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== Video ==
== Video ==
{{Weapon Demonstration|taunt=1}}
== Update history ==
== Update history ==

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The Russian Arms Race is a community-created Action taunt for the Heavy. When activated, the Heavy will start doing one armed push-ups.

The Russian Arms Race was contributed to the Steam Workshop under the name "Heavy Workout".



Update history

October 20, 2017 Patch #1 (Jungle Inferno Update)

  • Added the Russian Arms Race to the game.


  • The name is a reference to the nuclear weapon arms race between the USA and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
  • Pushkin, as referenced in the description, was a 19th-century Russian romantic playwright and poet, and one of the most well-known Russian authors in the West.
  • Lactic acid is a chemical produced in the human body most abundantly during strenuous exercise. The buildup of lactic acid in the body is one factor responsible for the "burning" painful feeling inside the body during intense bouts of exercise.
  • "Own[ing] the means of...production[!]" in the description is a reference to the Soviet endorsement of Marxist theory, which includes the workers (proletariat) having theoretically united and equal control over industry.