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Enclosure main.jpg
Informations de base
Type de carte Charge utile
Nom du fichier: pl_enclosure_final
Date d'ajout : 20 Octobre, 2017
Dernière mise à jour : 23 Octobre, 2017
Développeur(s) : Stiffy360
Dr. Spud
- fuzzymellow -
Informations sur la carte
Environnement : Jungle, industriel
Cadre : Journée, ensoleillé
Eau profonde : Oui
Dangers : Rapides, Raptors,
Explosion du chariot,
Objets sur la carte
Healthico.png Kits de soins : Smallhealth.png ×12  •  Mediumhealth.png ×24
Ammoico.png Boîtes de munitions : Smallammo.png ×7   •   Mediumammo.png ×16   •   Largeammo.png ×10
Photos de la carte
Menu photos pl enclosure final.png
Vue aérienne
Enclosure overview.png
Bienvenue, au Parc Triassique de Charles Darling !
Le passé - aujourd'hui !
Description du Steam Workshop

Enclosure est une carte Charge utile en trois stages, créée par la communauté, sortie lors de la Mise à jour Jungle Inferno. La carte illustre plusieurs enclos ainsi que les industries du Parc Triassique de Charles Darling.

Une partie de l'argent obtenue grâce aux ventes des passes pour la campagne Jungle Inferno ira aux auteurs de cette carte.


L'équipe BLU doit pousser le wagon à travers les trois stages du parc.

Portail 03 de la Volière

  • Portail 03 de la Volière – Base BLU
  • Point de capture (A) "Volière"
  • Point de capture (B) "Entrée de la mine"
  • Porte 04 de la Volière
  • Hammond’s Amber Mining Co.
  • Point final - Entrée de la mine d'ambre

Station de Sécurité 02

  • Mine d'ambre – Base BLU
  • Point de capture (A) "Station de sécurité"
  • Point de capture (B) "Hangar à bateau"
  • Pipeline
  • Final point – "Hangar à bateau" & Freeman Airboat Tours

Portail 01 des Enclos

  • Hangar – Base BLU
  • Point de capture (A) "Raptor" & Portail 01
  • Point de capture (B) "Enclos du T-Rex"
  • Point final – "Enclos du T-Rex"


Article principal : Stratégie communautaire de Enclosure

Journal des modifications

Voici le journal des modifications avant que la carte ne soit ajoutée au jeu.
Journal des modifications :
Jul 22 @ 5:59pm

Jul 14 @ 9:28am
>Stage 1

  • Cut down on size of OOB areas in aviary bit, and second half of the stage.
  • Added occluders in several places.

>Stage 2

  • Redesigned last point building of stage 2.
  • Added occluders in several places.

>Stage 3

  • Added occluders in several places.
  • Removed bunker interior from play area.
  • Added sightline blocker to the upper exit from starting building.

>Cut down on static props across all stages.

Jun 29 @ 9:48am

  • Replaced borneo assets with E* Arkham's and Pear's foliage models.
  • Hopefully fixed displacement seams popping up here and there.

>Stage 1

  • Added a few pickups in initial area.

>Stage 2

  • Changed water in out of bounds area behind red spawn to 2fort_expensive
  • Fixed lighting on several props.

>Stage 3

  • Changed water behind blu spawnroom to 2fort_expensive
  • Added some detail to the interior of the bunker.
  • Replaced a displacement fallen tree in initial area with a fallen hollow tree model.

May 27 @ 5:15am

  • Optimized a number of assets (decreased polycount and added LOD's to some models).
  • Fixed issues with cart getting stuck on rolling back and causing mini* earthquakes when it went up or down a slope.
  • Removed EOTL round start tune.

>Stage 1

  • Slightly increased RED respawntime.

>Stage 3

  • Fixed RED not being able to leave their spawn.

May 12 @ 11:38am

Apr 27 @ 1:20pm
>Stage 1

  • Several visual changes to out of bounds areas in this stage.

>Stage 2

  • Changed the entrance door to security station building.

>Stage 3

  • Changed several out of bounds areas.


  • Added some buildings to the skybox.


  • Removed all Mayann pack assets.
  • Replaced all mayann palm trees with ones made by Void and Stiffy (thanks guys).

Apr 20 @ 7:37am
>Stage 1

  • Removed cage crane room route (it is now an out of bounds area).
  • Updated aviary model.
  • Added a new route to second point outdoor area.

>Stage 2

  • Changed initial area to get rid of sniper sightlines into blu spawn exit.
  • Added stairs to the roof of the boathouse.

>Stage 3

  • Several changes to final point area that will hopefully mitigate engie spam issue.

Mar 31 @ 12:18pm

  • Shortened stage 1
  • BLU now spawns in the generator room.
  • Area with the truck is now out of bounds.
  • Added a passage between concrete tunnel and cage unloading room.
  • Moved setupgates to the entrance to the aviary area.

Mar 12 @ 9:29am

  • Removed rock spire from out of bounds area in stage 1, extended unclipped area out to the edge of the waterfall.
  • Added multiple areaportals and hint brushes in all stages to improve performance.
  • Replaced electric fence in stage 3 with a solid wall to split up areas and prevent whole stage from rendering at once.

Mar 10 @ 12:28pm

  • Fixed several func_brushes tied to func_areaportalwindows being solid.

Mar 10 @ 8:30am

  • Changed all displacement rock textures.
  • Fixed multiple displacement seams.
  • Fixed glowing waterfall models.
  • Added missing nobuild area on one of buildings in stage 2.
  • Added occluders to several areas.
  • Replaced brush spawn truck in stage 1 blu spawn with a custom model.

Mar 2 @ 3:34pm

  • Fixed incorrect sun position.
  • Added nobuild zones on rooves in stages 1 and 2.
  • Fixed light leaks in several spots.
  • Toned down the volume of waterfall sounds in aviary soundscapes.

Feb 17 @ 5:52am

  • Added lamps to several darker areas of the map.
  • Replaced brush electric fence pylons with models.
  • Added a building covering rightmost BLU spawn exit from snipers on cliff path in stage 2.
  • Fixed a bunch of props being dynamic instead of static
  • Removed excess teamspawn points and some sprites to cut down on edicts.

Jan 31 @ 8:45am

  • Recompiled the map to fix missing LDR lighting.

Jan 30 @ 7:49am

  • Changed skybox texture and lighting to that of tc_hydro
  • Moved/added/removed some foliage from areas around the map.
  • Fixed a bunch of light sprites not working.

Jan 27 @ 5:10pm

Historique des mises à jour

Patch du 20 octobre 2017 #1 (Jungle Inferno Update)

  • Ajout de Enclosure au jeu.

Patch du 23 octobre 2017

  • Correction de plusieurs erreurs reliées aux textures.


  • La propriété Hammond's Amber Mining Co. fait référence à John Hammond, un personnage de fiction de Jurassic Park dont il est fondateur du parc.