Cloak (Test Map)

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Not to be confused with Cloak (Control Point).
This article is about the testing map. For other uses, see Cloak (disambiguation).
Cloak (Test Map)
Cloak oview.jpg
Basic Information
File name: cloak
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Indoor, industrial/desert
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Deep Water: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits:
Largehealth.png ×3
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes:
Largeammo.png ×6

Cloak is a testing map present in the Source Filmmaker files. As the name suggests, the map was intended for a Spy's Cloak test.

The map consists of three parts: a room with various items and objects, an underwater room, and a room with "running tracks". Each of these rooms is designed to test Cloak. In the "item room", the behavior of items and objects to the cloak is tested, for example, which items can be taken while invisible, and which are not. In the underwater room, the behavior of the cloak underwater is tested. In a "running track room", it is checked how many meters the Spy can run with one cloak meter of the Invis Watch.


Item room

A room containing a non-capturable control point with a neutral Intelligence, two wooden panels for RED and BLU which the player can step on to "capture" the intelligence, two large health Kits and ammo Boxes, a computer which the player can approach to activate the Upgrade Station menu, and a resupply locker. From this room the player can go to the Underwater room.

Underwater room

An underwater room that connects the item room and running track room. There is nothing particularly remarkable here.

Running track room

A room containing running tracks of different distances. In front of these tracks are four large ammo boxes, apparently to replenish the cloak meter, as well as one large health kit. There is also an ascending ramp that leads back to the underwater room.