before final CP
  • erradicated 2 unfair sniperpositions at starting area
  • minor changes on not accessible areas

PL-CASHWORKS_A3 (11-15-08)


  • restructioRED first area
  • added 2nd RED forward spawn near 2nd CP
  • added alternatenate paths to 2cp and 3rd CP
  • fixed RED forward spawn doors getting stuck
  • general optimization, areaportals, hintbrushes, nodraw, brushwork
  • added 3D-Skybox
  • added environment
  • one-way door toward 3rd CP bottleneck
  • adjusted respawntimes
  • adjusted cart speed
  • adjusted time added
  • optimized vault-collision
  • lighting improvement
  • further clipping
  • added flowing water at CP4 bridge
  • added custom overlays
  • added env-sounds


  • problems with water at BLU spawn
  • further fps-optimization
  • optimize displacements
  • cartpath corrections
  • improve 3D-Skybox
  • improved use of textures
  • correct viewdistances
  • add more custom material


  • Game-machanics working as intended
  • Basic Layout and Material
  • Basic Optimization
  • Basic Clipping