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Koth probed.jpg
Información básica
Tipo de mapa Rey de la colina
Nombre del archivo: koth_probed
Desarrollado por: Harlen "UEAKCrash" Linke
Kevin "Ravidge" Brook
The Ronin
Miguel "BANG!" Melara
Enlace(s): Steam Workshop
Información del mapa
Entorno: Granja/Nave espacial.
Escenario: Noche
Aguas profundas: No
Peligros: Aliens, Nave espacial.
Objetos del mapa
Healthico.png Botiquines: Smallhealth.png ×7   •   Mediumhealth.png ×1   •   Largehealth.png ×1
Ammoico.png Cajas de munición: Smallammo.png ×2   •   Mediumammo.png ×3   •   Largeammo.png ×1
Vista general
Probed overview.png
Nadie esperaba que nuestra resistencia contra la invasion terminaria en una tranquila casa en la pradera, especialmente Ellos.
— Invasion Update

Probed es un mapa Rey de la Colina creado por la comunidad, desarrollado por [UEAK]Crash. El mapa gano el primer lugar en el 11vo Gran Concurso de Mapas del 2014 llamado "Mercs vs Aliens".

Dos caminos idénticos pero separados se encuentran el uno con el otro en un punto central. A lo largo del camino existen balcones conectados por puentes que ofrecen posiciones defensivas para Snipers y Engineers

Para ganar, tu equipo debe capturar el solitario Punto de Control por tres minutos como en el resto de los mapas de Rey de la Colina, al mismo tiempo que evitas que el OVNI alienígena que sobrevuela el punto periodicamente capture a los jugadores que no esten atentos.


  • Granja Base: A la salida de las bases existen tres rutas para elegir. Las tres conducen al mismo camino que lleva hacia el punto de control.
  • Ruta Rural: Sobre la senda que lleva al punto de control hay una pasarela en altura que puede ser usada como punto defensivo.
  • Silo del Punto de Control: En el punto de control existe una estructura de dos pisos que ofrece ventajas para los Snipers. El silo frente al punto esta abierto para ambos equipos.
  • OVNI Alienígena: Periódicamente los Platillos voladores sobrevolaran el Punto de Control y activara su rayo tractor, atrapando a los jugadores cerca del punto dentro de si. mientras esten dentro de la nave, la velocidad de los jugadores es aumentada pero recibiran daño periódicamente debido a la atmosfera tóxica del area. En ambos costados de la nave existen teleportadores para cada equipo que regresaran a los jugadores a lado sus respectivos lados del punto del control. Al escapar, toda la salud es reestablecida y recibes un par de segundos de Uber.

Tiempo del Punto de Control

Puntos de control Multiplicador Segundos
Puntos de control ×1
10 ,000
6 ,667
5 ,455
4 ,800

Historial de Actualizaciones

Parche del 6 de octubre de 2015 #1 (Actualización de la Invasión)

  • Added Probed to the game.

Parche del 8 de octubre de 2015

  • Arreglado entidades geneticas de bombas (en los mapas de Invasion) lastimando otros jugadores cuando le disparaban con una flecha.

Historial de Cambios

Esta es la lista de cambios antes de que el Mapa fuera añadido al juego oficialmente.
Registro de cambios:
Beta 9


  • Overhauled alien explosion damage filtering to fix exploit where players could kill teammates
  • Doubled alien explosion damage
  • Reduced capture time slightly
  • Reduced capture zone back to original placement
  • UFO now hovers for 3 seconds before starting tractor beam over point. Stil stops 8 seconds after arriving. (this gives you a chance to run away/ hide from it)
  • Nerfed buff coming out of ship significantly. Uber half as short (still there to help disorientation coming out of tele), now gives you mini crits for 6 seconds.
  • Changed speed boost type on board ship (no longer infinite jumps variety)
  • Fixed missing pre-teleport in particles for on-map alien spawns (warning of telefrag)
  • Adjusted some health/ ammo placement (experimenting a bit here)
  • Lighting tweaks
  • Detailing adjustments here and there

Beta 8


  • (Experiment) Extended the capture zone to under the mid building roofs
  • Widened/ optimized new structures created last update
  • Removed wall dividing ramp rooms up to the building behind mid
  • Broke up huge line of sight towards mid
  • Streamlined a few routes
  • Lowered tractor-beam UFO timer slightly (so it comes out more often)
  • Moved a little cover around
  • Changed some material usage to make the map more cohesive
  • Tweaked some lighting

Beta 7


  • Remade mid-field structures to be a lot more interesting and direct combat flow differently
  • Removed large ramp going into the building behind the capture zone and replaced it with a drop down, this should help direct combat more towards the center and reduce players upstairs at the start of the match
  • Reduced alien's health to 5hp, they should now all explode in one hit
  • You can now hide from the UFO tractor beam by standing under the roof, this no longer sucks you into the ceiling
  • Refined the cuts on the tractor beam triggers to avoid any interior areas
  • Added speed boost/ infinite air jumps condition to players inside ship
  • Adjusted some of the health and ammo
  • Blocked all exploitable openings on spawn buildings
  • Adjusted some material usage/ detailing
  • Tweaked lighting/ prop lighting

Beta 6


  • Fixed the health pack in the center of the ship occasionally getting blocked by func_door moving the parts above it
  • Fixed missing point_spotlight on middle

Beta 5


  • Added new route from lower area behind capture point to upper area above it
  • Okay finale is definitely insane now
  • Removed tractor beam pulls from inside the silo at mid
  • Lowered middle structure on ship and minimalized extra brushwork
  • Got rid of a bunch of in-the-way details on ship
  • Added clipping boxes that catch you as you teleport onto ship, killing off momentum
  • Cleaned up a few routes
  • Did I mention particles yet? Because Particles
  • Did a lot more clipping
  • Started optimizing lightmaps
  • Adjusted lighting

Beta 4


  • Added aliens that spawn into the map over time and can be destroyed by the player
  • These aliens are trying to take out the mercs defense system before their mothership arrives
  • Near-finalized finale events timings, particle effects, and audio
  • Implemented a whole lot more of FissionMetroid's particles
  • Streamlined the crate jumps next to middle into mostly a ramp
  • Big optimization pass
  • Did more detailing
  • Adjusted lighting
  • Some other stuff, I forget...

Beta 3


  • Finished finale event actions, audio still WIP
  • Made the UFO ship event happen slightly less often (Random between 50 and 90 seconds before, now 65 and 95 seconds)
  • UFO ship now also stays for a shorter time (10 seconds before, now 8 seconds)
  • Reduced capture time by 2 seconds (10 seconds before, now 8 seconds at x1)
  • Reduced damage per tick inside of ship (9 before, now 7)
  • Gave those entering ship a very slight overheal on top of getting healed up to full
  • Moved alien ship Teleporters to opposites sides of where each team spawns.
  • Added health packs to ship
  • Added ramps facing Teleporters on ship
  • Lowered to almost ground level locations where players teleport back in from ship
  • Remade 3d skybox
  • Fixed some visleaf issues
  • Adjusted lighting all over

Beta 2


  • Remade alien ship entirely
  • Massive detail pass
  • Preliminary lighting pass
  • Added new route behind capture point with health/ ammo pack
  • 3d skybox added (it sucks, I'm going to remake it)
  • Tweaked UFO buffs, added crit boost
  • Started finale event animation stuff, no finished though
  • Redid how the tractor beams work using the new impulse entity
  • Removed a buggy UFO ship
  • Added more MvA custom props
  • Added more custom particle effects (thanks, metroid!)

Beta 1

  • Private test build
  • Detailed a bunch
  • Reduced UFO buff uber length from 10 seconds to 3
  • Added 6 second Quick-Fix type overheal effect to UFO buff
  • Made tractor beams more reliable
  • Alien ship now does damage over time to anyone inside of it (9 damage per tick, same as underworld on viaduct_event)
  • Added 3 more non-interactive UFO's
  • Added new particle effects
  • Added a few of the new MvA custom props
  • Fixed some clipping issues (always)
  • Made a bunch of visible nodraw faces and forgot them before compile lol
  • Cows


  • Algunas veces los OVNI alienígenas volaran fuera del mapa y abducirán las vacas de madera que aparecen en2Fort.

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