Background 01

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Background 01
Basic information
Map type Control Point
File name: background01
Developer(s): Valve
Ohh, this ain't good.
The Scout falling out of the map

Background01 is a version of Dustbowl edited to function as a background map. Although this feature is unused in the PC version, it can still be seen in it's intended form by going to the Main Menu and typing map_background background01 into the Developer Console.


  • Since this map was intended to only be used as a background and not to be played on, it has many odd features.
    • Most of the geometry of the map has been removed, leaving only what the camera should see (the final capture point of the third stage)
    • Behind the camera, models of all the playable classes, as well as some common entities and props, can be seen unused.
  • The models and props/entities have collision enabled.
  • The map is incorrectly sealed, allowing players to fall through the gaps.
  • Unlike most maps, the skybox and main map are connected. This results in the underside of the main map being visible when looking up.