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Pl camber.png
Basic Information
Map type: Payload
File name: pl_camber
Released: December 7, 2023 Patch
(Smissmas 2023)
Developer(s): Louie "bakscratch" Turner
Nick "nickybakes" Baker
Liam "Diva Dan" Moffitt
Map Info
Environment: Alpine
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Hazards: Pitfalls
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Camber overview.png
Map Stamp
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A traditional payload map set on a pinnacle, set in a dry dusty area where Blu(sic) must escort the cart up to Reds(sic) secret mining base at the top of the hill!
Camber publicity blurb

Camber is a community-created Payload map. It is set on the exterior of a RED secret mining station based on a hilltop.

Camber was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Checkpoint A

  • BLU's First Spawn: BLU's initial spawn has three exits, one behind the cart and one on each of its sides, with the one to its right being on a ledge. It only has one resupply cabinet, located in the spawn room in the back.
  • Cliff House A: A tall building on the cliff's edge containing a medium ammo pack and a small health kit. It offers a view of nearly the entire first area. Most classes have to use the entrance next to the BLU spawn, but it is possible to directly go up to the perch with jumping techniques such as triple and Detonator jumps.
  • Rock Wall: Tall rocks in a row that form a wall. The tracks section is lower than the area on its other side.
  • The Annex: The Annex is the light-colored building attached to the red building the cart must go through after capturing A.
  • Checkpoint A: The point is under the extended roof of a building with three accesses, one on each side. It contains a large ammo pack and a medium health kit. It is not possible to climb onto the roof covering the point.

Checkpoint B

  • Ramp: A steep ramp the cart must go up in order to advance. BLU must stay with the cart all the way up, otherwise the cart rolls back to its base.
  • First Building: The building the cart must go through after capturing A. It has four floors total.
  • First Floor: The floor with the cart's tracks.
  • Second Floor: The elevated floor to the left of the tracks. It is connected to the Annex and to point B, but not to the first floor. Scouts can double jump off of props like the planks and the paint bucket to reach it, but other classes need to either take the stairs from either of the aforementioned connections.
  • Second Floor's Stairs: The backrooms of the second floor, with the stairs to the Annex and to the point.
  • Third Floor: A tiny room containing a small ammo pack and health kit, with an open window through which players can drop onto point B (a drop high enough to cause fall damage unless the player lands on the planks right below it) or climb onto a nearby roof.
  • Bottom Floor: A tiny floor that serves as a flank route to and from A and contains a medium ammo pack and a small health kit.
  • BLU's Second Spawn: The metal gate on the first floor, which becomes active if BLU manages to capture B. It is a small room with a single door and no resupply cabinet.
  • Cliff House B: A building on the cliff's edge that offers a vantage point over point B. It has both front and back entrances, and contains a large ammo pack and medium health kit.

Checkpoint C

  • RED's First Spawn: RED's initial spawn is in a building on the cliff's edge. It has one main door toward the cart's tracks, with a resupply cabinet, and one side door on the cliff toward a medium ammo pack and a small health kit.
  • Second Building: The building the cart must go through after capturing B. The cart must go up two ramps, though they are considerably shorter than the one after point A. Note that, before capturing B, all of the doors toward C are locked, making access to C and D nearly impossible.
  • Upper Corridor: A corridor up a flight of stairs from the section between the two ramps. It has a doorway onto the cart's exit of the building and stairs that loop back around.
  • Cliff: The area behind the building.
  • Cliff Flank: Stairs on the cliff's edge that offer a route past point C. A small ammo pack and health kit can be found on the unguarded portion of the cliff.
  • Checkpoint C: The point is located in a narrow passage between two buildings. Besides the cart's tracks, the only other ways forward are the Cliff Flank and a drop in the alcove right next to the point, which can be climbed up by jumping onto the props in it. Unlike with A, the roof over the point can be jumped and built onto.

Checkpoint D

  • RED's Second Spawn: RED's second and last spawn is located right behind the final point, with one door on each of its sides and a resupply cabinet in the middle.
  • Curve: A 180° curve the cart must make around a building after C is captured.
  • Rocks: Rocks beside the Curve that offer some protection, as well as a small health kit.
  • Drop: The only sheltered area the cart goes through on its way to the final terminus, with two red lights, the drop to C, and a medium ammo pack and health kit.
  • Flank Building: The building between the Curve and RED's final spawn, which connects the two. It also has a small room containing a medium ammo pack and health kit with a partially open window that Snipers of both teams can shoot through.
  • Cliff House D: Another building on the cliff's edge. It has an alcove on the outside with a small ammo pack and health kit and its interior is split into two small rooms.
  • Maintenance Shed: A small building near RED's spawn housing a small ammo pack and health kit.


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Update history

December 7, 2023 Patch (Smissmas 2023)
  • Added Camber to the game.

December 8, 2023 Patch

  • Updated pl_camber to fix a problem with RED spawn camping.

December 15, 2023 Patch

  • Clipped sewer grate.
  • Disabled rock collision.
  • Increased Red(sic) respawn room.
  • Improved clipping.
  • Blocked off a sightline on the final point.

December 18, 2023 Patch

  • Updated pl_camber to fix a crack in the forward spawn

January 9, 2024 Patch

  • Fixed respawn room exploit.


  • The ramps stop being considered steep once the cart has gone all the way to their top. This means that, if the cart makes it way to the top, is left unattended, and moves back onto the slope, it does not roll back on its own if left unattended again.
    • However, if the cart manages to move all the way back to the base, the ramp is considered steep again.


  • There is a hidden room that can be accessed from BLU's first spawn.
  • Behind the chicken wire in the building the cart goes through after capturing A are two frogs, with one of them wearing a blue helmet.
  • Inside RED's last spawn is a curved corridor that is blocked off by some tray carts. Around the corner and hidden from normal view are a mop, a traffic cone, a wooden cow cutout, and the Jimi Jam mascot painted on a wall.
  • Doll houses can be found across the map, usually in inaccessible areas.