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Cp brew.png
Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_brew
Released: December 7, 2023 Patch
(Smissmas 2023)
Developer(s): Liam "Diva Dan" Moffitt
Emil Sharafeev
Alex "FGD5" Stewart
Aeon "Void" Bollig
Tim "Sedisocks" BL
Map Info
Environment: City / Brewery
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Hazards: Pitfalls
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Brew overview.png
Map Stamp
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BLU has infiltrated the shipping network to investigate just what RED has been cooking in the Old Geezer fermentation plant!
Brew publicity blurb

Brew is a community-created Attack/Defend Control Point map. It takes place in an Old Geezer brewery, as well as some of its surroundings.

Brew was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Control Point A: The Gate

  • The Diner: BLU's first spawn. It has two front exits, one back exit, and a single resupply cabinet near the back exit.
  • The Gas Station: the area immediately outside the Diner. A few parked trucks serve as cover options for BLU, while cover options for RED include the cylindrical tanks, the Pedestrians' Access and its roof, and the room with the Yellow Truck.
  • The Checkpoint Building: a building that goes from one side of the map to the other. On the RED side, it has two entrances: the one with the Yellow Truck and the one with an arrow. The truck entrance only has one upper access to the Catwalks, while the arrow entrance has both an upper access to the Catwalks and a lower access to the Pedestrians' Access. It also offers a drop onto the Yellow Truck entrance.
  • The Pedestrians' Access: the only ground level access BLU has to the building's interior, with a white sign with a black arrow pointing left toward it. A medium ammo box and health kit sit under the sign.
  • The Catwalks: two catwalks separated by the roof of the Pedestrians' Access that offer an overview of the Gas Station. The Central Catwalk connects the Yellow Truck and the Pedestrians' Access roof, and the Side Catwalk connects the Pedestrians' Access to the Trash Area. Each has stairs connecting them to the ground.
  • The Trash Area: next to the cylindrical tanks are two dumpsters, and under the Catwalk are two garbage bags. Up the Catwalk stairs, players can walk out of the open window, but have to jump to get inside.
  • The Yellow Truck: a room with a yellow truck parked inside of it.
  • The Interior: the inside of the Checkpoint Building, it is a big room with a lot of space and the Internal Catwalk.
  • The Fireplace: a small room on the RED side with a fireplace, where a small ammo box and health kit can be found.
  • The Middle Building: a building that sits in-between the Checkpoint Building and the Brewery. Players can enter it to access the Overview and the Wooden Catwalk, or go around it through the Road, the Underpass, or the Poster Room. It also holds BLU's second spawn.
  • The Overview: a tiny room right in front of the second BLU spawn with two windows, one with and one without glass, that oversees the point.
  • The Wooden Catwalk: a wooden catwalk with an overview of the Brewery's entrance located above the Underpass.
  • BLU's Second Spawn: a small room with one big main exit toward the Brewery and one small exit that drops players onto the Middle Building's entrance. It has one resupply cabinet.
  • The Road: one of the paths around the Middle Building, it is the road filled with trucks. Players should be careful not to fall into the river.
  • The Shed: a small shed containing a small health kit.
  • The Underpass: a lower passage that goes under the Middle Building's silos and the Wooden Catwalk.
  • The Poster Room: a small room right next to the Underpass with a big Old Geezer poster on one of its walls.
  • The Point: the first objective of the map. The trucks on the road offer cover for BLU, while a metal wall offers cover for RED. One of the trucks can be easily climbed on through a ladder, while the other requires precise jumps, a jump from the Overview, or jumping techniques such as double and explosive jumps. If BLU manages to capture the point, the metal wall is lowered, and the gate is raised.

Control Point B: The Brewery

  • The Brewery Entrance: the Brewery's gate starts closed, but opens up if BLU manages to capture the point. Before that, the are three access points to and from the building: the side entrance (a small doorway on the point), the ledge (a small ledge with a guardrail that players can freely drop from, but require jumping techniques to enter through), and the Cellar.
  • The Cellar: an underground flank route through a room full of wooden barrels in alcoves. If BLU captures the point, a one-way gate from the exterior appears on its outer access, turning it into an entrance only.
  • The Entry Hall: a room that goes from one side of the building to the other. The only access to and from the rest of the interior is on the side of the building opposite to the river outside. The lower passage leads to the Barrels, and the upper passage leads to the Upper Corridor.
  • The Barrels: an L-shaped room filled with barrels in alcoves, similar to the Cellar. It connects the Entry Hall, the Point, and the Point Flank (which requires jumping on some piled up planks and boxes).
  • The Upper Corridor: the highest point of the building's interior, it is a corridor with windows overseeing both the Entry Hall and the Point. It connects the Entry Hall, the RED Spawn, and the Point Flank. It also has access to a small catwalk overseeing the point.
  • The Point Flank: a path behind the pressure tanks next to the point.
  • The Shortcut: a small room in front of the RED Spawn's "Battlements" door and under the Upper Corridor. If BLU manages to capture the first point, it is closed off.
  • RED's Spawn: RED's only spawn is in the very back of the building. It has three doors, one labeled "Battlements" and two labeled "Control Point", as well as one resupply cabinet near the "Battlements" door. If BLU manages to capture the first point, the "Battlements" door is deactivated and can no longer be used to enter or leave the room.
  • Spawn Yard: the room immediately outside the RED spawn when leaving through the "Control Point" doors. It offers direct access to the point, as well as a catwalk overseeing it.
  • The Point: the area with all the brewery's machinery, and the final objective for BLU in order to win.


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Update history

December 7, 2023 Patch (Smissmas 2023)

  • Added Brew to the game.

December 15, 2023 Patch

  • Fixed missing collision on red arrow outside Red's(sic) first spawn.
  • Fixed missing flatbed truck trailers outside of the diner.

January 9, 2024 Patch

  • Fixed missing textures on a truck.
  • Fixed unintended sentry spot on top of the HVAC pipes at the Brewery.


  • It is possible to bypass certain pitfalls if the player falls fast enough due to the pitfall triggers not extending all the way to the bottom, resulting in not enough time spent in the triggers to kill them.




  1. Creator confirming the reference.