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I don't think they saw that one comin'!
The Demoman

The RETF2 EE22 tournament medals are a group of medals awarded in Genuine quality to those who won or participated in at least one of four possible activites in the first season of TF2 Retrospective.

There are 2 separate medals with differing appearances depending on how the wearer's team ranked in the Season (Winner or Participant).

The RETF2 EE22 Winner medal was contributed to the Steam Workshop, while the RETF2 EE22 Participant medal was contributed in another Steam Workshop submission.

Medal designs

Backpack Tournament Medal - RETF2 EE22 Winner.png
Genuine RETF2 EE22 Winner 
Level 25 Tournament Medal
Season [#]

( Not Tradable or Marketable )
Backpack Tournament Medal - RETF2 EE22 Participant.png
Genuine RETF2 EE22 Participant 
Level 25 Tournament Medal
Season [#]

( Not Tradable or Marketable )

List of medals

  • RETF2 EE22 6v6 Winner
  • RETF2 EE22 6v6 Participant
  • RETF2 EE22 4v4 Winner
  • RETF2 EE22 4v4 Participant
  • RETF2 EE22 Dodgeball Winner
  • RETF2 EE22 Dodgeball Participant
  • RETF2 EE22 Pan Tournament Winner
  • RETF2 EE22 Pan Tournament Participant

Update history

September 10, 2014 Patch

  • Added tournament medals for the RETF2 EE22.


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