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SNAP! Capture the moment and the intelligence.
— The Shutterbug publicity blurb

The Shutterbug is a community-created cosmetic item for the Spy. It is a team-colored bowler hat with a camera lens coming out of the front and two photos attached to its rim.

The Shutterbug was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Update history

July 25, 2019 Patch (Summer 2019 Pack)

  • The Shutterbug was added to the game.


  • The backpack icon for the Shutterbug shows the trim color as the same color as Medic's coat, while it is normally colored in white.


  • "Shutter" is one of the parts of a photographic camera. "Bug" is a name commonly used for covert listening devices.
  • One of the photos attached to the hat shows two figures holding hands. This is one of the photos shown by the BLU Spy in Meet the Spy, of the RED Spy walking with the BLU Scout's mother. The photo on the hat, however, is mirrored.