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Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name: devtest
Developer(s): Valve

Devtest is a Capture the Flag map that was present in the Source Filmmaker files. The map has many similarities with the Team Fortress Classic version of 2Fort, the only major differences being: most of the map is dev-textured, the forts have new exteriors, there are fences from Half-life 2 as enclosure, and no water is present in the sewer area. There appears to be multiple references to some early TF2 entities such as: info_player_tfteamspawn, func_tf_capture_zone, and tf_capture_flag. These entities and geometry are from the TFC version of 2Fort; this may mean this map could be one of the earliest versions of 2Fort.

Overview of Devtest.


Outside locations

Fort locations

Main base locations