Cloak (Control Point)

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Not to be confused with Cloak (Test Map).
This article is about the map. For other uses, see Cloak (disambiguation).
Cloak (Control Point)
Cp cloak1.jpg
Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_cloak
Developer(s): Valve
Map Overview
Cloak (Control Point) overview.png
What the hell is that!?
The Spy witnessing the giant classes on the map

Cloak is a small Control Point map with an unknown purpose; the map appears to be unfinished, and was possibly used for testing. Despite it being a Control Point map, it only has 1 control point, which is the default for King of the Hill. It consists of a spawn room for each team in opposite corners of the map. There is one control point in the center of the map on an elevated platform that takes 50 seconds to capture, making it one of the longest to capture. If the point is captured, that team wins instantly. There are no Health packs, Ammo crates, or resupply lockers in the map. Outside of the main area of the map, there is a giant model of each class looking through gaps in the walls. Given these prominent class models, it is possible that at least part of the map was created for testing the skybox scaling. It is unlikely this map was ever to be used in regular gameplay, given its nature.

Control Point timing

Control Point Multiplier Seconds
Control Point ×1
50 .000
33 .333
27 .273
24 .000


  • There are many issues with this map, indicating its incomplete status. This includes:
    • The map lacks respawn room entities and respawn room visualizers, features that all maps should have.
    • There are no ambient sounds in the map.
    • The map is incorrectly sealed. It has a leak that is hidden by the use of a giant cube of skybox textures around the map.
    • No geometry in the map is marked as detail geometry.
    • The map geometry is not snapped to any reasonable grid size, making it difficult to work with.
    • The map's skybox is visible.
    • Once a player leaves the spawn, they may not reenter without assistance from a player inside the spawn.
    • The outside of the 'windows' are missing textures.
    • The map lacks any sort of bot support.