Flying Guillotine

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Wayta duck!
The Scout to victims of low-flying kitchenware

The Flying Guillotine is a secondary weapon for the Scout. It is a meat cleaver with the Chinese characters for "dead meat" (死肉, sǐròu) above the grip.

It is a ranged weapon that can be thrown at enemies to damage them, causing bleed damage, but it has no effect against buildings or after bouncing off a surface. Throwing the weapon from a far enough distance and hitting an enemy will result in a mini-crit. Hitting enemies that are stunned will result in a guaranteed critical hit, however the weapon will not deal random critical hits. Once the weapon is thrown, it will recharge after approximately six seconds. Unlike the projectile of the Sandman or Wrap Assassin, it cannot be picked up from the ground to refill the meter. Like most projectiles, the cleaver can be reflected by an enemy Pyro's Compression blast. The cleaver flies in arc.

The Flying Guillotine has two different styles, Thirsty and Thirstier. Thirstier adds bloodstains to the blade of the weapon.

This item was awarded in Genuine quality to players who pre-purchased Sleeping Dogs on Steam before August 14, 2012, or August 17, 2012 in Europe.

The Flying Guillotine was later contributed to the Steam Workshop, at Valve's request.

Damage and function times

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Damage and function times
Shot type Projectile
Effect Causes bleeding
Base damage 100% 50
Point blank 44-57
Critical 150
Mini-crit 58-77
Bleeding 8 / s
40 total
Bleeding (mini-crit) 10.8 / s
54 total
Function times
Attack interval 0.25 s
Recharge time 6 s
Bleeding duration 5 s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.



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Mad Milk Reclaimed Metal Flying Guillotine
Item icon Mad Milk.pngx3 + Item icon Reclaimed Metal.png = Item icon Flying Guillotine.png
Class Token - Scout Slot Token - Secondary Scrap Metal Possible Results
Item icon Class Token - Scout.png + Item icon Slot Token - Secondary.png + Item icon Scrap Metal.png =
Item icon Bonk! Atomic Punch.png Item icon Crit-a-Cola.png Item icon Mad Milk.png Item icon Winger.png
Item icon Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol.png Item icon Flying Guillotine.png


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Flying Guillotine Normal.png
Flying Guillotine Blooded.png
Thirsty Thirstier

Update history

August 2, 2012 Patch

  • The Flying Guillotine was added to the game.

August 3, 2012 Patch

August 10, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Adjusted the way that the Flying Guillotine is held in the Scout’s hand.

August 15, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Flying Guillotine to the drop system.

September 13, 2012 (Item schema update)

  • Made this item in genuine quality tradable and giftable.

October 9, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Fixed Flying Guillotine's level not showing up.


  • The cleaver can go through thin walls such as setup gates when thrown at the correct angle.
  • If the style is changed while the weapon is drawn, the appearance will not change in client view until the weapon is switched.
  • Critical hit kills with this weapon do not trigger critical hit death screams.
  • The recharge meter on the HUD may be labeled as "leaver" when using the minimal HUD setting.


  • The characters on one side of the blade (looking at the cleaver with handle on left, blade pointing downwards) are mirrored.
    • If you say the signs in Mandarin it sounds like the English word "throw".
  • The Flying guillotine is a legendary ranged weapon from the Qing Dynasty that is usually in the form of a hat.


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