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Pd galleria.png
Basic Information
Map type: Player Destruction
File name: pd_galleria
Released: December 7, 2023 Patch
(Smissmas 2023)
Variants: King of the Hill, Versus Saxton Hale, Arena
Developer(s): Patrick "Zeus" Hennessy
James Jameson
Gabriel "MCL15" Macken
Alex "FGD5" Stewart
Paul "Brokk" Clausen
Chandler "OctoBlitz" Dunaway
Kirill "BadassCook" Ruzanov
Brandon "Bonk Nickeltoon" Koller
Robert "Spleep" Chisholm
Map Info
Environment: Shopping Center
Setting: Sunset
Hazards: Slippery ice
Ice Resurfacer
Falling debris
Rocket pit (Pitfall)
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Galleria overview.png
Map Stamp
Item icon Map Stamp - Galleria.png
Supporters Leaderboard
C'mon down to the Teufort Galleria and check out our great Smissmas Festivities! A wonderland of shopping pleasure is open every day from 9am to 9pm!
Galleria publicity blurb

Galleria is a community-created Player Destruction map added in the Smissmas 2023 update. It is set in the Teufort Galleria, a shopping center located in the town of Teufort with music playing in the background. The center of the building is a circular court with a slippery ice-skating rink around a very large Christmas tree. But careful inspection reveals that the tree is in fact a missile disguised with hastily welded-on corrugated metal branches and a fuel line wrapped around it like a garland.

The objective of the map sees players collecting "presents" (cans of fuel) and delivering them to the "tree" under the pretext of a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. Whenever the delivery zone is closed, an ice resurfacer circles around the rink, killing any player it hits with either its front or the side extensions of the ice conditioner on the rear. When either team wins the round, the rocket launches through the circular center of the glass-domed roof, stripping off lethal sheet metal "branches" to fall on any players below. The Rocket Pit contains the launch exhaust, but walking into it results in a Pitfall death.

This map also features its own announcer: Sheila, the bored voice coming over the intercom.

Galleria was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


  • The Ice Rink: The ice skating rink that dominates the center of the map. It contains the map's delivery zone (the "tree"), which unlocks periodically. When locked, the ice resurfacer circles the tree, instantly killing anyone it collides with (though it is possible to stand on top of it unharmed). The ice is slippery, making movement difficult as players keep their momentum.
  • The Perimeter: The series of ledges and shops which directly surround the Ice Rink. The Perimeter is further divided into "RED-Side Perimeter" and "BLU-Side Perimeter", based on which spawn room is on that side of the map.
  • The Food Court: The ground level of the Perimeter, also divided into a RED side and a BLU side by the Skate Rental.
  • Elevator Lobbies are high-traffic junctions between the Skate Rental, Food Courts and the Outer Concourse with the Spawn Gates. Each as an often-overlooked dropdown. Both elevators are stopped at the inaccessible fourth floor, visible from the Control Room.
  • Control Room: The Control Room is one of the buildings on the perimeter located at a halfway point between each team's side. It has no connection to the point from the second floor, but has an opening to the rink on the first floor. It is a spytech-themed room with slanted glass windows overlooking the rink and a large neutral-colored launch control panel in the center. The control panel has a number of attached monitors displaying various launch-related technical readouts, jokes, and references. The entrances to the Control Room are metal security doors which open on round start and slowly close on round end.
  • Cinema: Directly across from the Control Room is the Cinema. It is entered from each team's side by an escalator and in its center are two sets of staircases which lead down to the Perimeter, where the escalators to the Food Court are. On each side there are entrances to balconies which overlook most of the area.


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Update history

December 7, 2023 Patch (Smissmas 2023)

  • Added Galleria to the game.

December 8, 2023 Patch


Texture for displays on the launch control panel.


Movie Posters

Pictogram comment.png The following gallery captions include links to their real-life equivalent

Business signs and posters

The Food Court and Ice Rink (ground floor)

Restaurants for businesses previously only known through signs.

Outer concourse (ground floor)

Commemorative business.



  1. Creators confirming the several references. "(Bleeps, Sweeps, Creeps)"
  2. Creators confirming the car poster references.
  3. Creator confirming the car poster reference.
  4. Creators confirming the several references.
  5. Creators confirming the several references. "Yes, all hail the creator of BSP." — Brokkhouse